. The uh chinese version primarily does chinese english. Does the aliexpress kind of stuff for payment in china, but only in china only a chinese manual but wow wow. What this thing can do i got ta show it to you: it's, really pretty amazing. First of all comes in this nice little box inside of a box manual and cover and it's coming to us from our latest partner. Why we we buying wii buying we buying, is uh sponsoring us with the honor band 6. it's a 1.47 inch, amoled touchscreen, very bright it's, really something outside. It is so easy to see this thing when you got that thing cranked up: amazing, uh, decent price. About 55 to 60, i should have a coupon for you so check the show notes for a clickable link over to this page and a coupon to get a discount in terms of what all it's got inside of it. Here'S, the um, the spec sheet you've course got your heart rate and uh blood oxygen and all of those things are here tethers to the huawei sport health app, which is pretty interesting, we'll, take another look at that one it's um, waterproof with five atmosphere. Look at that five atm, which means you definitely can swim with it. It'S got call reminders and the basic reject calls, but you're not doing bluetooth calling with it. You can't really answer calls on on this one it's, a sports fitness band actually uh.

All these different things are supported. You'Ve got um wow. Look at that initial screening for atrial fibrillation is part of this. Yeah it's got a pretty sophisticated uh process in the app that can pull the data that it collects from the device and give you some overall suggestions. Music control alarms it's got a flashlight built into it, even as well and again, uh it's enameled 1.47 inch screen with and get this about, 10 to 14 days usage time and i can attest to that being true in fact somewhere. It said that five minutes charge will get you two days of battery life. I thought no way well. We might be able to test that out today because i have not charged it since i put it on well over a week and a half ago, and it still has 27 power yeah. I just left it on put it back in the box, for you here's one of the of the screens, just really sweet. Let'S finish things up. I can't really show you a lot with the manual because there's not an english version, but in case you want to do your google translate here. It is. There are some qr codes, but i really recommend you download the app from the google play store either directly huawei health or um. With the link i've got in the show notes, i always put the link to the tethering app down there, a little bit more information and that's pretty much it for the manual.

I presume they'll have an english manual later on, but for right now, like i said this is pretty much. The chinese version of this inside here you've got the charging wire and that's everything uh it's an interesting little charging wire it's two pins separated pretty far apart. Almost like the european plug right that you plug in the wall, and you got to get it right and when you do yeah it hooks in there and it's good and strong to hold it. Give you a good charge. We'Ll check this out in just a minute. 27 i'm gon na put it on for a five minute charge and we'll. Look at how much you get and it's, supposedly going to be two days worth of like wow. Look at that it was picking up my heart rate, just barely touching it right up. There really nice, okay, i'm, going to walk through it. For you, i swipe down here's your basic layout stuff. You can go into a do not disturb, and then it won't light up at night when you're sleeping you've got the um screen on for five minutes. If you want to like leave it on and use it, you can do that. You can turn that off and you can set some of that stuff in the uh. Oh cool i'm. Here really: where are you here, hide and seek? I see you i'm here. Okay, can we finish with that? I had not expected to do that.

I went into workout when you press the button anyway. Okay there's, that fine, oh you guys, could have so much fun with that. That is all course built into the app the app needs to be tethered to the watch and when it is, you can find it you can set alarms. I got ta stop talking, you can go into here, which is your overall settings where you can change the vibration level uh, which i've set for strong. I like to really be able to feel it do not disturb like up, but above there's your workout overall setting system. You got help and an about area that tells you your device name so you'll be looking for honor band 6 when you uh hook it up and tether it let's look at system here i could do a restart and a power off and def and basically completely Reset the watch as well so simple stuff there workout settings it's got the ability to do auto detect so when just wearing it it can go in and tell whether you're walking or swimming, i guess or whatever, and you can activate that and it will uh. Let you know and remind you to start and end workouts when it detects a change in your activity, intensity, so it'll know when you finally got up and went to the water cooler, cool, um out of settings we're back here, and i think that covers everything here. Go this way and i've got my step count on the watch, which of course, i've been wearing it today, the music player that'll play the music on your phone on your phone there's, no bluetooth connection for playing it, there's, no speaker or any of that in this Band there's the alipay: this is a payment system that works only inside of china, but it's on the watch, it's a card that you can add to it.

If you want to and scroll over and you're going to get your temperature in your location, which is identified at the top of the watch scroll over again and now, i've got my heart rate in a chart, so i've been wearing it all morning. This is on a 24 hour period, my high my low, my average. All of that is showing up on here scroll it again and i'm back to the watch face and, of course i can get to the same thing. Looping going this direction swipe up, and here you go for getting notifications sent from your phone through the app that you give permission and, of course, it's readable, easy to see and very uh, very usable as far as brightness. Now i want to come in here to display we can show you some watch faces. You got some favorites here's brightness. This is on its lowest level. So when i crank this thing up seriously bright – and we get back here to the watch – faces it basically blooms it out and look at the angles you can see with this, this under bright sunlight is easily reasonable. I really really love this watch for that that's. Partly why i've worn it now for well over a week which i'll be showing you in the app okay? I can press and hold to get into the watch face change. I can bring up a couple of other ones. This is a nice one, showing you kind of your progress chart.

Um you've got more there's a classic one, here's a really big box. One you get your temperature and weather conditions step count date, heart rate, those kind of things are are in there. Each of them has a a new stake to claim that's kind of fun here's a different one, refreshing it's called you get all of that stuff: yeah i'm, getting my heart rate, 87 right now, 84 degrees outside and so forth. Okay in purple i'll put this thing on on that one. So you can see what it looks like on too very easy to use band uh, pretty much sweat proof and, of course, it's a waterproof watch twist your wrist works and it's just too darn bright. I got ta go in here and tone it down a bit brightness to one all right, we'll make it two just so you get a little bit of brightness on there, but plenty plenty here's favorites, and this is where you can change the order of the things That you're going to see or take them off when you rotate around. So if you don't look at your activity records and, of course, we don't need alipay here so i'll. Take that off and that'll be gone here's the watch faces, but we got to them already from pressing and holding brightness and then there's an advanced section where you can have uh your sleep time set for when the watch will go off after you turn it on.

For as low as 10 seconds and up to 20, or you can set it for auto, i guess it figures it out on its own that way, and then your screen time on minimum five minutes and you can go all the way up to 20 minutes. If you want to – and you still have seriously long life on this watch – it's really really cool all right, let's take 20 minutes. It says it's gon na shorten your battery, but we won't be here that long, okay, that's everything in the settings for uh display vibration is simple. The do not disturb the workout. We did all of that stuff. You'Ve got to help and about your watch so that's. The watch now, let me show you what we can do with the app here. We are, the google play store. The app is called huawei health. When you come into the play store, you see, you can take a look at a little bit about it. It'S huawei health 10.0. This version talks about less clutter, you have an ability to do, runs and walks and what's really nice. Is it integrates the gps in your phone with the sensors, like your heart rate and everything in the watch and brings it all together in the app you have dark mode, which happens to be how this is set up? So we might get some reflections today. Sorry about that here's the regular uh display – and it basically organizes these cards for you in here – that you can rearrange if you want to packed with features it says and so forth, so we're going to access this by going open, here's the opening page, i didn't Really need to go through and set up an account and log in and do all of that crazy kind of stuff scan and add cards and stuff.

I this is my main hit landing page i've got my step count basic information here when i get into it. Hello there we go um when, during the day it accumulated all of that stuff and on what particular day and your overall total duration of minutes in all these different activities, that's all in here, moderate to high intensity and so forth, the exercise records. This is fun. This is here and it's, also in a center tab down below, and you can drill down in here and see like here. I am walking around a local shopping center and uh it's a google maps in dark uh in the nighttime mode. Like this, you get your actual trajectory and your distance traveled. I think it puts a marker at every mile how long your pace and your calories, you get charts like your heart rate, chart showing you the time you're in the different zones and whatnot your pace and when you're moving and not moving your cadence. All of that kind of stuff is available for your walks, but you got stuff for cycling and other activities as well that's, all in here heart rate. Now this is the continuous heart rate thing and what's really fun is. I can jump over anytime and anywhere. I want to the exact moment and what that heart rate was there. I don't really have the sliding and pinching capability, but i do have access to look at that. I can see on a weekly basis what it like, and, of course i can go back on any previous day which, like i said, i have been wearing this puppy since well, since, when let's see, i put it on midday on june 17th.

18. 19. 20. 21. 22, 23, 24, 17 to the 24th and it's still got juice in it like 25 or so so, yeah it's long long, life, uh band resting heart rate is computed for this all that's there as well, then you've got uh your last night's sleep time and it Does a pretty decent job of this and it gives you a discussion down at the bottom for each night and shows you your distribution, deep, light, rem, sleep! Look at this sleep continuously the points that you get awake time breath quality. Are you seeing all of that? This is one of the best bands if you don't want to do exercise or anything, but you really are working on your sleep. This is a good one, swipe it back here, total seven hours, eight minutes the day before swipe it back. 8, 22., again, i'm. Getting information that's unique to that particular day. You woke up two times last night. Tells me a little bit about that. Has the same old breakdown down here, uh! Very, very nice! Really really nice i'm very impressed with this um. Then you got weight if you want to put your weight in. You have to enter these as individual data points, so that's a card for that, and then you got this stress thing going on too it's monitoring your stress in these increments i'm at 40, which is normal of a range of 18 to 62, and you can see Some of them are in the yellow.

Some of them are in this green teal color. That shows you the stress levels and day by day, my overall level for the day, i guess or no that's, that particular one okay, that's jumping around there's, your average and and that's about it for stress, but it is showing you what percentage of time you're spending In different stress zones, so again, if you're working at reducing your stress, helping improve your sleep quality, this is a band that does that blood oxygen is really really lean, not happy yet with their implementation on this there's, nothing in the chart, it only records when you Actually take a reading and i haven't been so there was a reading if i could hit it just right right. There 95 percent one reading on that particular day, so i'm hoping there's going to be some firmware, updates that's going to allow you to do continuous blood oxygen reading, but for right now, it's kind of tacked on to the device it's not really present. As the same way, that stress or heart rate are continuously monitored, that's it for the cards here, then you go into your exercise. You'Ve got indoor run kind of thing and then you've also got outdoor, runs and walks. And when you slide over, you get into the trajectory of where you are located. And if you tap on here, you can get into the different activities and we just showed you. The shopping center, one that i walked around in uh, there's walking and these are all separated cycling – is in a different section.

It says it's connected here. It is, and it's got this information available for you there's your overall step count power level, health monitoring where you can set up. If you want the huawei true sleep in activated, the activity, monitoring, continuous heart rate can be enabled automatic stress, sets no blood oxygen automatic that i hope we'll see not really a big deal, because blood oxygen normally bounces around up in 95 to 100 and you'll know. If you, if it's low so not nearly as critical, i would say as being able to monitor some of the other stuff help alarms weather reports. You can set up where you want that you can enable notifications from your phone. If you want to and then there's your overall device settings that you can do either on the watch, or here you can restore factory, you can do firmware updates. All of that is here on the device and then into me is basically where you set up your own profile, whether you're, female or male. This is all the default stuff in there, but you have to put that in pretty much correctly. If you want to get good results in your calories burned and that kind of stuff settings, you got goals, you got data sharing. This is where you can get it connected to third party apps of google fit or myfitnesspal. Those are two that are supported. Heart rate limits you can set this: it calculates what your limits should be based on your age and everything that you put in there, but you can change your maximum and minimum and so it's tracking that too.

So if you want to exercise and be within a specific zone, fat burning or whatever you've got that with the span. Really nice and it's bright outdoors i'm very impressed with this thing: it's a good band, um, clear, cache, other kind of stuff, so that's pretty much it for the app you've seen pretty much everything on the band itself, it's thin lightweight! Oh! This is fun. Look at that, i didn't know that you can touch the screen and change it to contour your outfit for the day, wow very cool okay, i'm, going to come over here to a heart rate and i'm going to just show you when we activate this it's doing Its green diode thing in the background and when i come into my blood oxygen and you see the red diodes in there with the green that's, because it's going to give you both heart rate, i believe – and okay, i'm measuring i'm holding it on here. Just to activate it there you can see both red and green are working it's, a true christmas color band and it'll give you your blood oxygen that way, so it is incorporating the more advanced red diodes, along with the green ones, for uh the heart rate, your Activity records, that's the step count stuff and all of that other things we saw in here, oh breathing, exercises. I didn't cover this or stress: okay, we're in another area. Sorry folks, here's, your stress chart that we just looked at.

I don't think i can take a reading but it's showing you throughout the day where your levels are in case. You are getting overly stressed out and you can probably keep uh keep tabs on it 24 hours and then it starts over again. Historical records are in the app right, then uh. Oh sleep time, yeah yeah yeah, you got your breakdown in here, so all of that's also a naps. Even it tracks your naps all that's in the band as well as in the app. So you really don't need the app. I guess for a lot of it. If you just want to look at it here's the breathing exercises, you can moderate it, you can change it either fast slow. You know if you've been working out really hard. You don't want to be in one of those zen kind of breaths you're not going to be able to do it. So nice, you can change the overall rhythm you tap, it keep still, which is impossible. For mr ticks, when he's doing reviews, if i could, i would say, inhale and then ah exhale and that's moderate and, of course, it's not on my arm so it's bailing out, because it wants to monitor my heart rate while it's doing that to check out how Well, i am actually relaxing nice music notifications, the weather, the alipay. We got a stopwatch and timer in here nice alarms and there's. Your flashlight big white, bright outdoors, see your keys kind of thing find your phone.

We heard that and overall settings which we've already been into yeah yeah nice, really good band and it's available from we buying wii buying um check the show notes for the buying link it's a decent device; it's. Definitely hey we're up to number six already constantly improving. So i recommend this one. I really like it. I think it's great. It may not cover the languages in your country if it's, not chinese or english, so check on that. This is the chinese version, but it is available if you uh you're interested in getting it with the english capability when you tether it to your phone, it auto switches to it. That'S it gang thanks for watching we'll, see you again soon. Okay, i remember i remember. I promised you guys we were gon na see what five minutes we'll do for power on this thing. Let'S get in here to the timer we're, going to do a five minute timed charge and go all right, it's going and we connect the charger it's at 25 and i'll see you back here in a minute. Well, four! More minutes, yikes! I am not good at science, where you have to time things. Sorry guys. Uh 20 minutes have passed: okay in 20 minutes it charged from 25 to 78, so that's roughly 50. In 20 minutes. I can divide that down to 5 10, 15, 20 and 50 divided by four anyway that's, roughly how much charge you would get in five minutes.