This is big phil and welcome back to another video in todays video im. Gon na be giving you guys my honest review about the huawei watch, gt3 pro, which ill be using it for about two weeks almost going to three weeks, and i love it. There are so many things i love about this smartwatch and very few things that i dislike about it and those reasons. Those dislikes are the reasons why i keep going back to my huawei watch 3 pro, because on my opinion, it is still the champion of smartwatches. Even though the gt3 pro is a great smartwatch with a lot of good new features that are not available on the watch, 3 pro and im going to tell you everything into this video and please, if youre new to this channel, hit the subscribe button for a Lot of good videos come up on big field tv. Let me start this video by talking about the design and the build quality of the huawei watch, gt3 pro, which it is the number one reason why a lot of people are going for it. A lot of people are buying it because the design is great. Like trust me, this watch has a very beautiful design like its even more beautiful than the watch 3 pro, but they are very similar. The design looks very good, look classy, it look elegant. If you put it on, especially if you buy it with the leather band or if youre going for the stainless steel or the titanium band, it just complement the watch.

It makes the watch to look classy and elegant. It is a i mean its one of the best thing about huawei smart watches right now, because huawei is killing it in terms of design of smart watches, it just look cool and for the build quality. It is still a great smart watch. It is made up of titanium which, on my opinion, is the best material on a smartwatch, because my watch 3 pro, which ive used it for almost seven to eight months now, ive never had any scratches on it. It is strong, it looks great. The gt3 pro is the same thing: great smartwatch, great, build quality and one of the top. On my opinion, this smartwatch has the rotating crown which it makes navigating the watch so easy, because you dont have to touch the screen all the time you just screw through the the rotating crown, and one thing i realized is that is that the rotating crown of The gt3 pro is much smoother and much. It feels more refined than the previous watch 3 pro. There is one button on the bottom which assists in shortcuts. You can customize it for anything on mine. I customize it mostly for exercises like for the different exercises. I like to do i just customize on it. This watch has a speaker has microphone, which means you can make calls with them. This watch has sci fi screen, which is one of the best, because sci fire prevents a lot of scratches, and this watch takes 22 millimeter watch straps, which is also great because you can use your older or previous 22 millimeter watch stripes at home theres.

So many uh cheap alternatives. You can buy them on aliexpress on ebay. On amazon. There are so many third party watch traps out there. Ive done even a lot of videos about wash traps. The watch is very thin and light. It weighs just around 54 gram without the stripes, so with the stripes i think, can be around 56 gram, which is still much lighter than other smart watches in the market right now, so it makes the gt3 pro a great smart watch to use for exercises to Wear it all day to take to bed, because the size is a great thing about this smart watch. The watch comes with an ip68 and 5 atm of water resistant, which means you can go swimming. You can even go diving with this watch and thankfully it comes with a dive mode. So if youre somebody who love going diving, then this is a great watch for you, because the modes allow you to know how deep youre going in the water and how much pressure the water has. So this is a great watch for divers. Another thing that makes me to fall in love with this smartwatch is the display. This watch has an incredible display. It has a 1.43 inches of amoled display, which is so bright. The contrast is incredible. It looks good i mean even in in direct sunlight. You have no issue same time on this smart watch or notifications, or even reading notification on this smartwatch.

You have no issue at all, because the display is incredible. I mean its one of the best trust me guys its one of the best out there and one thing that complement this watch. The display of this watch are the watch faces. The watch faces that comes with this watch are just mind blowing and there are numerous watch faces which ive never seen before ive been looking for. These watch faces to download on my watch 3 pro, but they are not available. These new watch faces are only available for the gt3 pro and they are really good and always on display. The always on display are still not the best, because i mean i mean ive been saying this in many of my videos that, while were always on displays sucks, they are the worst in the industry. Like trust me, samsung apple, they got incredible always on display. I just wish huawei could copy the style of apple and samsung and give us a better overzone display. I love having a watch with a beautiful always on display, so but overall, the display of this smartwatch is one of the best. The performance of this smart watch is one thing i dislike about this watch. I mean im not saying that it has a bad performance. No, the watch is smooth its snappy theres no lag everything works so well, but the fact that it comes only with the 32 megabyte of ram like why why didnt huawei just push this thing up to like one gigabyte of ram, it could have been better.

The internal storage is a lot 32 gigabyte of internal storage, its a lot, which means you can store a lot of music in there. You can use the watch for a run without needing a smartphone. You just connect the headphone to the watch. Then you play all the music in the watch because it has 32 gigabyte of internal storage. That is great for the battery life. The battery life is still one of the best in the market, the top, but from my usage i was able to have sometimes five to six days depending on the intensity. The days that i use it a lot because, first of all, my brightness is always at a maximum percentage and when your battery runs down, you can charge this watch wirelessly with this beautiful wireless charger that comes with the watch, but, unfortunately its not fast charging. Yes, it takes long to get it from zero to 100 and, if youre charging it in a hot environment like when the temperature is high, its very slow to charge its the same as my watch 3 pro. It takes much longer to get a charge to 100, and the software of the gt3 pro is the same as all newest huawei smartwatches harmony, os right now it is on harmony, os 2.1, which is getting better huawei. St has a lot of work to do to make the harmony overs as good as the the the software from apple or the tizen from samsung huawei.

St has a lot of work to do and a lot of updates how many hours is getting better its okay for now, but it still has so much work to do what i really dislike about this smartwatch is the fact that it is still not possible to Reply, notifications from your phone, like all notifications, no its not possible as of right now i would say very few apps are possible – are compatible when it comes to replying notifications. You can only read notifications, but you cannot interact with them. You have to pull out your phone to do all those things. Meanwhile, the watch has a big display. The watch has beautiful keyboard. The health features on the gt3 pro are the reasons why this watch has been the number one for most people, including myself. I love this watch because of the health features it has. A lot of great health features most especially ecg the ecd on this watch, even though it is not available all over the world right now. It is available in certain countries, especially here in asia. Ecg on this watch works well works the same as that of apple or that of samsung. It works so well. Its very accurate and all the other health features are very accurate, much accurate than my watch 3 pro. Yes, the sensors on this watch are incredible. The step count incredible: the health uh, the heart rate, tracking, very accurate, the stress tracking the temperature check the blood oxygen features.

All those health features on the gt3 pro are so accurate. Other features that are available on this smart smartwatch include things like gps. Yes, the watch has a gps. The watch has bluetooth, the watch has nfc, but the nfc is only available in some countries, not all everywhere around the world. Some countries and the watch has speaker microphone, which means you can make calls with it, but unfortunately it doesnt have e sim, yes and thats. Another thing i dislike about this watch the fact that it has no e sim means. You have to rely on your smartphone to receive notifications to make calls and everything as compared to the watch 3 pro, which has esim, which you can use it as a standalone device. The gt3 pro cannot be used as a standalone device and thats everything about this. Video my honest thoughts and review about the huawei watch, gt3 pro and now the question is: do i like it? Yes, i love this smartwatch, because it is a great looking smartwatch. It is as good as my watch 3 pro. It has top flagship health features that are not even available on the watch. 3 pro the ecg gt3 pro is a great smartwatch for a great price, with great flagship health features. Yes, and if youre in the market. Looking for a great smart watch, thats very accurate go with the gt3 pro. You want to regret it, its a great watch man. I like it yeah and let me know down in the comment section guys: what are your thoughts about the gt3 pro? Do you have it? Are you plan on buying it, and, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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