This is a smart watch. Please watch this video and click on subscribe. Let’S see the features of this watch. This has body temperature, heart rate, sport mode. Sleep monitor, step counter. Water resistant is good, that is splash, sweat dust resistant battery life is good as well, five to seven days on a full charge up to 15 days on standby time. Other features music control over 100 dial available. You can change from the app and notifications from your whatsapp, facebook and other social media. All you would need is just download the app which is hitfit pro available in the google play and app store. Let’S watch let’s take the watch out, so i have this pink silicon strap with rose gold case beautiful. Looking watch. I have another one here, which is blue silicon, strap with rose gold case, and the third option i have is the black rubber strap with black case now, the one that is on the box, that is a beautiful watch as well one of the best sellers, the Mesh trap, but unfortunately we don’t have it available right now. Otherwise i would have shared it it’s very comfortable when you wear it. Watch is very good quality. The silicon quality is good. The feel is good when you touch the watch and yeah for a smart watch. It looks really nice, i mean it looks more or less like apple apple watch, so that’s, the heart rate monitor and charger port beautiful, looking dial oops the power is not on yeah i’ll, get it charged just a quick view of the service.

Guidebook let’s see how this watch operates, all right, so more or less the same way. You know, and this the warranty card two years international, warranty strand all right so yeah. This is how we get it charged. This is the charger usb charger, the magnetic connector yeah. It sticks on properly, it holds strong let’s get it connected. I have i’ll connect it in the computer. I have it charged now. So here we go. This is the display wow beautiful, looking display press and hold it, and you can change the display so for default available, but you can get it downloaded from the app hitfit pro so yeah just seeing what all things it has more or less the same thing that We just saw on the box the settings. Okay, language screen display do not disturb and system. Oh the watch. The touch screen is good. The feel is good. Okay, this is the heart rate. Monitor the green light is blinking the sensor, the feel is good. Nice clasp overall yeah. I would definitely recommend this watch, especially when on a smart watch. When you have a warranty of two years, it gives you a peace of mind and the battery life. You know you don’t need to charge it every time just once a week. Maybe and good to go, the only thing is you can’t answer the phone calls or reply to the messages, and you have your phone for that. So whoever is messaging or calling you’ll be able to see the notification here and you’ll be able to read the messages as well so that’s more than enough i’ll show you steps how to get this watch connected to your phone.

So you go to your play, store or app store type. The search hitfit pro select this app after downloading it on your second screen. You will be able to see registration, do your registration and then connect to the second option, the maroon color watch and after that it will search and you’ll, be able to see this strand and click on pair. Just in case, if you are not getting connected for any reason, if it is not showing in the search uh try looking it in the other phone as well. If it is showing or not – and you can even do the reset by going to settings and system and in system that is reset, so you do your reset, it will go to the factory settings. Try connecting again, it should happen. So i hope you like this video guys and click on subscribe. Yes, it does help me and you all have a good day ahead.