It features built in apps, health, tracking and workout programs. It also has quick settings like alarms, find my phone do not disturb and showing your recent notifications. It also has a microphone and lots of sensors when it comes to connectivity. Gt2 provides a connection through bluetooth and its built in gps, along with galileo and glonass, to provide faster, more accurate and precise positioning hey. This is alex from fit lab and welcome to our review of the hawaii gt2 you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch until the end of the Video to know our final verdict and whether this fitness smartwatch is worth the purchase now let’s proceed with the video you can’t customize or add any widgets to your watch, which makes it more of a digital watch with fitness, tracking and gps than a smart watch. However, the watch uses the hawaii health app to provide data for your health daily, various exercise modes, connect with other hawaii, compatible devices and settings for your profile, personal achievements and weekly and monthly health and fitness reports. What we liked sleek design with a clear and vibrant display premium quality, build very affordable, amazing battery life, lots of sensors, excellent health and fitness tracking. What we didn’t like no third party, apps can’t customize, it no qi charging limited software functionality, the hawaii gt2 specifications.

The gt2 watch is fast and very efficient, with lots of sensors features and a more stable version of the bluetooth for better connectivity things. You need to know before buying the hawaii gt2, the sleep tracking is accurate and it records your bedtime correctly. It breaks down your sleep patterns into light deep and rem. Sleep you’ll get alerts for incoming messages on your watch, but you can’t interact with them. Hawaii gt2 features display just like the hawaii smartphones. The gt2 has an amoled capacitive touchscreen with 3d glass. It produces very clear and sharp images with vibrant colors. You can easily navigate through the menus, it has always on display and you can choose between an analog or digital clock user interface. The gt2 will not only tell you the time, but it will also be your daily assistant, but it doesn’t have most of the features. You’D find in smart watches, however, some of the features you’ll find include a heart rate. Monitor an activity. Tracker can also measure your vo2 max and stress levels and many sports activities with running courses. Gt2 has no lte or wi fi capabilities, so you’ll have to connect with the hawaii health app, but it lacks third party app support. So you can’t link your watch to strava health and fitness tracking. The gt2 has great fitness tracking abilities and a precise array of sensors for detection and tracking the gps signal is accurate, and the elevation reading ensures precise workout tracking a unique feature.

Is the voice prompt that activates whenever you start and stop a workout, its quality speaker makes it loud and clear, but you can turn it off if it’s disturbing people or annoying, this watch will automatically track your heart rate, sleep, step, count and stress levels as long As you’ve enabled the hawaii health app features, gt2 is equipped with bluetooth 5.1. That gives you a solid connection, even from a distance without drops. However, it doesn’t use wi, fi or cellular data, its built in speaker and microphone. Allow you to accept calls without picking up your phone. This watch also can store and playback music, which is a nice feature. When you’re doing your workouts, you can play the music using the speaker or a bluetooth device. The gt2 is water resistant, so you can wear it while swimming up to 50 meters for only 10 minutes verdict should you buy the hawaii gt2. The gt2 has a wide range of features, great battery life and lots of sensors, but it lacks qi. Charging customizing watch faces and no third party app support. However, its software is awesome, great battery life and excellent, build quality that makes it a great fitness tracker who is the hawaii gt2 best suited for if you’re looking for a capable smart watch for basic fitness, tracking and notifications and don’t want to keep charging daily. Gt2 is a good choice. Are there alternatives to the hawaii gt2 galaxy watch active 2 and fitbit versa? 2.

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