com. What in the world is this little thing you ever seen one before yeah me either. Let me tell you: it's called the healy yep. This is healy, it's, a wearable for health. Well being and balance and it's a wearable, it actually is it clips on your body it's a wearable for holistic health life; okay, always the right frequencies for life. They talk about with this it pairs to an app on your phone, and it does some interesting stuff. We'Re going to unbox it in a minute, but i want to tell you pretty much what it is. So you know what you can expect ready for the next one: oh boy there's a bunch of writing on the screen and it's important too, because what i want to uh convey to you is that this particular little device it's going to inject micro micro current into Your body, similar to what a tens machine does for pain relief, it's, a micro, current medical device it's been cleared by the? U s food and drug administration for the purposes of uh, relieving pain, chronic arthritis pain, muscle, soreness, the kind of stuff that tins machines do in addition to that there's a non medical use for actually harmonizing your bioelectric feel now that gets a little bit esoteric and That'S kind of what the focus of this product is and the watch that yeah there's a watch, the watch that goes along with it, but i want to show you these disclaimers i'll.

Let you freeze frame it if you want to read them, because they're really important it's um, definitely not something for covid they've, taken the liberty to make sure that you're aware that you don't use this for covet 19 um it's not been approved at all by the Cdc or the fda or anybody else for that, but it is being used for holistic health purposes, and it has all kinds of different programs built into it now program is a frequency based system of of sending a micro current into your body to help you in Improving your body in all these different areas: yeah your job, yeah, your skin, learning, mental balance. All of that stuff is available in this little box through micro, current technology that you program from the app via bluetooth there's, a variety of different levels or versions of this thing, the beginning, one notice, the box is the same it's, just a change in the software That'S uh that's, implemented in it you'll learn a lot more about this when you dive deeper, but the basic one gives you all kinds of programs to get you balanced and in harmony with yourself, and you can move then into a few specific ones that can take You to different levels, including your sleep, skin meridians. If you know about all that stuff and then you can go even to a higher level for learning and fitness and jobs and overall beauty, all kinds of things using the same box, the same electrodes and upgradeable from the entry level to any of these other levels.

So how does a watch fit into it? Well, the watch is a closed loop feedback system. You have this talking to this and you have the ability to select the programs that you want to run well. The watch notice it's like an ecg watch that we've reviewed before the watch is going to pick up signals from your body, assess those and transmit them over to the app and through the app uh programs can be orchestrated that go to the box and the box. Can inject those signals in your body to give you the balance and improvement that you're looking for so it measures your bioenergetics state through an analysis of something called the bio, energetic, rhythm analysis and heart rate variability yeah we're getting much much more sophisticated. Now, as we mature from just reading your heart rate, all the way up to taking ecgs and monitoring you for sleep apnea as you've seen, some of our watches do and now we're into a level of bioenergetic rhythm analysis. I know i know we're getting to the unboxing stick with me. You really need to know the background on it. It'S more than an ordinary fitness tracker or smart watch, it's integrated with the whole product family for here, and you can read the rest of that. We want to get you going. The uh system is such that this picks up the body signals that are coming in and, like i said, can help you contour the programs that you use to inject the signals in your body at the frequencies that are appropriate for your overall health and here's.

The overall technical data, because we like to show you the tech on the watch, even though i'm not going to have the watch to show you today, because it's still coming, i am going to show you the whole rest of the program you ready for the unboxing. So i've opened it just to peek inside so that we can do the actual unboxing together. We'Ve got a couple of things in here. I'Ve got this. What looks like a little booklet or something says frequencies for life on it: um health well being and balance. Okay. We'Ve got that and then we've got the actual box with the device itself. Now i did cover over my unique serial number on this one, but otherwise there's the information on it and we will open that one and looks like i've got an extra set of um. The electrodes, because again this is a device sort of like a tens machine, is my understanding that you're going to put on your body between electrodes it's, going to send a micro current that will help with pain relief and on a third dimensional level. On top of that also work with frequencies, which are all part of this whole concept. Okay, let's dive into this one here i've got my little opener to make a slit to get it going. Okay, fun all right. What have we got? Oh, my gosh whoa Music, wow, wow, okay, i can't show you guys that, because you have to see that on your own – and it might be something i'm not supposed to show – i don't know but wow talk about a greeting card, i've gotten those ones to open And it plays a song, but this has got a tv screen in it: that's cool, wow, okay, it's, getting more and more fun.

Now this is the actual unit. I'M. Getting excited every day is christmas. For mr ticks here open it, oh open it up. We got a little quick start manual on how you begin, how you hook it up where all the pieces are, and the electrodes and modes of operation kind of one of those multiple language things. There you go there's the qr codes that you'll download for either an iphone or an android, and because this is a kind of universal thing, i think you're going to have um full support on both apple and android. You know on most of our android based watches and whatnot. The apps work better on android than they do on apple, but uh well, we'll just have to wait and see, or you can check the blogs and things about this product to see how how people are doing with their tethering to the app okay. Some basic information on how you get in here and select a program um when the programs run and there's just tons and tons of, as you saw there's a bunch of different kind of programs that, depending on the level of sophistication of the software that's inside of This thing you can do so. Why am i pointing on the picture when it's right here, it's right here, it's right here in front of us? I love their packaging, very nice. Okay. Does it just come out? Oh wow, a box full of goodies and then the heli itself is right.

There. Oh, i can't turn it over. Well, i guess i can, but i got the serial number and everything right here: um that's, the healy device and you see it's got a clip on it, so you just clip it on your body you're, going to be putting the electrodes plugged into the bottom right Here, there's individual electrodes that go in there. This will snap on to the pads and you're going to put the pads at the appropriate places on your body. It of course, charges with a standard usb connector on here somewhere there you go plug that in there and charge it up and uh and the rest of it is button control, sweet, okay, we did the quick start and then here's the overall instructions, so it's a Electro stimulation device, um yeah there's the index again we're going to uh, like we do with all the videos and unboxings we're going to show you quickly each of the pages, so you can freeze frame it in case you lose your manual or you want to see. Um, you know, look over the manual and get a better idea of it before you actually purchase it. We take the time to page through these things, this not being a uh watch. Where'S the watch there wasn't a watch in the box was there and that's what? Mr tix is all about is wearables well the watch that comes and goes with. This is a separate item and, as far as i know, it's not yet officially on the market so i'm, hoping to get one of those will do an update video.

When i have the watch, which is actually kind of a closed loop to this whole system, you can work with this manually and set your own programs and work on specific things. Um pain in your leg or your arm or your neck or whatever, and the holistic aspect of the vibrational energy. You can work with that too, on your own and you'll learn a lot about it. I'M sure, as you study as i am going to, and then the watch kind of gives a closed loop feedback system where it can assess what's going on in your body um and send it over to the information. I guess in the app that let you know which programs might be things that you want to consider running at any particular time so kind of like a bio feedback system is my guess on this thing again: i'm really new at this. I just got it in, and i don't know a whole lot about it other than it is a definitely interesting technology and an approach to using um signals within the human body for overall health and wellness yeah. Okay, a lot of icons, some more basic stuff and that's it revision status. Okay, they'll constantly be updating it and hopefully there's a pdf of the manual on the web somewhere and if i can find it and it's easy to just put the link to the pdf on on it, i'll i'll do that for you.

Otherwise, you have seen the manual too well um, okay, i think we're going to close the video at this point, because when i hook it all up and test it all out and hopefully have the watch to go with it, i'll be able to give you a Lot better understanding of it um. So this is just an introduction and from from here, if you're interested in learning more check the link down below click on that link and please this time use that link, because it supports my good friend who told me about this and uh. I definitely uh encourage her to keep this thing going and to um to work with it. She'S learned all kinds of stuff about it and knows a whole lot more because this is kind of her passion, so uh click on the link get over there and get connected and find out a little bit more.