Smart watches in general wont make you fit, but they always motivate me to work out more efficiently to reach my goals. The gt3 pro is the latest iteration of huaweis premium smartwatch lineup ive been using the titanium model for nearly a month and heres. My review design and build quality make the gt3 pro stand out from the crowd. The build quality of the device is just impeccable. This is easily one of the most premium smart watches you can get. The precision of the craftsmanship is second to none, and while the device is loaded with many sports related features, the gt3 pro looks classy, even if youre wearing a suit or business casual outfit, and it has a bunch of watch, faces to match your mood and the Outfit, even though the watch is pretty huge, it feels lighter than it looks, ive been wearing it for a month every single day and the watch always felt comfortable on my wrist. Even on hot and sunny days. Also, the titanium body has proven to be strong and scratch resistant. My watch looks pretty much new, but keep in mind that i take good care of all gadgets and wearables. I have a 1.43 inch. Amoled display has been great, its sharp and vibrant and its easily viewable outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The screen uses a top shelf sapphire glass for protection, and it looks like new, not a single scratch. Also it has an excellent oleophobic coating and it seems like it.

Never attracts fingerprints and smudges, which is not the case with the majority of watches. The watch has an updated user interface that uses a familiar home screen design where you swipe through the pages. If you press the upper key, slash rotating crown, youll access, the apps and the bottom key opens up the workouts menu. I found the rotating crown to be a very convenient way of navigating through the ui and when you receive notifications, which, by the way, work very well with all of the apps, i use the notifications work well, even with the less popular apps. For instance, i use acara home. I get a notification to my watch every time someone opens up and closes the door creepy yes convenient. Also. Yes, the watch has quite a few built in apps and settings to play with, and i found the ui to be fast and smooth pretty much. All the time now lets talk about fitness. The huawei watch gt3 pro, has over 100 workout modes, ai running coach, personal running planning, a dedicated diving mode which allows you to use the watch up to 30 meters, deep underwater ecg analysis, arterial, stiffness detection and truescreen 5.0 plus data monitoring and so on. While i didnt test all workout modes and all of the advanced features, the gt3 pro has been my trusty companion, while walking outdoors jogging or lifting weights. I wouldnt recommend this watch for professional training, as it is simply too big and bulky, but for my amateur exercise routines it is pretty comfortable to wear.

However, for more intense workouts, i suggest you to take a look at the much smaller and lighter watch, fit too make sure to subscribe to my channel to see my review that is coming out soon. One of my favorite features of huawei watches in general. They show the exact heart rate zone youre in and translate the numbers. So you know what youre doing. For instance, i always want to keep my heart rate in the fat burning zone. So when im taking a walk, im, actually burning fat, not just getting a firm butt, the majority of other watches simply show you sheer numbers without telling what they mean. You can check your workout records on the watch itself and it provides quite a few details. However, for more detailed information, you need to check out the huawei health app that is available on android, ios and, of course, app gallery on the home screen. You can see the number of steps taken during the day week month and a year. You can also see the data of moderate to intense level. Workouts distance walked, calories, burned and floors, climbed all the usual smartwatch fitness tracking data. You can also set up a personal, healthy living plan. For instance, i need to track my blood pressure, so i made the plan accordingly. The app also shows other measurements and stats like heart rate, sleep, weight, management, stress, sp02 and so on. My data section shows even more information related to athletic performance and other health measurements.

You can also choose from a variety of watch faces to match your mood and the outfit and adjust other settings of the watch when it comes to battery life. I could get about 80 days out of this watch under heavy usage. I use gps for my outdoor walks. I keep getting a lot of notifications and i like making and receiving calls on the watch, because the gt3 pro has an excellent mic and great quality loudspeaker. If you use the watch less intensively, you can get up to 14 days of battery life and the full charge takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. Other test notes, connectivity with my phone has been great and the race to wake feature has always been consistent. Overall, the huawei watch gt3 pro has been near excellent for my needs. It tracks my fitness routines in detail and the app provides numbers that are easy to understand. However, the main reasons why i keep wearing the gt3 pro design, build quality and the choice of materials. The watch simply looks premium on your wrist and, if you add, an excellent display, good battery life and a feature packed user interface, youre looking at a very solid smart watch, the model you see in this video doesnt come cheap, though, as it costs about 500 euros. In the eu, however, a more affordable option with a leather strap currently sells for about 370 euros, which is still quite a lot but youre getting a truly premium device so far its hard to mention any shortcomings.

But if i find some, i will update the video description for now the huawei watch gt3 pro can be recommended as one of the most premium and feature packed smart watches on the market that i enjoyed using for the past month. What do you think about the huawei watch gt3 pro? Would you buy this device, or would you choose another smart watch as always like the video? If you liked it, please ask me any questions in the comment section down below please subscribe to the channel.