Welcome to another video in this one well be taking a look at this years. Huawei watch the watch three, and this comes in different flavors, so you can get it in the classic version with different straps or you can get in a pro version. The pro version obviously costs a lot more well, not a lot more just a bit more and gives you extra battery life. So you can get up to 21 days of battery life when you use the bare minimum of what the smart watch can actually do itself. But without further ado, though, lets get into it and talk about the design, harmony, os, see what thats all about and also some you know some places where it falls uh a bit short for me as a user as well lets get on with it. While we watches have come a very long way from the very first time i held one and i used one for a long time, i remember the launch event back in berlin at uh, ifa and uh. I feel like theyve, always stepped their game up each time. Apart from maybe a couple of watches in between where they didnt really live up to the standards, i remember when i had the camera, what version it was and the watch strap just kept falling off when i was using it, and then i ended up not reviewing It just because it just wasnt up to par but fast forward to this year, where we have the huawei watch free, and this is a beautiful watch both inside and out in the box.

You get a proprietary charger for it, so its a wireless charging, uh dock or, if you, if its a dock, if you call it a dock, its kind of small, so you can carry it around with you, so youd need this to charge your device back up. Although it does have a long battery life onto the watch itself, its a 46 millimeter case, so it sits nice and uh smart on the wrist as well. So if you have a small wrist, it might not be the one for you, but i think generally, everyone can get on with this one, its its fine on my wrist. It works really well, but again you just have to make sure thats the kind of size that youd go for when it comes to wearing smartwatches on your wrist, its kind of big, its kind of big, and then we have a stainless steel, ceramic sort of combination. So around the watch itself, its all stainless steel and then, when you look on the back side of it, its a ceramic finish and minus the actual sensors that all on the back as well, and we, if you look around as well, you get speaker you get Your microphone, because you can actually do voice notes on here and its also got this ai voice assistant as well, that you can use with the while we watch free and also when you look on the right side of the of the watch itself.

You have the crown which sits just right at the top, rather than bang, on three oclock, and then we have the action button as well, which you can map it to different applications on the smartwatch when you put when you press it, for example, by default. I think its mapped to fitness setting, so you can load up your fitness app and look at all the 100 plus fitness applications. Uh or you know, exercises sorry that you can actually do like swimming running indoor running cycling, etc that you can actually pick from so that you can change to something else. If thats, not what you want to do when you press that button, that clicky crown as well is really nice, it just scrolls. It gives you like a nice optic, clicky feedback as you scroll through it, and its very responsive as well, and one thing thats great about this watch is you can interact with it using that or you can also use touch as well and if youre, the one, If youre, that sort of person that hates fingerprint all over your screen, then this is great, because you dont have to press on the screen itself to actually operate it. You can just use that scroll wheel, the crown and just do it and it just works each and every time. So i really like it and its got this nice design to it as well, which makes it look quite premium, and this is the sort of thing that i think, while we was going for when it comes to this watch, whether you go for the classic or The pro version that both look quite premium so the huawei watch 3 – is actually rated 5 atm water resistant.

So this means you can actually use in shallow water, so you can take it swimming in a pool or in the ocean, but what you cant do with it, though, is do scuba, diving or water skiing, for example, so be careful when it comes to that the Watch straps itself theyre very easy to change. You just need to uh push the little clasp on the back or whether you want to call that you just push it back, remove the straps and you can change it to wherever you want to change it to. If you wish to do so, they think this thing has so many sensors built in as well. So youve got your accelerometer. You got your gyro sensors. You got your geomagnetic sensor. Uh, you got your optical heart rate sensor on the back. Youve got ambient light sensor. Your barometer barometric pressure sensor, if i can get my words out and your temperature sensor as well, because it can actually measure your skin temperature as well, which ill talk more about just shortly as well. The display itself is 1.43 inches and its amoled color screen, and it gives you four six six by four six six pixels with 326 ppi and a thousand hits of peak brightness and what that means for. You is, if youre wearing this out about whether its a bright sunlight or just when its quite dark outside or whatever the text on there will remain sharp at all times, and it just looks really bright and colorful as well.

So you wont have any problem trying to see your data as youre running, for example, regardless of what environment youre in in terms of watch faces. You have 30 plus watch faces available. Youd need to download the huawei health app in order to do things on here, but you can change watch faces on the watch itself by just pressing and holding the screen and scrolling through and see which one uh youd like to to use the menu itself can Go from a list format or you can have this sort of like app bubble, which uh youd see on apple watches, where you have all the apps uh on the screen and as you scroll it zooms into the actual app. But i i hate that, for the life of me on the apple watch uh, so i like that theyve included this on here as a list as well. So youve got the option to change this to a list, and then you can scroll using that scroll wheel on the side or you can just use your finger and scroll up and down until you pick the right, app or settings or whatever you want to do. As mentioned before, this is running armani os, and this is probably the one of the first devices that, while we are going deep dive into using uh harmony os on there so and it works really well its very familiar. So if youve used an android watch before even an apple watch, you get familiar with it very quick, very quickly.

You can scroll to the uh. You know you can scroll to the right to see all the applications that you can also remove and change stuff on. There as well scroll to the left, uh see whats. You know whats there for today for the day, so your daily activities and stuff or you can also scroll down and see the the the app the settings drawer. So you can pick up quick settings on there. You can scroll up and see all your notifications, for example, so its very easy to get used to and you can go into settings things are easy to find in there as well. Applications are easy to find. So i feel like this is a very smooth, unique uh, not even unique, a very smooth user experience when youre using it so youre not going to find any problem using it at all whether youre coming from an android one or youre coming from another huawei watch. Youll get used to it straight away and thats all that matters. It supports uh e seams as well. So you can actually put your attach your e sim to it. So you can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and you can leave your smartphone at home. If you really want to do this, if you go for a run, for example, if you go for a run, for example, you can leave your phone at home and thats very useful to use the application as well or the smartwatch itself.

Youd need android, 6.0 or later or ios 9.0 or later as well. So as long as youve got those versions of operating systems, youll be able to use this and, of course, youll be able to use it with armani os on huawei smartphones as well for storage. You get 16 gigabytes of internal storage and its got two gigabytes of ram and uh. Those are small, but in the world of smart, smart watches its not small at all, thats, still quite enough for the smartwatch to to function as best as it can function as well, which is pretty cool um. Also you have your gps built in. You have wi fi, you have nfc uh, you have bluetooth as well. Wi fi is only 2.4 gigahertz. So bear that in mind. If you have a different setup at home, for example, ive got the five gigahertz and the 2.4, so youd only connect to my 2.4. When im at home, for example, so it seems like the huawei watch 3 has a lot of good things to say about it, but where does it fall short for me, uh, its the sensors? So, for example, the gps sometimes is inaccurate, sometimes its not consistent. In terms of location, where i am so when im exercising, sometimes it doesnt plot the gps route properly, which i know that i went through certain roads, but it doesnt kind of connect them properly, which is kind of weird. Another thing is the skin temperature.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, but where its more apparent, though, is when you start to do spo2 monitoring and you start to measure it on my darker skin and it struggles to actually be able to penetrate through my skin layer. To give me some data, i tried it on my partners: whos a bit lighter, fairer skin and try not on her skin. It works each and every time. So i think this is an issue that a smartphone, sorry, smart watch makers need to bear in mind when theyre developing their watches. There are this market of people with my skin tone, who would need smart watches that would actually work when it comes to spo2 monitoring, while were true sleep as well, can monitor your sleep pattern, uh uh automatically. You can turn that on, although that would end up draining your battery as well. So if you turn on all these constant monitoring on, like heart rate monitoring, true sleep, uh, skin temperature, sp02, etc, this will drain your battery as well. So it will reduce the battery to just being able to use it for a day and a half, maybe and uh. If you turn all these things up and use the maximum battery mode, it means you can use it on this one up to 14 days. Thats aside, though, the huawei health app itself has a lot of functionality. I think its very robust its got a lot of information on there, but you know i cant really fault it.

It gives you things like your sleep pattern over time. It plots everything it gives. You a score for it as well measures your heart rate, uh, your walk in you know, steps per day. All your exercises uh. You can activate your exercises in there as well theres, even a coaching uh, for a platform on there, where you can select what youre trying to train for for you. So, for example, if youre training for a marathon, you can select that and it will help you. You know guide you guided coaching system on there that will allow you to train for a marathon over a period of time as well. So i feel like this is actually geared towards the everyday users like myself, but if youre some proper health fanatic and you need extra data of some sort, then you probably need to look elsewhere for smart watches or elf uh. You know, watches trackers and stuff that are actually geared and built for that. But if thats not what youre trying to do, then this is more than capable to do that for you, and i think this is a perfect device, especially uh. You know when youve got all this amount of sensors on there and all this data they can collect and using that huawei health app. You can actually keep track of everything over time. Overall, i think for 300 around 349.99 pounds at this point of this review. I think its actually quite its worth it.

I think design wise. It looks fantastic, get great display, great user experience, it works with ios and android um connectivity pairing up with my ios device, is very smooth, theres, no issues at all, but i cant say the same with the android counterpart and also from what ive learned as well. If you, if youre in the us and you buy this youll, have issues actually running applications and you might run into some difficulties, can trying to set this up but thats a conversation for another time, but if youre in the uk for 349.99. I think this is a bargain. This is a its reasonably priced for what it is, and i think the pro version is around 500 pounds like 49.99 um. So i think that as well, if you need that extra battery battery life or you want something thats pro then perhaps consider that as well. But i think the 349.99 version is more than enough, but thats it for the. While we watch three as always guys if this is your first time around, here, drop a comment below, if you have any questions, drop them there as well and subscribe smash the like button and hit the bell notification. So you be one of the first people to know every time i upload a new video like this.