Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new halo solar ls05 in today’s video. We will see what we have in the box. First, what we have in the software and we will run some tests – see how this watch will work so let’s go ahead, start the unbox Music. In the ls05, we have hd display 12 professional sports ip68, waterproof 12 days of stand by or 15 days of battery life in use, and we have a few other things that we will see when we start the watch. This is the box of the halo solder, as you can see in two pieces, underneath that we have a black box, as you can see right here and immediately, it reveals the watch itself let’s take this off and see what we got underneath after the sponge for Protection, we have the user manual, like usual in different languages, which is always a good thing to have, and we have here a small charger with two points to charge. The halo solder and we don’t have anything that other than these let’s peel off the foil protection and store the halo solar ls ls205, and see how we can work with this smartwatch and what we have in the server press and hold the button to power it. On, as you can see, very good around the display and outside we have some kind of material, this is not plastic. This is some kind of metal. This is the first page, as you can see at the top.

We have the taskbar with time date and other things that we will see press and hold to change the watch faces. We have here a couple of them also. We can change the watch faces from the app in the tos bar. We have time date percentage of battery, find my phone brightness do a disturb settings and we have the weather too. We saw the first page in the left. We have breathing in the right. We have activities hoard rate, we have sleep weather and back to the breathing down. We have the menus status, blood pressure, weather, sleep, notification, music, settings more and the settings itself. This is all that we have in the menu of the halo solder and the more here we have stop watch count down, find my phone and the settings. We have watch face, brightness about power off and reset very simple. Smart watch so let’s see what we can try here. This is how it will look like in your hand, let’s begin with some tests and see how this watch will work. Hard rate is the first option, as you can see, in the middle we have the current heart rate and in the side we have the heart rate zone with color down. We have lowest and highest heart rate and, as you can see, this watch is one of these watches that keeps shutting down when you don’t touch, even while it’s measuring then this is what i don’t like from these smartwatches.

As you can see, it shows you the real time result. It doesn’t show you the final result again, one of the things that i don’t like in these type of smart watches. After that we have the sports jogging force, walk biking, climbing spinning yoga in the running. Gymnastic football rowing: these are the options that we have here. Let’S try false walk three. Second countdown: we have the time at the top second, going with the biggest font that we have in the first page, we have heard rate and kilometers as well. We don’t have a second page, just this one, only three options to see, which is a very poor data to have for your sports other than that we have only the music controlled for our phone and also we have the breathing exercise which we can set. One minute or more so let’s see how, with it will show you in the end let’s wait one minute and see how it will look like, as you can see, it just ended, and it we don’t have any result at all which i find it. You not useful at all so guys this was all for today’s video. I hope you find this video interesting and helpful.