Now they just added new to the equation and tied out. We got our new smartwatch. Now this little device is good for all kinds of uses. You have more than enough sport modes, you can track your blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleep stress and a lot more, but first hey folks. My name is leonard youre watching the product, reviewer and thats me now, like i said, the wobbly watch fit new. Has a lot of features for just about 65 years on the official store it has a big 1.64 inch ammo touch display with a crispy resolution. Colors are vivid and text are crisp. Now you can get this watch in a few colors. Now you can get it in all black in pink in red and then white bluish one. As you can see, we once again have a square case, which kind of reminds me of the apple watch just a little bit smaller. Now, if you want to swap out the colors every once in a while, you have a quick release feature on the back side of the watch for the straps as well. Even though i could manage to get the straps off now, either im not good enough or im doing it wrong or i dont know this watch is actually very durable. It is heat and cold resistant from 10, all the way up to plus 45 degrees celsius, and is water resistant up to 5 atm. So it shouldnt be a problem if you want to jump in the water and go for a quick swim now.

As for the battery life, huawei states that this watch lasts about 10 days on normal usage, seven days on heavy usage and about 12 hours in the gps mode. Now, during my testing, i found out that it lasts for about four to five days at most. Now i received quite a few notifications. I have my brightness settings on high got all the trackers turned on for the 24 7 heart rate, sleep and the blood oxygen tracker, and i did two workouts with one of them being a gps workout for about 45 minutes. Okay, so much for the basics of this watch. But what else can we expect of this watch? So, as i said, you have a heart rate tracker that tracks your current heart rate, as well as your highs and lows, and your different heart rate zones. A stress tracker that basically does the same: it tracks the highs and lows and gives you an overview of your stress levels during the day. Next up we have the spo2 tracker. It tracks the blood oxygen saturation over the day in 30 minute intervals, you can also check out all of these stats in the huawei health app as well and see more stats of the past week month or the year. The sleep track is the last record that ive got for you. You can either check out some of your sleeping stats on the watch, but you definitely get to see more in the app right here, robert you, your sleep, duration, different sleeping cycles and what amount is high, normal or low and based on all of these stats.

The trailer gives you a sleep score, the higher the score. The better was your sleep. I really have to tell you that the sleep tracker works very good. I actually woke up during night for about half an hour and the watch recognized it. It can also track your naps if you happen to fall asleep after lunch at work. A few other features that we get with this watch is a weather app. That shows you, your current weather and a forecast for the next few days, a stopwatch timer alarm, a flashlight that is rather bright and, of course, the find my phone feature. It is actually so cringe. It tells you im here im here as if the ringing wouldnt be enough, but let me show you right, quick im here im here now. Next up lets talk a little bit about the fitness features and the sport modes. Overall, you have about 100 different sport modes. To choose from starting from walking running, cycling and swimming all the way to strength, workouts boxing, jazz and fishing, even though i dont know how you would lose any calories doing so i mean you likely gain calories by eating and drinking beer well, thats. What i would do, but anyways now the cool thing about the workouts over here is that you also have fitness and running courses. So you get 13 running courses, starting from basics, to advanced stuff or intervals, and you have 12 fitness courses like neck and shoulder relaxation advanced chest, workout, abripper or exercise at work.

Now, since you have a built in gps, you can track your route as well and look at it afterwards in the app also before starting a workout, you can set some goals, reminders or smart comparisons, so its easier for you to keep the pace that you want To run as for the accuracy of the building gps, i was kind of satisfied. The lines were never straight and it tells me that im walking next to the street or through some houses, but you all know im not superman or the amazing hug. So i cannot walk through concrete, but i guess for a 65 70 euros smartwatch its okay. As with a lot of smart watches, you have a bunch of watch faces to choose from and even some for, your always display mode. So, by long pressing, the home screen you can choose new watch faces, some of them are even customizable and you can choose what metrics should be displayed on the screen or which shortcuts to apps. You want to have like the weather, widget or your workouts. If you swipe down, you can get to your display settings, and over here you can choose another watch face for your always in display mode. You might not get the biggest variation of watch faces, but at least you have some now, if youre not satisfied with the amount of watch faces, you have, you can go to the app and download some more over. Here we have dozens of watch faces for most of them.

You have to pay a dollar or two, but theres. Also, a selection of free watch faces, so you aint got ta pay a dime and folks, if you love how i help you save money with these obvious tricks, make sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel and click. The notification bell to never miss out on any new content. As for next navigation on this watch, swiping left and right or opening up applications feels pretty smooth swiping up, takes it to your notifications and you get notifications from just about any app on your smartphone. Just go to the health app and toggle on the apps you want to be notified from. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to any messages, so we can only read some stuff and folks thats already it for the video. If you want to know more about budget smartwatches, just click one of these videos – i just did a budget smartwatch review about the mi watch.