It comes with an amulet display, bluetooth, calling feature 100 plus sports modes built in gps to track your outdoor workouts health tracking. Then you can even save music on this phone and connect your favorite bluetooth, earphones and listen to that music wirelessly. Then this comes with a classic gold finish frame with a leather strap variant that goes perfect with your formal attire wow very excited to check this out so lets try dive into the unboxing Music heres, the retail packaging. This is the gold leather strap variant, as you can see from the picture on the top towards the back are some more details. The model number the color lets open it up and there you go right on the top. Is the watch itself wow? This looks so premium well check it out in just a moment, then we have a usbc charging, cable and theres a dock which is provided separately. So basically, you can use any usbc cable to attach to this dock. I think its a very smart idea, especially if youre traveling and finally, some paperwork, which has the quick start guide and the user manual all right lets have a quick look at the watch. The first thing that gets my attention is the classic round dial with a metallic body, and this metallic body comes with this beautiful golden glossy finish. The build quality is generally impressive. The finish is amazing. You can spot two dials on the right. The top one is to access the menu and to wake the display.

The bottom one is to quickly access. Workouts comes with leather, strap, really nice. You can spot the buckle with the honor branding. This, too, is golden finish very, very nice check out the quality of the straps wow. Now moving towards the back. The back is made of plastic housing, all the sensors in the center. The charging terminals on the top and bottom here is the microphone for phone calls, and if you look towards the left, you can actually spot the speaker from which you can listen to music and, of course, for phone calls as well. Now this is a 22mm strap that can be replaced with other third party bands. You can just pull this hook mechanism to release the strap and put it back here and youre done. This is genuine leather. You can see its mentioned here. The build quality and the look this watch has is really really pretty coming to the display. So this watch comes with a 1.43 inch amoled display with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixels thats, like 326 ppi, which is exactly why you can see even the smallest text here is super super crisp, very, very nice. Now, with an amulet display, you get super vivid, colors and deep blacks, really really nice also worth noticing the bezels on the watch are quite slim now. The interface is also really smooth, as you can see its snappy, not a single skip and very smooth animations. It also gets bright enough 1000 nits of peak brightness, which means you can easily use this watch outdoors.

I will just quickly browse through the interface. If you swipe left, you can see the activity of the day home page swipe right. You can see the heart rate. The stress tracking theres, the weather, the music player activity and back to home page swipe from up you can access the quick toggles theres do not disturb screen on time. You can set it from 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes find my phone theres alarm and the best part is. You can actually set the alarm from the watch itself. No need to go to the app just directly from the watch. Very, very handy. Then. Here you can see the battery percentage the date and day you can go into the settings here. You can see earphones connectivity which well come to a little later watch faces and cards display and brightness. You can adjust the brightness manually as well as the watch comes with auto brightness feature which helps adapt to the brightness depending on the environment. You are helps. Save battery drastically right now were just sticking to one because were recording this auto sleep screen on time is available. Then theres volume notice vibration do not disturb the down. Button can be set for apps that you want to launch by default. It is set to workouts. You can set a pin, then there are workout settings you can set a tone on and off always on can be set for workouts. It also comes with auto workout detection.

It will remind you that your workout has started and you can continue your workout or you can disable it very very handy. Then, in systems theres update, theres, restart power off disconnect and reset swipe from down to access your missed call alerts and notifications. Then you press the button on the top to access the menu theres workout workout records, workout status activity, records, call dogs, contacts, music, heart rate, sleep tracking, spo2, stress, breathing, exercise, weather alarm, stop stopwatch timer compass, air pressure, flashlight find phone and settings now. If you come to the home page and you press in the center, you can actually change some pre installed watch faces and theres a decent collection that comes pre installed lots of analog as well as digital. I know a lot of people who wear formula attire love. This watch face its available here now. You can also set a custom watch face. The ton is available from the companion app and there you go finally wearing the watch, and let me tell you it provides a very good grip. The leather straps feel so nice on your skin and the fit is so nice its time to check out that razor is to wake the display wow. That was fast well check it once more one, two three so the raise there is to wake. The display is very responsive on this watch. Its almost instantaneous, wow thats, really really good. The watch comes with 580m water resistancy rating, which means you can actually wear it even for a swim.

However, i would recommend you swap the leather strap with silicon once coming to phone calls. Well, you can receive incoming calls where you can see the callers name, theres an option to reject the call answer, the call or even reply with a preset sms. This comes very handy, especially if you are in a meeting you can answer the call and talk directly using your watch. You can control the volume you can mute the microphone or end the call from the watch. Similarly, you can also make calls using the call log or your favorite contact list now. Remember theres, no dialer on this watch, but frankly, i think it makes sense calls made from the watch are ideally supposed to be short, so you arent going to dial numbers. Just call the person from the contact list or the call logs now the call quality was really really good and trust me. It was so clear that the other person wouldnt even know that i was using the watch for this phone call. But outdoors, if you are in a noisy environment, the speaker wont be loud enough, so it wouldnt be as audible, so id say, use this indoors for quick shot calls and it will be just perfect. Then you can also save offline music on the watch. So if youre going to the gym or for a run, you wouldnt be needing to carry your phone with you, at least for music, go to the honor health app go to the music section.

Music management youll see the two songs that come pre installed. Click add to select the songs you want to copy and click done now. Youll find all the songs on your watch fun fact. You can even listen to all these songs on the watch speaker and its actually pretty good too for indoor use Music, but the best part is that you can even connect bluetooth earphones as well. Just swipe up, youll, see earphones. Click to pair youll see the name of the earphones click and its paired. Now you can listen to the music thats on your watch using bluetooth, earphones, the watch comes with over 100 workout modes and the best part is you just press this button at the bottom? To quickly access your workouts, you can see outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor, walk, indoor, walk, outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, pool swimming open water, swimming mountain hike, hike, trail, run, skiing, snowboarding, triathlon, elliptical, training, rowing, the options are endless, but my favorite part is that they also have Some running courses and fitness courses in running courses, there are 13, where you can actually have some presets, where theres a basic run and walk workout for 22 minutes run and walk, advanced workout for 25 minutes, then theres, easy run, fat burning, run, fat burning, run, advanced And there are so many like these. Similarly, they also have fitness courses where you can do your neck and shoulder relaxation exercise at work. Fat burn, full body burn advanced chest, workout ab toning ab rib amazing amount of workouts and courses that are already preset on the watch.

Then it comes with dual band: gnss, which shortens your positioning lag time and its more accurate supports five global positioning systems, gps cloners, galileo, baidu and even qzss. I did test it briefly and it was really quick to get a fix on my location. Also, you could see a full map of the outdoor run after i finished my workout. It also comes with a compass and air pressure meter, making it perfect for all your outdoor activities. This one is one of the best watches to get for fitness and trek enthusiasts coming to health monitoring, so it comes with the heart rate monitor with dual algorithm engine, which greatly helps to improve the accuracy. I did check it a couple of times and it provided pretty accurate readings. Then stress tracking is also on board. Along with that theres breathing exercise, sleep tracking and now, with covet again on the rise. Sp2 sensor will come very handy too. We did test that and got 98, though dependable. This watch is not a medical equipment, the readings are for personal reference and not for medical purposes coming to the battery. Well, this watch stacks a 451 mah battery, which honor claims should last for about 14 days with typical use. Now remember those are really terrific numbers, but the battery life will vary depending on your use. Phone calling feature gps in use, brightness levels, workouts, theres, so many things, but still i found it to be pretty solid, so expect it to last for about 10 days.

Roughly, the best part is if the battery is completely drained. Five minutes of charge will provide a days battery cant, complain and cant. Ask for more lets check out the honor health app now right here on the home page. You can see the steps you have taken. Ive almost completed my 8 000 step target 79999 wow, so ive, burned, 138 calories, five kilometers walk heart rate, tracking your sleep tracking, spo2, your stress tracking. Then, in the seconds exercise tab you can use the gps of the phone as well to enable running workout walking. Cycling then devices here you can see the model number connectivity battery percentage, the steps calories burned all over again watch face market lets. Click on all – and here you can see tons of watch faces that you can download directly from you all free huge collection lets just quickly download one. Well, click on this and well click install and there you go, the new watch face is uploaded. Moving back. You have the weather, you have the music app alarm, clock notifications you can choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you dont, then theres health alert, healthy, sleep alerts, sedentary reminders, continuous oxygen measurement, pressure, detection, continuous heart rate measurement, the frequent contacts user Guide background protection in other settings you have bluetooth disconnection alerts, raise there is to wake the display toggle on and off. Then you have firmware upgrades restore factory settings remove current device in me.

You have your data, your profiles, your settings, all that right here on the app. The only thing that i see that is not there is, if you could share data with google fit or strava, hopefully with an update. But apart from that, a very easy to use interface, so this honor watch gs3 is one of the most complete smart watches. Its got all the health monitoring you need tons of workouts amazing amulet display the phone calling feature built in music to save built in gps and that premium build and design. However, the only con right now is that it lacks ios support, but we hear that the support is expected soon now, once it has ill pin it down in the comments. Until then, iphone users should look somewhere else, but for android this is one of the best smartwatches you can get its available in three colors theres ocean, blue, classic gold and midnight black. The ocean, blue and the gold are priced at 990, while the midnight black is priced at 14, 990, but theres, a special launch price from 7th june until the 16th june, with a flat 2000 off. In fact, there are even some further card offers too. I shall pin them below in the description along with the purchase links. Trust me its definitely worth checking out. So i hope this video was helpful. If there are any questions, mention them down in the comments and ill be happy to answer them all.