We test out various products and share with your average users point of view, which hopefully helps you make a more educated purchase. Now before we start today’s video let’s see who’s the lucky winner of last week’s, epic air anc giveaway. As you can see, quite a lot of people participated. We have a total of 55 comments, so let’s see who the winner is alright, so michelle henry you’re, the lucky winner of these awesome earbuds, all you have to do is get in touch with us at their email address and we’ll ship them right over moving on. If you’ve ever wondered what a budget smartwatch is capable of you’ve come to the right place, i have here the umidigi urun smartwatch, which sells on amazon for about 57. So in today’s, video i’ll tell you all about its different features, how it works its build quality and, ultimately, if it’s worth buying as a full disclaimer. The guys at umidigi send the smart watch for free, but, as always, i’ll be completely transparent. About my experience and let you know how i really feel about this product with that said, when opening the box you’ll be greeted by a simple presentation which includes the watch itself, with the straps already attached and underneath you’ll find the operating instructions as well as the 2 pin magnetic charging cable now once on your wrist, the watch feels light as it only weighs 44 grams and has a thickness of about half an inch, so it doesn’t look too bulky.

Also, the silicone straps feel soft on the wrist and your skin won’t get irritated by the material talking about the materials the watch comes with an aircraft grade, aluminum frame. That feels and looks quite nice. Additionally, you can choose from five different colors, ranging from space grey icy white, titanium, gray rose gold or ocean green, which should fit your personal style quite nicely, and you can even easily change the 22 millimeter straps with the quick release feature moving on when powering on The lcd display you’ll notice right away the large bezels, which, in my opinion, makes this watch look cheap and rather toy like or similar to a kid’s watch. This in turn reduces the actual screen size to a small 1.1 inch color display with a low resolution. That left me rather disappointed on the outside. The glass used is 2.5 d tempered glass with anti fingerprint coating, which should be able to last well against scratches or normal day to day use. Additionally, as you can see, the screen is rather responsive and the two physical buttons feel solid and have a good amount of resistance. When pressed as for the feature it offers, while this being a budget, smart watch, they will be somewhat limited, so you shouldn’t expect anything close to an apple watch or other high end. Smart watches here the main watch face, gives you basic information, such as the time as well as today’s, low and high temperatures, which one press brings you to the five day forecast.

It also shows your heart rate, which i’ll get into more details later on and at the bottom. You have today’s date now, if you don’t, like this particular watch face, you can switch between other watch faces by long pressing on the display, but there is only a total four choices available, which is rather disappointing other than the main watch face. You can swipe up to get the battery percentage and some additional features like find my phone or the alarm feature swiping right or left will shuffle through the different main features of the watch like the real time. Heart rate, monitor the blood oxygen, monitor the sleep tracking information or the weather feature which we saw earlier. There is also a music control feature which lets you skip or play and pause songs and finally, there’s your daily activity, information such as steps and calories burned. Now that you know how to access them, let’s see which features stood out which one could be improved and what additional information you get from the pi active app that comes with the watch. First, when pressing the button you’ll get access to the sports menu which lets you choose from an impressive list of 17 sports modes ranging from running cycling, hiking yoga and many more here, you’ll notice, there’s no swimming mode, which is strange. Considering the fact that the watch is rated 5 atm and umidigi markets it as safe for swimming and rain, so it would have been nice to have a swimming mode as well.

Moving on in sports data, you’ll get some additional information on the completed workout and the status tab will give you information based on the last 24 hours of wearing the watch. Further down the sleep tab will break down your deep and weak sleep, as well as how long you’ve been awake. A more detailed information panel is obviously available inside the app, which shows your blood oxygen levels and a rating of your sleep quality. Additionally, inside the app you’ll get detailed information on your real time, heart rate state, as well as the progression of your blood oxygen level, which i found quite useful. Moving on the watch does have color message: notification, a handy, flashlight feature as well as a compass which comes in handy when hiking. There are other functions which i’ll, let you discover on your own, like the remote shutter function, the stopwatch, as well as the women’s physical health feature back to the watch itself. It connects to your phone using bluetooth 5 and the 280 milliampere battery will last for about 7 days, if used daily and about 40 days on standby mode, once empty. A quick two and a half hour charge will get you back to 100 battery aside. One of the things that impressed me most about this budget smartwatch was the level of accuracy of the gps tracking and the amount of information you get like your cadence level, your heart rate zone average pace and so on, making this an ideal activity tracker.

As for my overall conclusion, the app is well made. You get lots of information, especially in sports mode. The build quality is impressive and the price is quite reasonable, but in my opinion the bezels are way too large. The resolution is rather disappointing. So if the design factor is important for you, i would not recommend this watch, but if you don’t mind the cheap look, the level of information and build quality is impressive for watching this price point now, if you’ve enjoyed today’s video leave a thumbs up, it greatly Supports the channel subscribe for more videos and we’ll, see you next friday.