I love smart watches. These four are here in this studio, but there are many other in my home. I have a lot of smart watches, but i never do smart watch reviews because mostly i buy smart watches for myself not to do review videos. But recently i have received a lot of comments and requests from subscribers and regular viewers that i should do. Smartwatch review videos and most of the people in their comments. They have mentioned that they wan na watch review videos of smartwatches, which is affordable and, at the same time offers a very good performance. I mean the data should be accurate, so i have bought five different. Smart watches on amazon and found one that is actually very good. This is halo rt2 and this one actually offers a very good value for money. This one costs less than 50 us dollars, but comparable to many other 100 us dollars. Smart watches. Well, lets start from unboxing, but before we start this video one request as i always have to buy the products and nobody would give me or provide me with any review units, its a very difficult for me. So i wish you appreciate my hard work by clicking on the like button. Yeah like button is over here. Please take a little time, click on the like button and if you are not subscribed to this channel, then please subscribe support, true content, because i always provide my viewers and subscribers with honest content here is our halo, rt2 lets put this aside.

There is a very thick user manual. All the instructions are very clear. There are illustrations Music other than the user manual. You will get a charging cable. Your quality of the cable seems very good, very strong magnets and yeah. I like it for a 50 us dollars. Smartwatch build quality of this halo. Rt2 is very good. Okay, this one is my amazfit gtr 3, and this one is halo. Rt2, build quality of these two seems very similar. This one costs more than 179 us dollars and this one costs less than 50 us dollars, but look at this that looks very similar design build quality. Everything is similar. This is crazy in hand both feels so very similar. Let me check the weight of these two hello rt2. The watch itself is 38.2 and a must fit gtr. 3. 32.7. These two looks very similar, only a few differences in features and a few differences in hardware, but outlook, design and appearance who would say these two are from two different brands. Okay, let me try my ms5 gtr 3 straps with this halo rt2. Okay, as i have been using that gtr 3 ms5 gtr 3 for last one or 2 months, trust me this halo, rt2 on my wrist with the same strap, feels much better much more premium and elegant the strap this halo rt2 comes with is also not bad. Its a very good quality if we consider the price less than 50 us dollars.

These straps are actually very good quality. Above and beyond my expectations, this is another of my smartwatch. This is oneplus smartwatch, and this one also comes with a silicon strap, and this oneplus smartwatch costs more than 150 us dollars and considering the price of this halo, rt 2, the straps are really the similar quality. Even this one offers more comfort and feels better on my wrist. If you are like me, if you have tons of other smartwatch bands, then of course you can change this smartwatch band and use the most favorite one of yours. Okay, before we pair this halo rt2 with a smartphone lets talk about the features of this smartwatch ip68 waterproof heart rate, monitoring, spo2 tracking spo2 is actually blood. Oxygen, monitor 12 workout modes, sleep monitoring. This one is my most favorite and this one. This halo rt2 offers a very accurate trust me. This one offers a very accurate sleep time data. This one also comes with the 12 days battery life. I actually have managed to squeeze around 11 days. I think im an active user so 11 days its good, but when philip has used the same smartwatch i mean this halo rt2. He has managed to squeeze 12 days of battery life. Okay, we have already unboxed our halo rt2. We have checked the appearance and design. We have talked about the features now its time to pair it with our smartphone lets, see whether its an easy process or a difficult process to pair this one with our smartphone.

What you have to do is to download and install halo fan on your smartphone. This application is available on google play store so its very easy to install the application. After you install the application open, it agree to the privacy policy, then you have to login or register after you log into your halo account you power on your smartwatch, hello. Rt2 click on add device on your smartphone. It will start a scanning device if there is any around and okay, it has found it click on it. Okay, smartwatch is already connected its a very easy. There is a firmware upgrade. I need to upgrade the firmware of this halo. Rt2 for firmware updating process is also very easy and very fast. After updating, halo, rt2 has restarted by itself and now then again, it is getting connected to my smartwatch. Okay lets check dial settings. Should i wear this? One on my wrist and then check this is the default dial. We are gon na change, this dial settings. Okay, we can also do some custom dial settings. I mean you can change your watch face with your selected pictures or favorite pictures lets try to do that. Im gon na select something colorful, because i really like this 360 by 360 display this one is one of the best display among any affordable budget smartwatch. Actually, i should say that this one is much better than those budget. Smart watches this one is totally comparable to any other true flagship.

Smartwatch colors are truly vivid and vibrant and it has very high brightness. Let me try with one another picture. This one has more colors and you know what you can also change the color of date and time based on your selected custom image. Okay, sync: this watch face to my halo, rd2 amazing isnt. It look at this display panel isnt it as good as this bullet panel. It cannot be any better than this one more thing. I must mention that if you want to change your dial settings, then you can just press on your display for 5 seconds and you can select between five recently used dials. I think this one looks better yeah. I like this one. This one is the dial that they have used on their box. Okay, i have already checked spo2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring and everything actually works. A very nice accuracy of heart rate, monitoring and sp2 monitoring. I mean blood oxygen monitoring is almost as good as any other. 200 us dollars android smart watches. The top button is power on off or sleep. Wake bottom button is actually dedicated to 12 different sports modes. This is a tft panel. This display panel is very good dont. Just think that this is a tft panel and this one is bad side by side with my switch gtr iii. This one is very much comparable and i wouldnt say this: one is any way worse than that one. Even this one seems as good as that.

One. Okay, there is this music control function on this smartwatch, which works perfectly fine. I love this feature. Notification actually works perfectly fine im using my social media notifications on this smart watch and there is no lag Music. All the notifications arrives on time and there is no issue even the haptic motor on this halo rt2 is a very strong. If you are wearing this one on your wrist. When the notification arrives, you will feel it because there is a very good vibration. Okay for a budget smartwatch, this one is one of the best. I have been using this one for a long time now and i have no hesitation to recommend it to my subscribers and regular viewers. If you have any other question about this smartwatch, then please dont forget to make a comment in the comment section below, and i will definitely reply to all your questions. Well, thats all about this halo, rt2 smartwatch. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button.