let’s see what we got first thing we’re going to talk about is display. This is how it compares with xiaomi mi band 4, and this is how it compares with apple watch. And finally, this is how it compares with where os fossil watch display is definitely the reason why one should look at honor band 6.. I would even say that is the only reason why one would want to ditch their favorite smart band or smart watch and instead go for honor band 6.. Let us first compare it with a smartwatch. While smart watches have bigger display, they are either square or circle, and neither one is natural to the eye. In my opinion, another problem with smart watches is they attempt to pack a lot of things into a smartwatch and finally, when we compare it with other smart bands, as you can see on the xiaomi mi band 4 here the font is too small. Honor band 6 strikes perfect balance between a smart watch and a smart band when it comes to display and form factor 2 thumbs up. Let’S talk about watch faces here in us. It comes with. Nine watch faces two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine off of these. There is only one watch face which can be configured even in the only configurable watch face. You cannot fully configure it. For example, there is no option to put notifications at the top. If you want to do that, then you are out of luck.

Maybe there are watch faces that are available in other countries, but here in u.s these are only the options you have when it comes to watch faces. Let’S take a look at extended faces. You can configure up to five and it’s a round robin heart: health, weather control, music, sleep patterns and stress levels. One other detail here is extended faces. Do not let you scroll to the bottom, for example, for heart health. If you come to the heart health through settings, it will give you more details, and you can scroll from top to bottom, as well, regardless extended faces, are not very useful in my opinion, as there are just too many details for one to read in this small Form factor instead, i wish they have created something, for example, like a music controls and left all the details to their huawei health. Fitness app now let’s take a look at rest of all the features battery life they claim 15 days with moderate usage and 10 days with rigorous usage in my scenario, 10 days seems to be correct. Expect 10 percent of battery drain per day when you pull the menu from the top, it gives you these options. It does not have a always on display; instead, they have an option to keep the display on for five minutes. I would assume this is probably for to extend the battery life. They have a do not disturb mode here. It is connected to bluetooth showing the battery percentage, and it also has a find your phone, which is very handy alarm and additional settings and in settings one can configure more options display how bright you want your screen to be right.

Now it is at the lowest level vibration, whether you want the vibration to be less or or or more do not disturb settings work out to auto detect if you are started a workout and then there is some um help system to reboot, like etc, and about That’S, all about setting one can interact with the capacitive button to the right, which will bring in all the features available. Workout one can go in here and set up. There are ten different modes: uh one can set up any one of those and it will record your activity and i have been using the other and that would um the good part about that. Is it has this bar, which will uh progress as the intensity of your workout increases, for example? The first mode, i believe, is warm up and the second one is uh, uh, aerobic or, and so on. So that’s pretty good keeps you motivated all right now. Let’S talk about additional features and the other features here are workout records, heart health, blood, oxygen concentration monitor. This is only on demand and it does not continuously monitor activity records. Sleep stress, breathing exercises, music notifications, weather only pay, which will probably only work in china. It doesn’t work here stopwatch timer alarm, flashlight it’s. It can be handy, find phone and finally settings let’s talk about controls. You can control music playing on your smartphone from your smart band and also you can decline an incoming voice.

Call using your smart band as a remote for your phone camera is not available in us. Health app is quite handy and you would find yourself using it. Quite often it has all the details. You want uh steps, the activity exercise, rackets, heart rate, sleep. Oh, this is a cool feature. Um it it uh. If you have a huawei scale, it will automatically uh figure your weight every day. If you measure yourself, even if you don’t, have one like it’s, it is still possible to add record manually every day if you ever wanted to lose weight or you wanted to keep track of your weight. This is quite handy, looks like uh i’m, not losing any weight here, that’s a different problem, the stress levels, the spo2 yep, like it’s, it’s uh. These are all this is all about the um health app one quirky thing about health app is if you’re entering your height and weight in pounds, um and and um it doesn’t work very well um. So the way i have read in some forums that you measure your weight in pounds and multiply it with 2.2 and enter it and then for height. You need to divide your height by 2.54 and enter that height and enter weight and height. At the exact same time and hit save that will then somehow convert it back to what your actual weight is and height uh weight and height, or i know it’s uh it’s it’s a plug but that’s how you can get around it.

I hope this tip helps and this is the charger it’s magnetic and it goes under. The watch like that. The strap is replaceable uh. As i understand one needs to pull that um, like small thing there and then it’ll come off. I haven’t yet tried but that’s how one would do it. That is all about honor band 6.. I hope this review helps and currently this is retailing for around 50.