We take a look at the huawei watch, gt3 pro huawei smartwatch, that comes in two distinct styles and sizes. When huawei makes a smart watch, they tend to make it look nice, and that is the case with the gt3 pro. I have two versions here. This is the 43 millimeter with a ceramic band, and then we got the 46 millimeter with the titanium band. Both of these are nice. Looking watches, i im gon na try not to belabor that point throughout this video, but i think the aesthetics the company has those down, and i was expecting that so that parts not really surprising – and i recognize of course, that this is gon na be subjective. What might look nice to me? May not look nice to you, but i think by and large you would look at, especially when were talking about smart watches, the aesthetics arent always there and they dont always appeal to everybody. You know theres they can be an acquired taste depending on which model youre talking about these, though huawei tries to kind of straddle the line so theyre trying to find a way to make a watch. That looks like a watch, but at the same time is smart. So that it does all the things that youd want to do, that in itself is kind of the conundrum here, because huawei is also sort of stuck. There are roadblocks along the way that stop these watches. From being all, they can be and thats kind of what im going to touch on here, but theres a bright spot too.

Okay, first, let me go over some of the limitations. All right, these watches will work with both android and ios. So if you have an iphone, you can use this watch. Although i dont know that i would really recommend it only because youre not going to get the kind of integrated features that you would get on android much less what you would get with an apple watch. If youre using it with an iphone as well, so it really depends on what youre looking for, if youre looking for something that has some style and you want the exercise tracking youll get that. But i just i felt like with the iphone theres a little bit too much missing. For example, you cant integrate anything. Really i mean if you, if you get a notification from lets, say an app on your. You know from your iphone youll see the notification you cant do anything with it, so theres no nothings actionable uh from the phone, so that in itself could be a problem, especially if you feel like or if youre used to being able to do that on android. You have a little bit more leeway that way you can kind of act on uh, certain notifications, not all, of course, because again the app integration isnt there huawei is blocked from using the google play store to apply apps to the watch. So you have to go through its own app gallery. Those apps are not going to be names, you recognize because they are alternatives.

Ultimately, but the gallery is there, so you can technically add apps. You just dont have a huge variety to choose from one thing: im going to mention about android. So if you youll notice that, if you look up the app on the google play store, the last time was updated was in 2020 now thats, when all the chaos was going on the us government. So what can you do? Well? Huawei tries to streamline the process by giving you a qr code at the beginning, where you scan it with your camera app and that way you download it. You just click the link. You download it now youre downloading the apk. Ideally, you can download it from the app gallery, but you can also download the apk file shouldnt, be a problem uh in my written review on this. I explain kind of where you need to go to make sure that your phone can do that. Not a big deal, its just one thing to set and then youre good to go. Any app updates also follow the same kind of pattern. So once you have it installed, app updates have to go through the same route as well, because you cant update the app from google play anymore. I know its going to sound complicated, especially if you dont feel like youre techy enough to do it, but its actually not that hard. I found it fair, very, very easy. I know for me thats saying you know not saying much, but i think im pretty confident that if you do it the first time youll recognize how to do it every other time afterwards.

So the integrative story here plays a role plays a big role as far as how far you can take this watch, which is why i look at these watches more so as fitness and exercise watches, with a touch of health in there as well. Some health tracking in there that is just sort of packed into a watch that looks nice. I i dont know if i can sum it up more, i could probably sum it up more succinctly than that, but thats. Basically, what were talking about now? The reason why im focusing on the exercise part is because theres just a lot of it, so theres over 100 exercises that these watches can track thats a lot even by smartwatch standards and its pretty good at doing it. So much so in fact that you can also you can set a goal for yourself. Maybe you can set like a reminder when you do want to work out. You can keep track of all these things, of course, through the huawei health app. So you can see how youre doing basically on the goals that you want to do, but i just like that the ver like the variancy exercises, so you can swim with these its, not a problem. They have five atm and ip68 water resistance and waterproof uh. So youre youre good to go. Basically if you want to go swimming or even diving, theres, even a diving exercise, thats tracked on on both of these watches, very, very cool, so youre golfing theres, some tracking there.

Now again, if you are a golfer, i i got to tell you youre not going to get course info on here. Okay, so its not going to tell you about what course youre playing on and some of the golf features that would be in this watch are in the chinese variant but theyre not in this one. So itll track things like your swing and and just your basic activity when it comes to playing the game, but its not going to give you much more than that kind of like what a garmin watch. Uh typically does for golfers youre not going to get that here, but youre going to get some of the basics. So if you are active, you work out, you run you jog, you cycle, you walk even youre, diving, youre swimming, i mean yoga, you name the exercise and this thing pretty much covers it. Theres a huge list and that to me is its strength. So when i factor that or when i couple that with some of the health features or the health tracking features, you get a pretty good situation or at least a decent combination, my one thing, though, is unfortunately, some of the key features are not here the ecg For example, the electrocardiogram not available at least not available in canada right now, so it is available in other countries, with the gt3 pro and theres, probably a way for you to put it on this watch uh using a side loading technique uh, i didnt do it, But im sure theres a way to do it, but yeah.

Unfortunately, ecg is not on here. The blood pressure monitor which is on it again. The tech is in here to be able to do it, but you need to connect it with a blood pressure monitor the watch recognizes. I had a withings one that i was using um but unfortunately didnt. No, i didnt see it that it was there. So i couldnt get the blood pressure monitor, set up in any way for the watch to track it and, unfortunately thats yet another feature that you might have to try and side load. If you can so take those aside – and they are big ones that are missing because again, not every smartwatch does those things you do get some pretty decent tracking. I mean spo2 so for blood oxygen. You can get that skin temperature as well pretty good at that too. The heart rate monitor is very, very good. I found it very reliable and even sleep tracking sleep tracking is one of those rare cases where itll at least try to give you some insight into how you slept and what you could do about it using a point system. What i would have liked more, though, is if there was some context, some of that similar context applied to the sp02 and also the skin temperature. I mean its great that youre giving me a number, but i dont you know i dont know exactly what that means or what it could mean, or even if it correlates in any way with sleep tracking or any other activity that im doing its definitely something thats.

Come up with huawei before, and i would like to see them address that. Finally, because honestly, if youre gon na track some of these things, itd be good to let people know what its about so with all that going on what about battery life? Well, im happy to say that huaweis got a pretty good pedigree when it comes to battery life, with the smart watches with modest usage. I was i easily went over a week and you would too now, if youre going a little bit more moderate or youre, using your little using a little bit more, especially like a workout regimen every day, its tracking things constantly uh. You know, gps is on all those things will factor in and then youre talking about days at that point, but its still probably going to last longer than a lot some a lot of the other smart watches that are out there, and that is saying something. Considering the size of the screen, especially for the 46 inch 46 millimeter, sorry that its a big screen uh, you dont, need to keep the screen on all the time. That is an option that you can do, but it is a battery killer. So i always advise not to do that. Otherwise, i think youll know based on your usage, how how the battery kind of reacts to what youre doing so from there. You can make some adjustments if you need to, but by and large i think its more.