You can actually see here on the face press and hold to light it up that i've got a negative 492 calories, so i'm losing weight. It balances your input versus your exercise and let you know real time where you stand. You also have heart rate distance traveled exercises it'll, give you a indicator of your stress level and your hydration level, and actually warn you when you need to take a drink of water, there's a whole bunch to this watch and the associated app here's a little bit About the app from the gobi 2., you get categories like energy balance, calories in calories out your averages and distribution between fats and proteins and carbohydrates, water balance with a notification from the watch when you need to take a sip of water if you're dehydrated, your overall Pulse divided between your sleeping pulse and your awakening, pulse and accumulated stress, which will allow you to be aware, when you're in an excessive stress level and be notified by the device to basically calm down. You have last night's sleep time and you have a special alarm that you can set, which will trigger within a 45 minute window of when you're coming out of rim sleeping time that little dark area down there. So you can wake up. Naturally, when you're supposed to. Instead of when your alarm says you have to all in all, this device is very, very sophisticated, so there you have it. The go b3 from heel b, it's got a really nice tpu band it's got optical, sensors and electrodes that make the magic work it's very thin, very lightweight.

You basically wear it all day and you get incredible. Data check it out.