This is ola with mobile wiz tech and welcome to my channel today, im going to be talking about the habit, fitness tracker and ill be talking more about it right for this Music. Before i get started, if you end up finding my content useful or entertaining, please help me out by hitting the thumbs up button also, if you want to receive more content like this, please consider subscribing to my channel by hitting that subscribe and the notification bell button. Now we can always stay informed whenever i post new content on my channel now lets talk about the habit. Smart, fitness tracker, all right, as you can see here, it is rated ip67 okay. So that means they can take splashes of rain, its uh dust resistant, sweat resistant. So, of course, you shouldnt have any issues while working out and wearing this if you are caught in the rain or um sweating heavily dealing with dust, etc, like, for instance running at the beach or in an area where its dusty and theres a lot of particles In the area you shouldnt have any issues while wearing this fitness tracker. Okay, lets see what else here all right. The watch band is two tone, as you can see there and there are different colors as well, but this particular one you can see its two tone here. All right, pretty cool the screen size is 1.3 inches all right and zinc alloy case all right. Have it have fun all right, some more information on the back here, Music and with that stated, lets go ahead and get this bad boy open slide this off real, quick, see upside down, which is fine, all right user manual, all right, Music, pretty straightforward stuff, actually Lets see here so it says click, but it really means touch um.

It works for android and ios, as you can see up here and some setup instructions with the app because you will need this particular app here. The fit or you can just use this qr code right here to scan it and then install it or just search for the fit to get that installed there, Music and your mobile device requirements as far as the operating system, all right, all right, im not going To spend a whole lot of time on the manual because its going to be really straightforward, but as you can see here, the sports modes, there are nine different sport modes: okay, pretty cool, it has a heart rate monitor and it does sleek monitoring as well. Okay, even blood oxygen, as you can see up here, so it has a lot of features. It looks like here whether you can check your messages and you have your other options or settings right there. It has music control, as you can see right there number 10 right here. Music control photo control. All right even has a stopwatch and whats. This last issue cool lets, get past that theres your charger lets see for the watch. Doesnt come with the plug. You have to have your own type, a plug that plugs right into this all right. You probably use the one that comes with your cell phone, and then you just place the watch right on top of here, as it has those pins at the bottom right there.

So just line it up with this here and it will start charging okay and lets see here last thing get warranty one year warranty and you can activate it using that qr code, all right so with that stated lets look at the main thing, which is the Watch Music nice size screen here again, you can see the two tone. Look at that closely turn it over. You can see the other color you can see it has the quick release pins. So you can just slide this over. If you wanted to replace it pretty cool, and then you have your sensor down here and it has some film on there, so you can peel that off. So, as you can see right there, you just peel that off. Okay, now, with this stated, lets go ahead and get this bad boy powered on all right lets go ahead and get this removed cool its beautiful lets go ahead and get this turned on. It will stick to it magnetically, as you can see there, and it is definitely charging get a better image there so ill. Take it off again, put it back and its charging and again its sticking on there magnetically. As you can see there all right all right now regarding charging, this is magnetic lets see how strong this magnet is pretty cool. Now there are two ways to power. This fitness tracker on. You can either just put it on the charge dock here or the charge pad here, and it will turn it on or you can press and touch the touch area which i will show you in a few moments.

You hold it down for five seconds and then it will power it on alright. So those are the two ways you can turn it on. So let me take this off. If you look closely, you will see that little circle right here, so youre not going to flick through screens by swiping up or down that little touch circle right there. You just touch it thats, how you get through screens, so lets look at the different options here. Again, to wake up the watch you tap on that touch area right here that wakes it up all right. So you have your counters there: heart rate blood pressure, oxygen level, which is the spo2 all right, and if i wanted to enter the sport mode ill long press here and you can look at the different options there walking running cycling, etc, pretty nice, then, if i Want to go back, press and hold here. It takes me out of that sleep monitoring. You could check out your messages. Of course i dont have anything set up here, so wont see that uh and then you can control your music play, pause, skip or repeat all right, and then you can control the camera too remotely. Then you have your options: reset power off brightness. Now, as far as the time and everything you can see is way out of uh sync and im not sure if youre able to change it from 24 hours to 12 hours or if its stuck on military time.

But once i have this connected to my phone via the fit app, we will see if that syncs with my phone settings, so im going to do that right now. Now, of course, you can use the qr code to download and install this app or you can just search for the fit all right lets go ahead and get that installed Music. Now, once you open the app youre presented here to create your profile so thats when you enter birthdate and height and pounds on your weight, all right, its all done in inches, as you can see here as far as the height, so just something to be prepared For all right now, once you enter all the information for your profile, you will see the screen here. Next thing you would do is go ahead and tap add to go ahead and give it permissions and its looking for that device there, which is right there and it should be loading and there it is all right, you can always remove it, and then you can Always factory wipe it from the watch itself. All right, uh lets see here for upgrades, looks like it has. The latest version lets back up and then the same settings that we saw on the watch, but you can actually do it here, instead of navigating through to watch it its easier for you, okay, you can change the watch faces. All right looks like it comes with three.

So lets choose this one here and as far as the other settings here you know i was just here to go and tap here and again you can just choose whichever app. You would like to receive notifications from again. If someone sent you a text message, if someone is calling anything like that, you will be able to see it on the watch, but you just will not be able to reply it. Okay, so with that stated again, this definitely has a lot of features. Lets check out that watch face really quick and the time did update also while youre in the mobile app in watch settings. If you go to other, you can change the time format here. You have some other options there as well right and then lets see under profile Music. You have some information here as well. You can set goals, you can edit or change your profile, etc. And again you can just choose whichever app. You would like to receive notifications from again if someone sent you a text message and someone is calling anything like that, you will be able to see it on the watch, but you just want to be able to reply it. Okay, so with that stated again, this definitely has a lot of features. Lets check out that watch face really quick, as you can see here, that the time format did change to the 12 hour format versus the 24 it had earlier, and everything is synced up.

Very nice now, as far as the size comparison, they are the same, of course with the rotating bezel. It makes this watch look a bit bigger, but overall, as you can see there, they are the same size. This would be more like the same size as the galaxy active watch now this does have a nice weight to it, not saying its too heavy, but it has a nice uh feel to it, so it doesnt feel too cheap all right, because this is alloy its Not plastic. All right now put this on my wrist real quick, see how this looks Music, all right, Music, really nice and it does do the auto wake up. As you can see, oh lets wait for the screen to turn off. You can see. The screen is off now, but if i already turned on again lets try this again so auto shuts off. If i turn down once i turn up, it turns on really nice all right again. This watch has some nice features feels comfortable and im. Definitely digging it especially for the price all these things that you get with it, its pretty cool and it starts reading right away. You get the weather, it is in celsius versus fahrenheit im, not sure if you can update or change that, if you long press you can see the next day but im not sure if you could change it from celsius to fahrenheit, but nevertheless it is cool.

All right now, if youre interested in the habit, fitness tracker, of course there will be a link posted in the description section of this video, and this completes my review for the have it fitness tracker. I thank you for watching this video and, if you liked it, please show your support by giving it a thumbs up and subscribing also share it out and comment below until next time.