So this is the halo rt2, its a smart watch that has got a retina hd display heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring and it has got 20 days battery life. We are going to unbox this and set it up with the halo app and we will do a review of this smartwatch upon opening the box. You will see the smartwatch itself, so these are the items. Inbox youve got the smartwatch itself, the user manual, as well as a usb charging cable lets, remove the sticker from the watch face itself. So the watch has got an upper and lower button at the back. It has got the charging contacts, as well as the hydrate sensor, so notice that there are no stickers on the back of the watch face itself. If theres a sticker, you must remove it before use else. The perspiration accumulated will corrode the contacts. So these are the charging contacts and with the charging cable itself, it operates by a magnetic contact charge. So the other end you need to plug into a usb adapter that is not included in box so to power. On your watch yourself, you need to press on the upper button, there will be a vibration and the first thing you need to do is to scan to download the halo font app. Once you have scanned the qr code, it will direct you to google play where you can install the halo fund app. Alternatively, you can also go direct to the google play store and do a search for the hello fun app lets install once its installed open.

The app lets step on add device it has found our halo rt2 select. We need to confirm the tab on our watch. The rt2 is connected to our app and there is a firmware upgrade lets confirm once the firmware is updated. You need to power on the watch again so for the halo 5 app itself, you can actually change the watch face well, select the neon butterfly tap on online sim plate. You can see that the watch face has changed to the neon butterfly. One other feature that i really like about this watch is the custom dial we can select our own picture. Well select this picture, you can actually crop the picture and you can sing it to your watch face and there your watch face is now customized to your favorite picture. So, besides the dial setting, you also have the health monitoring where you can set the heart rate. Reminder if it is too high or too low and for your heart rate sensor, you can set it to auto or manual for message notice. You need to allow permissions youll leave it for now, but you can definitely set it on for your whatsapp or your sms messages. You can also set the watch first page sorting. You can track the sorting by having a long press and dragging it around, and here the other features can have an incoming call notice. You can turn it on or off or even raise up arm to light up.

The screen now for the duration of on screen. Youll set it to 10 seconds, you can set the time format and even the better synchronization. So if you do tap on settings, you can actually reset this watch back to factory or even to do a firmware update. So lets take a look at the watch itself. If you do swipe left or right, you have the various menus. Alternatively, you can swipe up where you can have the stats, even your heart rate, your spo tool. You can measure your spo2 when you are wearing the watch. It has got the 12 modes that you support. These are the 12 sports modes that this watch support and you can have the exercise record. You have the weather itself where it shows the current weather and the upcoming weather for the next few days. You can track your sleep and for notification if you set it on fire, your front, app itself thats, where you can see your notifications, it has got music control and under more you have got the stopwatch. You can start a stop or even a countdown timer. You can even find your phone and theres also breath training for you to take a break in other settings. You have the watch face. We have shown you how to change the watch face using the front app and there are other options over here. You can set the brightness that you want for your watch, and this is the version of your watch itself.

You can power it off or even to do a reset. So be very sure, if you want to do a factory settings reset, because all personal data will be removed, so this is a quick overview of the halo rt2 smartwatch. So besides the watch strap that comes with it. You can also customize your watch strap for other designs so to change. The watch strap simply remove the existing watch strap from the watch itself.