, a great little smartwatch. If you ask me now on this, one you have tons of customizable watch faces, you have more than enough sport modes with a bit in gps, and you can actually reply to messages now before we get into some more details, make sure to leave a like right. Quick and subscribe to my channel, if you dont, want to miss out on any new uploads. Alright lets talk about some smart features and the first one that pops into my mind is the phone feature or the honors calls. Now, since you have built a mic and a speaker, you can actually receive and decline incoming calls right on your watch and you can talk to your buddies and friends during the call we can even mute the other person or we can just change the volume. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you cannot start a call on your watch. Therefore, you have to first start a call on your smartphone, and then you can talk to your friends on your watch on the fit tool. You cannot only receive calls, but also just about every notification that you would normally get on your smartphone just swipe down from your home screen and you get to all of your notifications and if you tap on some messages, you can actually reply to them as well. With an emoji, if you look over in the health app, we can specifically turn on or off certain apps, or we can just toggle them all on or all off now it says that you can reply with some quick reply answers, but it is not working on Mine, maybe its because of the country im living in germany and its not working over here now.

Besides, the notifications and honors calls youll also get an alarm stopwatch: a timer, a final phone feature and a weather app all right enough of the smart features and lets head over to some health features of which we get quite a lot and the first one that I want to talk about is the spo2 tracking now on this watch? You can either track your spo2 level on demand or you can make it track. 24. 7. At the little cost of a little bit of your battery life. We also have an rda stress and heart rate tracker now, on the heart rate, you have a few different settings right here. You have your exercise, heart rate settings for upright seated swimming and a few more and you have your continuous heart rate settings over here. You can set some heart rate alerts for whenever youre having a very low or a very high heart rate, you can set heart rate zones or you can turn off the continuous heart rate. If you want to. We of course, also get a sleep tracker which works. Alright ish, it was a little bit off when i went to bed but correct when i woke up over here. You can also see your deep light and rem sleep and it gives you a score between 1 and 100 based on these stats. As for less, we can also do some guided breathing sessions as well between one and three minutes with different tempos that have different effects on your body now over to some sport modes and the activity tracking and on the huawei watch fit 2.

You get plenty of them such as running and swimming. You get running, courses like run, walk basic or advanced fat, burning, workouts or hit and tempo runs, and, in addition to all of your workouts, you get customizable workout screens as well. So before you start any workout, you can set things like an auto pulse goals and alerts, and you can change the workout display and change the display metrics on it, like your heart rate, pace, steps, burning, calories and so on. Also, after starting your workout, you can check the weather control your music during your run and you have a better start feature as well, so you will never get lost in the woods again now, since this watch has a built in gps, you can track your route As well, even though it is not the greatest i mean it works all rightish, but its always like five meters off to one side. I always try to stay pretty central on my tries, but the big no go are the corners. It either cuts corners way too. Short or way too wide, which means you end up in the river or inside some houses. But if that doesnt bother you its actually pretty good when it comes to the rest of your activity, tracking, the one thing that can make your watch special, even though a lot of people have the same watch, are the watch faces after long press on your home Screen you can swipe left and right is give through all of your watch faces and if the d4 watch faces arent enough for you, you can go over to the health app and check out plenty of more watch faces over here.

Some might cause the euro or two, but there are lots of free watch faces as well or which some are even customizable. If you click the settings icon below the watch face, you can start customizing it and change display. Metrics and apps, such as the battery life, heart rate, steps, music or phone feature, just to name a few of them. Another thing that you can do is to set your own picture as a background, so you can either take a new picture or choose one from your gallery on your phone after that save and sync, and you have your own picture as a background. Okay, since we have most of the features covered, lets take a look at some specs and overall, this watch is pretty big with 46 by 33 millimeter in size and a big 1.74 inch full color touch display now, with 30 grams without the strap. The smart watch is pretty light compared to a lot of other smart watches. The biggest reason for that is the light silicon strap and the light aluminum case with a plastic bag. Now, as i already mentioned, you have a better mic in a speaker and built in gps. This watch is water resistant up to 5 atm, so swimming and diving shouldnt be a problem at all, and this watch is compatible with ios and android smartphones and as for less the battery life overall, you can expect to get like 10 days of normal usage and About 7 days, if youre very heavily using it at least thats what huawei says – and that sounds about right to me and my experience with the watch as alas, we have the music player and of course you can do all the standard stuff like skipping the track.

Go back a track, play and pause and you can adjust the volume, but you can also add tracks that you have on your smartphone to your watch, so you can listen to them offline and either use the built in speaker or just connect. Your earbuds okay, small, wrap up now for watch that cost right around 150 euros over here in germany. You get quite a lot for your money. Now. The inaccuracy of the sleep tracker and the built in gps is a bummer, but everything you have on this watch is quite good. Now you have a whole bunch of customizable watch faces and workout displays tons of sport modes and a battery life that is longer than on other smart watches. If you compare it to the fossil gen, 6 apple watch or something guys you watch for. So if you like the design of this watch and want to run huawei music instead of spotify or deezer, i would say: go for it now. This watch isnt a price range of a bunch of other smart watches that are almost as good or sometimes a little bit better. So just click one of these videos right here, so you get right to them and guys thats already it for today.