Lee slash he'll, be bit dot lee slash, he'll, be thank you greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web. At smartwatchtix.com. We review all kinds of watches here: we've done, fitbits we've done galaxy, tons of android watches and all other fitness health. You name it we've done it, but we've never done anything like this inside. These two boxes are bands, watches that do some very unique things, one of which is automatically computing. Your daily calorie intake automatically assessing your hydration level and letting you know if you need to drink water automatically. Waking you up at the appropriate time in your sleep cycle, so you'll be refreshed and a lot more we're going to dive into the actual reviews of these two uh separate reviews. But i want to tell you they are very different, but they go for exactly the same goals. This is what they look like in the back. The gobi 2 is built on a technology of galvanic skin resistance, while the gobi 3 uses the photodiode ppg systems be sure to watch both reviews, and that way you begin able to decide which one is right for you when you're ready to pick it up. I got an exclusive 10 percent discount code for you, mr tix10 got to use this link, though bitly slash, he'll, be okay companies, heal, b, b bit dot, l y slash he'll, be now let's begin the reviews the gobi 2 wow.

Now this is a piece of really interesting technology, it of course sprung from the gobi one, which was back in about 2015. I think this is about 2018 19 time frame. They enhance that with some new capabilities that's the serial number i have taped up there. You got the gobi unit, the charging dock, a quick start guide and it's waterproof. This one let's take a look at it as we open it up. Let me tell you there: we go. Oh nice. Let me tell you a little bit about it, how you can get it once again: it's a he'll be uh goby 2 we're looking at right now – and this is the link you want to use if you're going to pick it up check in the show notes. I'Ll have the link there, you can just click on it and be sure to apply mr tix 10 for a 10 discount. What is this one? This one right is right here. This is uh. The amazon link it's been reduced from 119 to 118 and then we got the discount going and we're going to get into it. Look at it in detail, but it's got worldwide shipping and it's available right now. Here it is when i pull it out. You see the unit looks like this there's, a few things we want to go through. Look at this very great attention to detail. They got their company logo on it really important to remove this cover that's, covering the charging dock points and the entire apparatus for assessing your uh galvanic skin resistance.

So what is galvanic skin resistance i played with that years ago with something that you could use for bio feedback to help reduce stress and things. Oh did i mention these reduced stress. Do they have that component in them? Look at that it's like pure gold, amazing, they're, two different electrodes, and when you have it on your arm and it's, making contact with your skin after it normalizes and figures out what the humidity like is in your skin it's, going to do an electrical thing of Measuring resistance, you know the e and i and v and r, and all those equations that come into basic electricity. You have a certain amount of skin resistance and when you measure that really carefully, you can learn a whole lot and what you learn is what this is all about. So, to set up your gobi 2 you're going to download this he'll be app from either the app store or google play. It looks like this. This is right here in the actual google play store, and i just wanted to show you quickly. Some of the screens we're going to be taking a look at this is, after you get a whole bunch of data. You got to do it for a few days to get the baseline and then see how your body is reacting and taking in calories and burning calories, automatically, no tracking of things and writing down how many croutons were on your salad.

This is after the fact you ingest it, and then it figures it out from reading your galvanic skin resistance. Of course, it's got heart rate monitoring different than the ppg diode, one style that we see in all the other watches. This is doing it through that uh. I don't know i'm really fascinating, but apparently pretty darn accurate. It also assesses and tracks your quality of sleep all right in a 24 hour period and going to give you a quality number and it will let you control your stress levels. You get to assess how your stress is throughout the day whether you have no low or moderate and maximum stress too. So those are the screens we'll look at the app in a lot more detail later. Mmm. Look at this says: pull really nice packaging here. Pull do i have to slide it up. Nope nope, i just lift it up: oh wow, oh wow, okay, so that's a little box that holds the band interesting. Okay, then we've got manual inside of here, whoa whoa a sticker pack a warranty card. Oh, we get those a purple – nice, oh wow, high, end detail here: we've got a usb charger, it's a basic usbc um to a micro, usb and then we've got the charging dock. You didn't see me do that in the bottom and obviously the charging dock is going to need to attach oh wow that's, smooth that just goes right into it and it's magnetically coupled great plug it in here plug it in your charger charge it up.

Gon na. Do that, of course, before you even turn it on give it a good, solid charge, get that battery cycling properly, okay, that's the charging aspect of it. We'Ve got this warranty policy, not in english, but that's. The card we've got it's got a one year warranty according to this. Maybe the warranty is only in china, i'm, not sure, and then we've got stickers. Oh i'm, in love with my body, uh looks like i thought i said: hershey's, oh well. Okay, you'll, be heroes. Don'T, eat hershey's, ah cute cute, all right, some little fun stickers to play with, and then the manual and, as you guys all know, if you've watched the channel a while, i do page through every page of the manual, it might be. The only place you get to see these things, if they're not already in a pdf format or something and most of the time they're not because of the complexity of this unit and all the things it can do i'm going to take a little extra time on Each page to freeze it for you now. I know you can't speed, read that fast, but you certainly can freeze frame your youtube playback and take all the time you need to read it go forward or backward page whatever you need to do. Oh well, that was quick because now we are in russian, it looks like this device is supported with english in russian, primarily and then chinese probably is in here, japanese, okay, there's a few different languages, but really really fascinating that there's.

A a russian presence with this um, an extensive blog on on the web from russia, everything so yeah yeah, pretty cool okay as uh required i'm gon na charge it up and then we'll turn it on and take a quick look at it and see how it Works together with the app just a quick reminder to get an exclusive 10 percent discount on picking up the gobi 2 watch, use the code mr tix 10, and go to the link bit dot. Lee slash he'll be bit dot lee slash he'll, be thank you. So, while we're waiting for it to charge and get ready, let me go over really what this is about. It'S, a specific band that really is invented for automatic calorie intake tracking, to better understand your energy balance, it doesn't use or rely on manual calorie, can counting it. Does it automatically by measuring your digested, calories we'll talk about how they do that in a second. You also have body hydration monitoring and instead of those drink, water notices you get on the regular fitness bands. You have sedentary reminders every hour to get up and walk a hydration reminder every set amount of time, 90 minutes or whatever to sip water. This does it scientifically. This actually tells you, based on what it's reading, when it's on your arm and the humidity the moisture that's there, when it's appropriate to take a drink and you've got this emotional and stress level, monitoring in it as well, really fun features.

This is what it's, based on we're, going to get a little technical. If you don't want to see this stuff well, come back when i got it charged, they're just scoot ahead in your youtube and you'll get there. But for those who want to know what the heck is going on here, you go it's a patented flow technology. It'S got an impedance sensor that analyzes the changes in your body's glucose concentration. Glucose is blood sugar right as glucose concentration, um rise, the cells will absorb glucose and release water that's. How you get to it. The glucose goes into the cells, the cells release, water, the water makes its way to your skin and the impedance sensor since high and low frequency centers through your tissues right at your wrist to measure the fluid moving in and out of your cells, yeah wow. Okay. They are getting so sophisticated with wearables. I love this stuff. I really do flow technology then applies the information to an advanced algorithm to analyze the data and determine caloric intake now it's doing that. Also in concert with things like your age and sex and weight and maybe height, i don't know but a bunch of stuff that you feed it and it learns who you are and what your levels are, so that it can adapt to you specifically that's how it Gets its high accuracy it's individualized it's, not a generic 120 over 80. Is your blood pressure reading that we see in so many bands.

This is done with you in mind. Oh i'm, getting on a soapbox here, but i'm excited about it in general. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, it will show a caloric deficit at the end of the day and for those wanting to lose weight. That sounds like a pretty good idea. Accuracy is diminished on fasting diets and so forth. It registers calorie intake at the time when calories are absorbed in the body now, because of that it can tell carbohydrates that are going to be absorbed quickly when you get a kind of a quick rush of glucose, but things like meat or proteins fats that take Longer over the day are going to take well, as you can see here, different stages of digestion process take different amount of time chewing and swallowing one to two hours: handling food by the digestive fluids. Three to four, the overall digestion process. Four to eight five to nine hours and some more than 24 hours food is absorbed and enters the blood, and so your daily glucose input output and therefore translated to caloric input will be calculated over time. So you got to wear this thing a lot. You know like all day like take it off only in the morning, while you're showering charge it up and then put it back on to get the best data. Some of these processes occur simultaneously and you'll, see it in what 10 to 15 minutes, but the main part of a meal may take three to four hours to be digested, and i understand from looking at some of their material as you really learn this, and you Start to look at the stuff in the app: where is that here you go? Oh, it works with google fit.

Oh that's cool, okay, achieve your weight goals; oh there's, a whole lot more in here control your hydration level, yeah yeah yeah. Your stress! You track that up there we go we're back to the beginning. You see, you see, look at how this chart is going and when you learn to read the way it's moving you'll get a faster, deeper understanding of how you're processing your carbs or your proteins and that kind of stuff. The gross overall data is kind of what you're looking for for your your daily intake outtake, but you can also monitor if that little cupcake did what you think it did when you yeah. I know i know or chewing a piece of gum really should be very fascinating: stuff: okay, depending on the composition of the meal. Ninety percent of the food can appear in the blood after one hour, uh up to nine to ten hours, complex dishes and meats and side dishes are gon na. Take longer you with me all right about now, people start to say: okay enough is enough, but if you're still really interested in this here's a nice little flow chart, they put together to kind of give you a description, pictorially you're, going to eat or drink something Right, okay, it's, going to be consumed, make its way through the natural digestion process and reach the intestines, where the enzymes break down the food as it does that the duration of the process depends on this uh, how long it takes and what you eat and the Speed of your metabolism, but eventually when the glucose concentration rises, the cells absorb it with water yeah, and then you get down here.

The band on your arm uses bio, impedance, sensors. Now this sounds familiar to us other things. We were talking about that work with these kind of um biosensor stuff um, the heli right, the the heli tins type unit. This is the heel b. Uh calorie counting unit anyway uses a bio impedance sensor that sends high and low frequency signals through the skin to determine the movement of the fluid and track the calories that's. How it's doing it with galvanic skin resistance over here, the dynamic extracellular fluid can be estimated. How many calories you consume, what quantities of fats, proteins and carbohydrates you guys look at that it'll actually give you an estimate of your balance between carbs, proteins and fats. So those of you that are working with processes that require you or encourage you to keep track of certain percentages there. You go you're getting that out of this whole thing and then you get in the end. You get this graph showing the metabolic processes that shows how many calories you digested each day and, like i said, with specific types of movement of the charts to show infusion quickly of calories or absorption, i should say into your body or or breaking down and over Time and that's the chart important based on the different rates of food processing. The calorie calculation process can indeed take up to six hours wow all right. It should be charged up by now. So let's take a look so for connecting the heel b watch to the phone.

You need, of course, to go to your google play store or your apple store, download the heal b app itself. This is it in the play store once you've installed it. You want to open it now it's going to give you a couple of pages that will tell you what this thing can do: it's going to control your energy balance, it's, going to give you about signals with your pulse during activities. It can help you with controlling stress level, it's going to notify you when to drink water and i'm, not talking just a regular timer every hour. It actually will tell you when you really do need to drink water and sleep information about quality of sleep and the smart alarm feature in here. So we get a continue takes us in here where we can create an account or sign in i'm, going to need to create an account i'll. Do that and come right back so after i did the basic setup of creating an account. I turned this on. It goes into say sync, and it immediately gives me the name of the device. Oh, i got ta set up a pin code, a six digit pin code alrighty got that part done hello that's. A good sign sounds like i've got connection wow okay. This is smartwatch's. Gobi2 sure i'll keep that name save it and where are we healy support he'll, be support. Facebook, email, that's, how you get information, advice, here's the date and the numbers which i don't have any uh.

So at this point, it's all set up – and now i got ta – get you some data. Oh my gosh, wait till you see the data that we're collecting here, just updated again. I'Ve got several days and i can't wait to show you. This is so different and so new, it is really really something. I'Ve got uh energy balance, water balance, all these different things, let's look at them, one by one. In the energy balance section, i get a dual chart, which is really an interesting way to present the data. I'Ve got uh calories in and calories out now. This is today, may the fifth and it's picked up from after i took my morning shower up until the present time. Just in this part alone, you can see i've done, exercise, walking and other activities that have given me burned calories, and i also had breakfast and a little snack and i've got incoming calories as well. You take that you subtract that, and it shows you where you are net overall in terms of your caloric intake throughout the day and the day started back here at midnight, see right, there's the gap between the two days so for a while it's uh neutral, then It'S showing me some caloric intake at 2am, i don't know what that's about. Maybe i got up and nightwalked and binged a snack. I don't know here's some early morning stuff and again, the lower part i'm laying in bed i'm not active until later there's a gap in here, not sure why that's there either kind of lost data a little bit, but i had it on the whole night here You are in the morning there's again when i got out and showered ate a little bit and so forth and so we're back up to where we are in terms of activity, it's, measuring being calm, routine, walking and running.

And i got a little bit in each category: it automatically senses that i'm not going into any kind of a mode to do that, but a lot of calm because it started at midnight right – and i was asleep routine – is just your basic i guess morning and So forth, so i've got some minutes. I'Ve got some calories and i can't go deeper into this other than the activity that is here is broken down here and the basal metabolism, if it didn't have any of this is right here based on all of the stuff. I put in my age my weight, i don't know whatever else they asked for allowed it to calculate my basal metabolism, which counts into all of this. To come up with the burned calories, got it okay, i got total steps. I got distance traveled and this and i'm not too sure this is really working yet is so sophisticated, it's, dividing up and and separating calories that are from fat, carbohydrate and protein, and they seem to always be about like this, and i haven't modified my diet and It probably is true, i'm, probably doubling up on on carbs, but it does vacillate between something in the 40s to something in the mid 50s, and these are usually about a quarter. Each again, don't know enough uh to really know and it's not broken down other than the snapshot, so i presume it's the current condition of what it's just recently read.

That is all about um, the calories in and out for today. Now i want to show you something: this is the fifth. I want to go back here to the fourth. Are you with me, okay, here's yesterday now go back to the beginning of yesterday, which is about right here that 12 a.m shift. Okay, i wore it to bed uh that night and it had some glitches along the way, but then some caloric input not sure again. Why it's showing all of that then it jumps over here and you see that little gap right there yeah that's about 9 00 a.m. Yesterday, now, prior to this gap, the charts look like that after this gap, the charts look like this. I have a little bit more definition in the exercise area that i was getting over here, go back the day before same kind of thing, here's, some big meals, look at that here we go back on monday, but on the 4th on the fourth. Something magical happened at that little box that little spot right there right there at nine. You know what happened. I took it off my wrist, no it's not reading thin air. Are you ready for this yeah? I just i figured there's so many people that have got these coveted quarantine bands on that i would look okay. If i was walking around with a band on. Of course everybody would think i'm jumping quarantine, but i have been wearing this band in the very last thing, so you got to have a fairly thin wrist, wrist ankle for it to work or an extender, but i've been wearing it right here on my ankle.

Instead of on my wrist and gang i'm getting better data than i would on my wrist now, i freed my wrist up again, so i can keep reviewing apps and watches and things so from yesterday forward. All of this data – not just this chart, but the ones you're going to see later, are measured from my ankle. Okay, now go back a little bit further. I just want to show you the overall charts i've done this for a few days now, so you can see how it basically works, how it's pulling in the data and the intakes and outflows are all there here. We go way back here here. Okay, so i got a negative 169. The idea is as long as it's negative i'm, putting out more calories than i'm taking in. I should start to lose weight right. That would be cool, um here's the next day, here's the next day. The summary of all of these, i don't, need to do it here. I got another way i can show you. I can come back here: okay, it's, connected back to the band, and it says in case of no connection with the skin. Try tightening it and clean the contacts. You really got to do that. Look how kind of messed up they are right. Now, on my ankle. Uh yeah, i need to wipe them down. Do that regularly but here's my values there's my 43 45 calorie negative for the day.

So far – and i can go down here – and i get my weekly report on energy balance and you see the little thin red line and black line that's the amount above or below zero. This is all the calories i took in. These are the calories i took out and right now, i'm. Writing slightly negative. If i want to lose weight quickly, i need to increase the size of that black bar and change my diet so i'm, not eating. So many carbs, probably there's – nothing. I can see in here that is guiding me on how to shift my diet, it's, simply reporting back what my intake and outflow are based on my body, actually producing sucrose and it's reading. All of that stuff. Just a quick reminder to get an exclusive 10 percent discount on picking up the gobi 2 watch, use the code mr tix 10, and go to the link bit dot. Lee slash he'll be bit dot lee slash he'll, be thank you. When i go down to yesterday. There'S, the data for that and look all these other whoops, no, no don't jump ahead. All these other things are here too there's. Yesterday, there's, two days ago, three days ago, my pulse rate's there, my accumulated stress level above normal. Is there my night sleep? Is there gang? This is incredible. This is the most sophisticated, detailed biological data i've ever seen, and i got a feeling it's pretty close to accurate, maybe not perfect, but pretty darn close, and this is the two right.

This is the gobi 2, the original one, where it bases its data on galvanic skin resistance from the plates alone. Let'S keep going energy balance. We did water balance here we go. This is today yep i'm dehydrated uh. Definitely when it goes down like this, the watch is going to flash. So it says no connection right now or no no contact it's, not on my body and if it's, not it vibrates and tells you that. But if you cycle through here or if you wait and it gets low like this, it will flash water on the screen and vibrate and you know it's time to take a sip of water and indeed i tend to run on the dehydrated side. That'S. My modus operandi, i don't take in a lot of water, probably why i eat more than i should if i drink water before i eat and be better off, so above is okay that's, your normal level it's when it starts showing up down below that i'm dehydrated And there it is back a few different, a few days worth of stuff, but you can see right now. I'M thirsty. You probably hear me a little bit of dry mouth talking to you and it's right now, just before 2 pm, pretty pretty dry, okay, normal 47 percent low 53 percent. This is the hours i spent in those categories of being either normal or too low for water. So water retention is in here as well pulse.

Typically, what you see, but it's got another little caveat. I haven't seen and it's this little moon thing, which is supposedly when you're asleep, but it also appears to be jumping up when i'm sedentary so i'm. Getting kind of a picture of when i'm sitting at the computer doing stuff again there's gaps. This is when i took a shower, so i took it off. This is last night and it saw me as being asleep there's a gap. I don't know why. Maybe it's shifted on my ankle. I don't know. Yes, i wore it on my ankle all that time uh here we are at night from midnight up until then and it's, showing you my basic heart rate. There gives my average sleep heart rate, so it's computing that when it's detecting that it's in that heart rate and your average awake average is the ones where it's not shaded, so you're. Getting the full background of the overall chart and you're getting the breakouts of the heart rate between sleep and awake, look at all of that yeah and then there's a threshold of a hundred uh, oh oh yeah, it's, vibrating and it's, saying no connection. It really tries to get you to make sure you're connected 24 7.. If, if it had its way, you would never take it off, they really like you to wear it at least 11 out by 23 of the 24 hours of a day. Okay, so a lot of stuff, is there there's an option that you can take a blood pressure? Uh estimate i'll show you that in a minute that is truly an estimate.

There tend to be running high on what mine actually is. I think i'm about 130 let's, say 130 over 80 ish and so it's running high. There here's another one, taking it this time, i'm, always taking two back to back just to see, and then i did another one here. So i haven't calibrated or correlated it with actual blood pressure, but in the past, it's been around 1 30 for me, light hypertension not as high as that. So if it's true, that this is near 20 points exactly above, where i should be, i just simply subtract off 20 points or whatever the actual number is in comparison to get a better estimated blood pressure. But that is done here with that uh heart rate uh aspect of it as well under pulse. So those are the that's the data there. Then you get this stress area. This is really interesting, uh a lot of times the stress things on bands and rings and watches comes in pretty normal low uh. Not high stress this one, i think, is giving me a better picture of encouraging me to try to relax a little bit more because it did. It tends to be above light i'm in the elevated area um quite often, and so whatever it's reading it. Maybe it's. Reading too high, in which case i could just adjust it a delta down and presume that when it says elevated for me, that's really normal – i don't know, but nonetheless, here you go, you've got uh the chart showing there you go in the midnight to 4 a.

m. The dot dot dot means it's on it's connected, but it's, not acquiring data, as i understand it, so for some reason it did, it was totally disconnected then connected and then boom. It started reading again a little bit before six might have gotten up and gone to the bathroom or something here's. Yesterday same kind of thing, here's in the evening hours here's the afternoon hours where i tend to be more active, here's a lunchtime period so sometimes not getting as much data for the stress, which is a different type of computation, i presume than the other things. But what data it's giving me i'm getting some pretty good stuff! You see these little black areas there, i believe, that's when i'm in rem, sleep, nah can't, be 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Okay, i don't know what the black areas are when we get into sleep. We'Ll talk about that here's another day and another day, so there's your data for um accumulated stress above normal and a breakdown light, elevated and high, and this is the daily numbers – 10. 15, 16 17 hours, roughly of wearing it, that it was able to measure. That was accumulated stress. Now we get into night's sleep it's, giving you a quality and again i've got all my days here. So last night's quality was 40 uh 48. The night before look at that night, sleep was quality of 80 percent. That night let's take a look at it here we go look at this okay.

These are this. Is the rim rem rabbit eye movement categories here and when you see a yellow and i don't there yellow is when i was awake supposedly so this starts at 9 p.m. It looks like yeah, 9 p.m there and then there's some sleep time from 7 a.m. To 11 a.m, that's a different day here we go uh midnight, ish and so i'm, getting uh some tracking on here, uh and i'm, getting my rem, sleep and i'm getting this little alarm. This is the smart alarm guys and you can actually see it worked here. I set it for 6 30, but it'll go off anytime, 45 minutes up to 45 minutes early, so it went off at 5 57, which it detected was the end of my rem, sleep time it vibrated. I was in a dream. I remember the dream. It was incredible: it's, great uh, it's intent is to wake you up in your rem, sleep so that you'll be refreshed and get up easily, as opposed to either being deep sleep or light or or whatever. I can show you further down here: there we go some awake times had a rough night that night and it went off at 6 30 because it i wasn't asleep. I was like laying in bed awake and it went off on time at 6 30 that particular night, and then i guess this is last night had some wake time there, some deep rem, sleep time, 6 15 alarm went off, but it's still measuring that i was Uh in bed until noon, uh, why i don't know it probably accounts for some of the efficiency and quality numbers and the duration, and all of that looks like i woke up seven times anyway, a lot of interesting data, any i love that watch how the chart Just kind of fades away to attention to detail is exquisite in all of these yeah, so very impressed with the sleep category as well, and what it can do and the special alarm.

And then you got your weight, which is just where you put in your weight. You go to a scale and you measure and it does a dynamic computation. You can set up your goal of what weight you want to achieve and do you want it fast, medium or or take your good sweet time cutting out the candy bars whatever you want, and that just is a manual data entry thing i believe you can tie It in with google fit and get your weight from a smart uh scale sent over. It only shows up when you actually wear that or when you actually put your weight in manually on the days you don't weigh it doesn't show up, but you get that great summary in there as well. So a couple of more things to show you we start on this page we've got the energy balance. This is a seven day summary when i first put it on in the afternoon the next day and so forth and it's figured me out, then it's normalized, so it's at the height and bottom of the the cumulative calories in and out and that's. Why? You need to wear it for several days to get some baseline data over here is my activity steps, distance traveled and you can see a bar chart showing how well i performed on those days here's the stress situation over half of my time is elevated. Can you possibly believe that a guy like me would have elevated stress, i don't think so night sleep, okay, average duration quality.

You know more about me than mrs ticks knows about me: here's my pulse, awake time, a sleep time and there's, the overall charts and again it looks like high and low there's no line in between the two, but i presume it's, awake and asleep, and if it Was calibrated with numbers, they would be there and then your overall water balance, which i do need to work on. You see i got above it's normal, but these low ones. This is not healthy to be dehydrated for a lot of reasons: uh so uh tom brady style i'm gon na sip, sip sip. My way to stardom um we'll see how it goes, but this will tell me how well i'm doing you got any questions. What are the other things up here? Well, let's check them out. This is the settings i can set my weight and height and distance and volume in other units i'm in english units. Here you can turn on or off the vibrations notifications. All of that stuff there's. The google fit integration. I could literally export the sensor data to google fit as well pulse night, sleep step count calorie intake, all of that would go over to google fit and from there. Of course, i could share it or do whatever i want to with it. As well really robust and then we've got uh me and my stuff, this is where you put in your um, your gender, your weight, a bunch of other things.

Just you know your basic data that it needs to make all these computations and that's it there's. No things across the bottom to switch to different pages. You can't slide across them, it's an up and down type of thing, but it is accumulating all of the days. I'Ve done five six days so far and they're just streamable in here i don't know if it goes 30 days or for a long time or whatever shows your battery level, your bluetooth connection, if it's connected it, shows there and that's it so the device itself when You have it on it's going to be like this right. You press the button and you'll see the time there. You do have the option of flipping it so it's the other way in case you want to wear it on your right side. When you tap it a second time and you have to be pretty serious on pressing, it shows the batteries full press again and what does that say? Heart rate m m is that maybe um blood pressure estimate – i don't know minus 49 that's my calories for currently right here it says minus 51., so maybe it oh it's sinking right now, as we as we say: okay and now it's coming back flashing at me. No connection but it's connected it does a funny little dance, so we'll just have to leave it at that, but you can cycle through the data there's. My step count should be in here somewhere here you go and my mileage 1.

42 miles not sure what that is m a but it's, not getting the data and then i'm back to time. Okay, the healy he'll be sorry, he'll be gobi2 uh for what it does. If you don't want an actual watch, if you want to like me, put it around your ankle or you know, wear it on your non dominant wrist or something just to have it there and use it mainly as a data accumulator highly recommend at this point, the Go b2. We have not yet looked at the gobi 3 gon na. Do that so be sure you stick around for that review and subscribe if you haven't and turn the alarm bell on. So you know when it's coming. If you want to check that one out, but for this one with a discounted price down to 118 – and i may be able to get you coupon discounts for even lower definitely check the show notes for that and i'll have a coupon link in there. If i can i'd say this is a really worthy contender. If you are interested in tracking your overall uh calories in calories out, seeing what happens with adjustments to your diet in terms of the time it takes to process carbs fats, you name it. Your overall balance striving to get this as high a number as you can to help you with losing weight and also judging your calorie usage and time throughout the full day and evening of movement, whether you're, absolutely calm like sleeping or just walking around doing house chores Literally walking or running against your basal metabolism and trying to increase some of these numbers to get more calories burned in those categories.

Yeah really really interesting data on this one, uh wow it's kind of washed out. Sorry about that. I can do this slider here and change it there. You go so again, that's what we are looking at are these different uh energy levels and activity levels. That alone, i think, is really great, but then you add into it the sleep stuff that you can do with the smart alarm capability to ring right out of rim. Sleep wow wow have not seen any watch like this, so i i'm very pleased and very glad they sent it out for us to to show you guys and we will be back with the go b3. Yes, we will alrighty thanks for watching. We'Ll see you again soon, just a quick reminder to get an exclusive 10 percent discount on picking up the gobi 2 watch use the code mr tix 10, and go to the link bit dot.