com the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are happy to announce that we already have here one of the latest smartwatch in the market and one of the unique okay and trendy design for smart watches this year. Oh, we have. What we have here is the h76 smartwatch okay. It says based on the description that they see, unisix smart, unisex, smartwatch. It is also intended for women. So lets see okay, so we have here the h76 or shall we say, smartband, okay and based on the graphics here. As you can see, it is somewhat like a combination of a smart band and a smartwatch similar to one of the variables of huawei. So lets check very simple packaging here: smart watch, your fitness and health tracker so seems like it is using the dac fit support app. So it which says here features include sweater, heart rate. Okay, we have here the processor. We have blood oxygen 1.57 inch display remote camera, okay, so compatible with android and ios. So lets check lets see, lets open the box. We have here the silver color. Okay lets check again very simple packaging here, okay, the contents are, we have the charging cable. We have the user manual and the smart watch. Okay, so lets check, so it is available in different languages, including english language. So we have here the instruction manual right so lets verify. I think its its really using the daf support app its not stated there, but based on the logo.

Okay, we have here right my mistake that fit support. Okay, so lets check the design Applause, so we have here the smart watch. We have the strap flexible, strap. We have a good thing: its a metal body, glossy color here, silver. Glossy finish – i mean so lets. Remove this one lets just put it back later on here we have the charging cable magnetic charging, cable and, of course, are the smart watch. Wow nice. Okay, as you can see here, 2d 3d – i guess tempered glass, okay, very good design seems like one of the wearable, but one of the smart watched by oppo, okay, the opal watch. Remember the screen here: okay, curve, design, okay lets have a focus on the see it here. Beautiful screen display here i dont know the quality, but so far the design is very good. It looks premium. I like it. It looks very high end. Okay, let me wear it so we can. You can see if its its way, it will look. Okay, okay, lets, remove the strap here ready so far, im impressed. I am impressed with the design. Okay, see again, the strap is interchangeable here. Okay, it looks impressive by the way: okay based on the design. Okay, so lets check. Okay were locked inside still buckle. Here, looks great okay. It looks like its smartwatch intended for women, but so far it looks also good for men. Okay, its a unisex smartwatch thing.

So lets see this description here. Okay, so we have a zinc alloy body 1.57 inch display screen 240 by 360 pixel resolution and lets see what are the details here: okay, so heres your smartwatch design, wonderful, fully presented bigger, screen clearer. You also have heart rate blood pressure, monitoring, blood oxygen. We have sports or automatic step counter sleep monitoring and we have different designs here: okay, color options. You have, let me see. Okay, i think we have here the black, okay, the silver and pink okay, but so far it looks premium. It looks beautiful. Okay, i love the screen display here. Beautiful screen display lets see. Still we still have a battery. Okay seems like we have okay, nice. Looking smartwatch so far, okay lets see if its responsive so far, it is very responsive. Okay, okay. I like this one display. Let me increase the okay, so thats it wow better than apple watch clone. I think i just dont know about the functionality, but when it comes to design the display screen here, it is beautiful, very sharp. Okay, let me remove it and have a much closer look see it here. I like the i, like the look. It looks very premium. Okay, nice looking smartwatch the h76 im impressed with the design. Okay lets see if we have other watch faces here, lets get more how about this one? Yes thats it. I think i would like this very beautiful, very sponsored.

Okay, the us is simple. The ui is simple, but i, like the graphics, very sharp okay sit here, im impressed so far so good with this one very affordable. I just dont know the functionality when it is loaded or when it is connected to the adapted support app if its still, okay or not, but so far i see judging on the design and the the screen display. This one is very good, like it very affordable plus it is a. It has a very beautiful design, much better compared to other smart watches that we bought so far, especially on the series. 6 clone apple watch, look alike smartwatch this one. It is impressive. I love a lot of the graphics here, okay, so this is just the initial review or impression i dont know. If how will the display works when it is outside on daylight? I dont know if its sharp or you can see the graphics or not, but here, okay, on a very simple lighting. Okay, so far, it is very sharp. The graphics are very sharp. Okay, the design is very good and very responsive. So far. Okay, so far, i have a very good impression on this wearable, the h76 smart watch again, if you have any comments regarding this variable, please drop a comment below and of course, well answer your queries. If we have the time again, this is smartwatch specifications.