The new honor watch gs3 Music. So this is a brand new premium. Smart fitness watch with amoled display built in gps, really good battery life, new ai heart rate technology. You can also monitor your blood oxygen, sleep, automatic workout detection, and this also supports bluetooth phone calls. Now, first of all, lets quickly check out what you get inside the box, so you do get a user manual, a type c to type a charging cable. You also get a magnetic charging plate and last, but certainly not least, the honor watch gs3. Now the honor watch gs3 is beautifully designed its made from a very nice smooth, stainless steel and plastic back and on the back. You can also see your health, sensors and charger pins. I want to quickly show you the charger in action, so this is the charging plate, youre, simply bringing it close and it will magnetically attach itself, and that is a fairly secure magnet, so its not going to accidentally fall off and it takes around 80 minutes to Fully charge the battery, but you can expect a 14 day battery life with normal usage. Now, if you were to leave gps constantly on maybe youre on a trek or a hike, and then you can expect a maximum 30 hour battery life, so thats with gps constantly on on the side, we have two buttons top one. Is your power slash back button and the bottom one can be programmed to open any app you like, i currently have it set to open workouts.

Now none of these buttons are scrollable like weve seen in the past, and instead you can just swipe to scroll. On the other side, we have nothing, but just slightly underneath there is a microphone and a speaker grille. On the other side, on the front, we have a large beautiful, 1.43 inch, amoled display with a screen resolution of 466 by 466, so nice bright, colorful display with a very responsive touch screen. Also, this watch is running a custom os by honor, so no its, not android or wear os, and also there is no app store or downloadable apps, but other than that. You have a very user friendly os with a bunch of pre installed, useful apps, which i will be going through a bit later in this video. Furthermore, the watch connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and it uses bluetooth 5.0, and there is also built in two gigahertz wi fi and gps also id like to confirm that this watch does have a built in speaker and microphone and does support bluetooth phone calls. So if someone was to call you youll have the option to take the phone call directly on the watch. Now the honor watch gs3 also features a brand new 8 channel heart rate sensor with an ai engine which is supposed to bring that accuracy level up to around 97. So dont worry guys, we will certainly be checking the accuracy of the sensors very shortly. So we have 24 7 heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.

It measures your heart rate throughout the day, but the blood oxygen takes automatic measurements. When the watch detects that you are resting or sleeping, the watch can also automatically track and monitor your sleep and, i have to say the sleep tracking is very accurate. Although you can see that i am very far from achieving my sleep goal of eight hours. Now all your health stats can be viewed from your smartphone. The app is called honor health and at the moment it supports only android. So this watch is not currently compatible with iphone. You can only use it on android and, as you can see, ive actually connected it to my samsung galaxy fold 3, and it works absolutely fine. Now, as soon as you open, the app youll be presented with your health page at a glance, and it also automatically pairs and syncs all the data straight to the phone. Now you can view more detailed reports by clicking on any of these metrics and it will give you a day, weekly and monthly record. You can also initiate workouts from the phone. If you find that convenient or you can do it directly on the watch under device info, you will see all your watch settings and features you can see at the top. The model number and the battery information – and the first thing to show you is the watch face market which lets you manage all your watch faces and you can see there are loads of watch faces pre installed, but it also allows you to download plenty of free Watch faces – and you also have your settings for your local weather.

Youve got a music section, so you can actually copy over your music from your phone to the watch, and you have just over two gigs of storage space um to store all your music. We then have alarm clock notifications, which we have a quick look at so from here. You can switch on and off what you need now under health alerts. You can adjust your continuous health tracking for sbo2 and heart rate monitoring. If we click on the blood oxygen monitoring gets checked automatically when you are resting or sleeping for heart rate tracking. You have the option to leave it on smart mode, which checks your heart rate, 24 7, but conserves power at the same time, but you can switch it to real time, which increases the frequency of checking the heart rate, but also the power consumption goes up. So probably best to keep it on smart mode. You then, have other settings which gives you the option to configure the bluetooth disconnection alert and the wake up by flicking your wrist feature, which is something that i always like to keep on and yes, this watch does support firmware, updates, so user friendly, app, very informative And detailed and all your important health data is there in hand and very well presented. Furthermore, the honor watch gs3 has 5 atm certification, so its good for swimming and tracking your swimming strokes and distances, etc. Now the watch dimensions 45.9 millimeters with a thickness of 10.

5 millimeters and it actually weighs 72.2 grams with the straps on and you do have. A fluorolastoma, strap finished in black basically feels like a silicon strap, but its designed to be more breathable and quick drying, and they do feature quick release. So you can remove and replace with your own 22 millimeter strap now lets check out the watch faces. There are loads of built in watch faces, you just keep the center press, youll feel some haptic feedback and then youll be spoilt for choice with so many different watch faces that you can immediately change to and ill give you a few examples of the selection of Watch faces available on this watch – Music, Music, Music, and just to give you a quick idea, i have set it to the default watch face. So this is the watch face you will get when you switch. The watch on for the first time now lets quickly check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top youve got your quick toggles. A few options there for alarm, find my phone and settings ill. Show you what happens if you tap on find my phone phone starts ringing, even if its on silent now, if you swipe up from the bottom youve, got your notifications now. These are read only notifications. If you get a single whatsapp message here and there that will come up, youll be able to read it, you wont be able to reply.

But if you get more than one message from a single person, this is what it will say and you wont be able to open it. So yeah notifications are read only you cant reply to any. If we swipe to the right or if we swipe to the left youve got your tiles, your health tiles so lets go through them. Weve got heart rate, monitoring, stress test, your local weather, your music player, your health rings and back to the watch face now. Let me quickly show you the music player in action and you can actually choose your music source. So do you want to play music from your watch or your phone, so im selecting watch so ive got two songs saved and this is what they sound like. You. Can hear how good the speaker quality is probably one of the best sounding speakers on a smartwatch that ive experienced to date. Now, if you press the top button, it will show you all your apps. I want to quickly go through them with you, workouts. I want to actually talk about before we go through all the apps, so youve got 13 running courses, 12 fitness courses and those 12. Fitness courses are actually animated and it shows you exactly what to do, which is quite useful, so you got 12 animated fitness courses and then you have 44 standard fitness exercises and you can see, pool swim is there so you can track your swimming, etc.

Workout records is exercises youve already completed, heres one i did earlier well yesterday and you can see detailed information directly on the watch. You dont even have to touch the phone look at that information. People that is quite impressive. Youve got workout status, activity records, call logs contacts, music, heart rate, sleep monitoring, spo2, stress, breathing, exercises local weather, alarm, stop watch, timer compass, just collaborate, the compass very quickly and just show you that the compass is working nice then youve got air pressure, torch, fine phone And settings under settings you can very easily connect bluetooth, earbuds, just tap it and pair them up to the watch. Youve got watch faces and cards youve already seen, display and brightness ill show you we are on the highest brightness ill, take it down to brightness one. So that is brightness level one. You can barely see the screen because its a lot of light in this room right now ill show you what brightness level three is like so thats medium. This is actually how ive been using the watch brightness level. Three. There is auto, but what auto does is sometimes unnecessarily brings the brightness up to max, especially when youre out and about i find that most of the time i can get away with brightness level. Three weve got sound options. You can turn your volume up and down for your ringtones, silent mode. Weve got notifications vibration, so vibration youve got option for soft or strong and ill leave it on strong youve got do not disturb.

This is where you can customize the down button. So i have it set on workouts, but you can have any of these apps to open by just pressing the down button. You can set a pin, workout settings system and about system just lets. You update, restart power off and disconnect all right. So, as promised, we are now going to test out the accuracy of the heart rate sensor against a medical grade sensor. So this is the o2 ring. You just wear it on your thumb and it will give you medical grade accuracy for your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. So you can see the results are already there, the heart rate and blood oxygen. It just interchanges between the two all right, so we are going to now compare the o2 ring to the honor watch gs3. So the honor watch gs3 is giving us around 80 beats to 78 beats per minute, and the o2 ring is giving us 75 76 on both now 77 on one of them, 78 against 76, 77, 76 and now were equal again. So it looks like weve got a fairly accurate heart rate sensor, its uh, its kind of keeping up with the o2 ring o2 ring is just slightly faster thats. Actually, not bad now lets test out the spo2 all right. So here is the blood oxygen monitoring. I am going to tap measure and i have to stay absolutely still lets see what we get you can see.

The o2 ring is giving us 96 blood oxygen levels. The honor watch gs3, unfortunately has given us a hundred percent, so that is uh. Definitely not right. Im gon na make sure this watch is tight on my wrist and were gon na try that again here we go and, as you can see second time around 100 on the honor watch, so its almost like the blood oxygen sensor is not working as it should. Its giving us a hundred percent all the time, which is definitely wrong. All right so were going to try it on the other wrist just to see if the same thing happens so were still getting 96 percent on the o2 ring lets see what the honor watch gs3 will give us its giving me 100 every single time, which is Certainly not correct so decent heart rate sensor, but the blood oxygen monitoring needs a firmware update. It is not working as it should on my watch, so there you have it guys. That was the honor watch gs3, and this is without a doubt, a great looking. Smart fitness watch im really liking the design and build quality. The watch feels really good. On my wrist, i have a circumference of seven inches and the watch doesnt feel too heavy or too big and even after wearing it all week, i have literally not taken it off even once until i had to shoot this. Video and ive not felt any discomfort.

Ive worn it in the shower every day, no issues there and the watch feels great on my wrist. The screen is gorgeous and is bright enough for all scenarios. You have 24 7 health tracking, counting your every step calorie distance, and it even reminds me if im, not active. The heart rate sensor is close to accurate, so im fairly happy with the heart rate sensor, but the spo2 is giving me false readings coming up with a hundred percent every time i manually measure it but im sure a firmware update will fix this and when it Does i will update you guys in a pinned comment now? Realistically, the battery life has lasted me seven days so far, and i have a 27 battery left. So i dont think 14 days is achievable more like 7 to 10 days, depending on how active you are and how many workouts you initiate and ill be honest with you. I havent been very active since wearing this watch. I just let it count my steps every day and i might have initiated one or two workouts in the whole week, so battery life definitely not 14 days. Now i really like this smartphone app. It gives you detailed health stats easy to use. I was actually quite impressed with the sleep tracking, its actually very good and accurate. It detected my sleeping times and it knew when i was awake and it knew when i was sleeping and if you sleep less than three hours, it gets recorded as a nap and it can detect multiple sleep records in one night.

So that means, if you wake up, go back to sleep and wake up again. It will record all of it, including the time you woke up and the time you went back to sleep so on a watch. Gs3 has very good, accurate sleep tracking. Currently, this watch is android only so its not going to work with your iphones, but hopefully a firmware update will bring that compatibility alive. Now. My overall experience has been very good: a comfortable premium smartwatch with great software, accurate health tracking. I believe the sbo2 will be sorted soon and i will update you guys in a pinned comment. Should anything change, um, overall, very motivational experience from this watch, so honor has done a pretty decent job with the honor watch gs3 and i am actively looking out for those updates. So keep your eyes on the pinned, comments and social media for more updates on this watch. If you have any questions, you guys know exactly what to do.