We have the glory fit app that we will use today. You can see we already downloaded. We have here the email and password, if you have, you can get an email or where you can log in with third party i’m going to press ignore, which you can enter in this way, without an account but it’s better for your data. If you have an account, you can see i’m just passing these information. You have to fill up these carefully with your own personal information, so you get more accurate data, as you can see immediately. We have four pages down below the third page, which is select device. Press it and you can see it starts, searching so let’s wait until it will find our key w66 like this press it and now they should be connecting you can see connected successfully. We have pw66 in the phone. Also we have the pairing sign at the watch. So this is all that it takes to connect it so let’s begin here immediately. You can see we have the steps and the weather. For today you can see target steps. We have the steps number day week month or year – statistic daily step, average total distance and consummation as well. We have target for steps, distance and heart rate here. Portrait data down below you can see the statistic and we have the average minimum maximum and a couple of other data down below after hardware. We will find sleep day week month and years statistic for sleep.

You can see the average deep sleep, light, sleep, etc. At the second page, we have the sports running outdoor walking and riding these three options request a gps. So you can see we have the history as well. If you press go, it will begin the sport that you select, you can see for now it’s sciencing, so it doesn’t. Let us continue with the sport. We have here the motion settings you can see voice broadcast. We have other options as well at the third page, where we saw the connection, you can see right the first option. We have the dial center, which we can change the face of the watch. As you can see, we have plenty of them. Let’S choose this. One press download and see how it downloads, so, basically, whatever you choose, it will start to download slowly. It will take a couple of minutes, probably one to two minutes. It depends a little bit on your wi fi as well. After that, immediately it will synchronizate with the watch, and you will have a brand new face, it’s very easy to do so. You can do this 20 times a day. If you want to change that many times the face watch, which is always a good thing you can see, the brightness is all the way up. We can barely see the face, but we know that it changes. After that we have the heart rate monitoring. You can see auto test, we have call reminder we have to allow for calls to remind us, so we can reject the calls and we can see where who calls we have the sms reminder as well.

We have push notification, we have to allow notification in the settings after that we can select all the apps that we want to notify us i’m just going to select a couple of the apps that i usually use. After that we will find sanitary reminder. You can see you can customize the timing. We have next. The smart alarm clock raise hand to activate, do not disturb universal settings. You can see, you can see shake to take photo, find bracelet, uni unit on time, screen, etc. We have the fireware update, clear data and unbind at the bottom. At the fourth page. We have the profile, you can see all the personal information we have the goals for steps target steps, we have weekly report, third party access, background access activity, permissions system, etc. So guys this was all for today’s video.