This is one of one of the watches that i really want to get my hands on and talk about and do a review on, and i have done so many reviews. It seems, like you know recently that uh i really just wanted to do a review on this watch and see what this watch is all about, so let’s get right into it. Don’T forget to like subscribe hit that bell button and i’m gon na. Let you know everything about it here. We go okay, guys! So here we are right now doing a review on the huawei watch, fit ammunition, uh eminent fitness, coach, long battery life and animation fits coach, long battery life. Sorry guys 1.64 amoled display very, very it’s catching my eye. Already we turned to the side and we got some numbers right there. Then we got some numbers right there, uh let’s turn to the back of it and let’s look a little bit more into it. As we see it is a 1.64 inch amoled display. I have read in its 70 body to ratio long battery life 12 um animation, fitness courses, 96 workout modes, scientific workout guides full health monitoring built in gps, stable water resistant, really really cool and uh we’re. Just gon na i’m, just gon na open this up and we’re just gon na do a little unboxing right about now so guys. Here we are right now taking it out of the box as we as you see, we are hit with the phone right here.

It is looking uh really nice about now. We’Re gon na put that to the side and we’re gon na see what else we got to come with it so right here, i’m doing this with one hand. So please forgive me um. We have a charging dock. That comes in it and um. This has two side. Prongs and um has a seat um usb at the other end, and we have a look like some some booklets right here. We got some booklets right here and then we got some more booklets right here about it, that’s the warranty and then uh just some numbers right here. I see something else in here: okay that’s it nothing else is in here, we’ll put that to the side and then let’s get into the watch. Let me see how, if i can do this with one hand, let’s see if i can take it out. Okay, there. We go just slide it right out and um now. First impressions, the watch looks really really nice um. This is some like thick leather, um so and i’m. Taking that screen off right there, okay and uh we’re gon na try to power this up. Um, as let me see if i can show you guys, there’s the two prongs that it goes right, there let’s see how it does when it’s attached to it, if it’s pretty um hefty on it. Okay, the snaps right away, uh holds on to it pretty tight right there.

So let’s power this on. Oh man, that’s, looking nice, okay, so we’re gon na do the steps but english it says, download the huawei health from app gallery. Okay, i’ll be right back guys. So guys, right here we have the huawei health app right here and here’s a little bit about it, um from the app store, let you know all the little different things it has and then once it’s downloaded we’re just to open that up we’re going to hit Next agree: let it do its thing going to just allow some stuff to happen and then um, let me see i’m and then on the watch. Okay. I’M. Just it says, download that now to pair it let’s see. If i still remember how to do this i’m going to hit scan – i guess no i’m not going to do that. I don’t need to do all that, but um oh devices, that’s what you hit devices and then um. Let me see if i can focus in on this, it says add and then one of my smart watch, okay, i don’t think that they’ll watch gt. No, no, let me go back, maybe it’s the band show more uh hope you guys will be right back. Okay guys so here i am back right now, just finally got done updating it, because this lets, you guys know when you do get this watch. This watch first of all, is on amazon right now for 97, and it just goes up from there.

It is a nice watch. I’M. Not gon na lie about that. Look at the amoled display on this watch right here, very very nice uh. You do have to update the watch. We update the app because some of the watches um that they do have in there is old. So when you do the update, it’s gon na take a minute, maybe have to try over and over again and then you and then it’ll start to to come in. But looking at this right here, uh that’s, one that’s um, the first look at it right there uh you put your down list, you put your finger down for more home screens and then there’s one home screen right. There there’s another home screen there’s another one. Another one running data is that it’s pretty cool that’s real rainbow that’s, pretty cool, oh my god, just it’s a lot guys. I mean just so many to pick from. I like that. It’S pretty cool like an 80s little say by the bail type of thing and um, very, very nice of like okay. So i think i am just going to do the rainbow one, because i didn’t know that’s just pretty cool right there. Very, very nice, vibrant screen right there you swipe up there’s your where you put your messages at and then you swipe down and uh there’s your bluetooth at the corner, everything you can see very, very clearly, better usage. Just all that, uh you go to your settings right there.

You got your display right. There face watch standby, face, watch, favorite, brightness bands; very, very nice, um don’t, see how you swipe. Okay, this is just like dealing with a phone. You get strength. You got workout, you got systems um swipe to the side. You got your um walking right there. You got your music uh. Let me see if the music plays okay, so start the music on your phone. Okay and then uh let’s see how this works. I never did this before on a phone. It says, start the music on your phone, so i’m gon na go to my music on here and my samsung music and i’m gon na start it. Oh, you know what i can’t, because i only get copyrighted i’m. Sorry guys um, let me see if i can do uh i’ll, do a little concept. Do a little time: travel, okay, wow, okay and send it right. There pause it go to the next go to the next okay that’s awesome, though okay, so that worked pretty good. So you get so you get your your time and date. I mean you get your date right there. I got to change the celsius to fahrenheit, stand on 35, so um you get your stress right there. Let me see if i can focus more on it. Yeah automatically, okay, you got all that okay go down and then go up. Oh okay, so yeah guys. So this is my review on the huawei um.

The huawei watch fit i’m. Sorry, i’m, just i’m. Just so amazed by this watch guys i mean it is really really nice. You got you just one button right. There seem like that’s a mic right there, that you got um i’m, not sure if you can talk on this watch, but i definitely am going to find out if you can and um you know you definitely can receive messages on this watch and everything and i’m Going to see, if i can reply to messages on here so definitely um definitely um comment below. If you want to know questions about this watch um like i said this is an amazing watch right here, um it’s, actually i mean it’s it’s a little bit better than my samsung watch. I mean a lot better than my well. I won’t say better than my fossil watch, but it’s a lot better. It seems a lot better if not the same as my samsung watch, so i definitely am go. I am happy about this um you i don’t know. If you can you, oh yeah, you can replace these bands right there, just just like an apple, you just snap it right there and you snap it right there and you can take these out. That is awesome, so you guys yeah. So definitely um comment below don’t.