As you can see, it is quite a small device and this is the updated version. It is basically a smart watch which keeps track of your blood pressure. Your heart beat your sleep and you can use it to measure how far you have walked. How far you have run, how far you recycled and things like this, and it also measures your oxygen in your blood, the levels of oxygen in your blood sp02. I think it’s stored on the phone and in the app. So this is uh it’s made by a company called huey. He got a chinese company famous for making mobile phones and also famous for making really quite sophisticated encryption, which can’t be hacked into very easily at all for anyone in the world to be honest from what i’ve read anyway. So if you press the side button, it tells you the time, tells you the date. It tells you how many steps you have walked. Four eight nine steps. It says for me sorry about the screen going off all the time, but no, and it also says devour family thousand television burn off, so i’ll be gon na wait for a couple of hours, but i’ll burn off 15 000 calories just from walking up and down The stairs three or four times, if you swipe the screen across it’ll, tell you your blood pressure and your heartbeat at the top, but obviously right now, it’s not attached to my wrist.

But it says 63 resting for my heartbeat to swipe it across again and that will show you your stress level, as you can see at the moment my stress level was 18, which is relaxed and there’s different uh levels. It says in the app could, but, depending on how stressed you are, it also tells you the temperature outside it’s, not this. The watch hasn’t got a sensor on it to my knowledge, so it just uses bluetooth to use your wireless connection or your ethernet based connection to uh, tell the temperature outside basically using the metal fish or whichever weather station. That wants to come up across again, and this is a part of the screen – i’m, not too sure what it means. I think this is obviously to do the work out, though running watch and another one as well twice across again, and that brings you back to the home screen. So already. I can’t show you the app, but i installed on my iphone tennis max which links to this smartwatch via bluetooth, because of the fact that i only have my mobile phone to record the video so it it might actually look back to front and inverted due to Me using the mobile phone with the front camera okay reversed, basically, and it might look like a very stupid video, but i’ll upload it anyway. Just to give you an idea of the what the honor, the band 6 smartwatch looks like, and its capabilities when you first switch it on you’ll, probably find that has a three quarter.

Battery well minded anyway and oh, she wasn’t charged it and it comes with a wireless charging, cable which i have here and, as you can see, i haven’t even unpacked it. And if you look there there’s two metal uh bits that stick out on the connector, which just i think you just put them at the back of the phone and obviously and they’re charges like that, and then the other end is a this usbc. You plug the usb into the mains charger the plug. Basically, that goes into the wall. Socket three prong uk plug or 230 volt, uk uh ac and in america it’ll be one when i 110 folks. They see that he would have to get uh, but it wouldn’t work unless he converted it. It would just blow up. Basically, you need to you, can’t use uk stuff in america with american stuff in the uk. Those things unless you get something to convert the voltage or you’re asking for a fire or a lot of trouble. A lot of sparks might fly so yeah. I like the look of the honor band 6 smart watch, but i’m gon na have to change the screen. Timeout because it’s really really quite annoying it’s going off after what two sets one and a half seconds two seconds one and two and three and four five five seconds. I think, although it seems a lot quicker than that, when you’re actually looking at it, it seems to go straight away anyway.

This uh smartwatch, i purchased from the uk website amazon. I know it’s american as well, but the uk part of the website, that’s throughout the united kingdom and obviously england, where i am exactly southwest england and it arrived from amazon, the next very nice working day via courier and the cost of this watch. The smartwatch was 45 pounds, uh great rose pound sterling and this included the shipping package, posters and packaging costs, and it was packaged very well, and i received the item on damaged and fully functioning as you would imagine – and this is all which is very good for The reputation of amazon and the reputation of huey or ui, however, you want to sell it say it. The company who are responsible for creating designing and manufacturing this smart watch and it will fit a revive variety of different size wrists because it’s quite like quite a long uh band on it. So to put on put the watch on to your wrist, because, obviously you can probably work out how to do that quite easily. So yeah just say it one more time we get a different screens. It has that’s upside down. When i look at it, then let’s look back the home screen so yeah. I do recommend this watch and if you have an iphone, i think you’ll need an iphone 7 or newer in order to use the app with this on a band 6 watch, smart watch and uh, you download it from the app store and double click.

Just the top the top right button on your phone to verify that you want to install the app and then it will download and install, and you just search for uh what the health up the huey health app helps. You be healthy. You search for honor health. I can’t remember now, but the instruction manual tells you what to search for, and it tells you i mean it – tells you on the screen, what you have to do to set it up, and it is all very easy to do. It’S easy to understand and almost impossible to go wrong to be honest, so yeah it’s quite easy and straightforward to set it up and get it working. It automatically measures your sleep. It measures you falling asleep, light sleep, deep sleep, rem, sleep times, you wake up and sleep deeply continuity, and things like this. I can’t remember every single thing off the top of my head to do this watch but i’m trying my best anyway. I’Ll end this video. Now because i’ve said i’ve done, a quick review of the watch and i’ll give it nine out of ten, because it is pretty much nearly perfect and at 45 pounds i’m, not gon na rumble uh anything that might be slightly wrong with it, because it seems like A very good price for a decent enough watch and it is quite modern as well to boot, so yeah. Thank you. Everyone for watching this video, please uh, subscribe, comment below and i’ll reply as soon as i can and also uh give a like if you’ve liked what you’ve, seen and had or you’re thinking about buying a smart watch to measure your health and comment below.

If you want and i’ll try and help you so yeah thanks for watching everyone, i hope you have a nice day.