Now in todays, video were going to be checking out two very interesting, smart watches that i have here. On one end, i actually have the brand new latest huawei watch gt3 and on my other hand here i have the apple watch. Seven now, both watches here are actually very interesting. So in todays, video were just going to do a very quick side by side comparison. Uh pitting the gt3 over here to the apple watch. Seven, all right so were just going to start off very quickly, but before we do that, of course, if you do like videos like this dont forget to hit that, like button and sub to the channel to see more content like this, all right lets start off. The video right away so, first up, first and foremost, i think i should begin by talking about the price, because that is actually very important over here. The huawei watch gt3, it comes in two sizes. There is a 42 mm and a 46 mm. My device here is actually the 46 mm, the slightly bigger one, and this is starting from a price of just rm999, so in malaysia, its under a thousand ringgit, and you get a host of features for this. Huawei watch gt3 now bear in mind that the apple watch 7 over here is actually a much more expensive watch. This is starting from rm1749 here in malaysia and again this is also very expensive right here in terms of the pricing, so this is actually almost double the price of the huawei watch gt3.

So lets find out whats really different for the price of almost half. That of the apple watch is the gt3. Actually strong enough lets find out right away so, first and foremost were going to talk a little bit about the design here of both watches. As you can see, the huawei watch gt3 here is a very different approach. You can see that we have a very classic kind of design over here. It looks very close to that of a traditional watch. You have one button at the top here: a rotating dial as well as a quick shortcut button, but it looks very nice here very solid and i think it is a great looking watch here in terms of the huawei watch gt3 now. Moving on to the apple watch 7 over here again, this is actually a very similar look from what we have seen before. We have a round face, but here we have a square face uh. It looks very minimalist again. You also have a rotating button over here. As well as a quick multitasking button at the bottom, so in terms of design, i think its really down to personal preference. If you like a round face or a square face like this, they both look equally good. All right now lets move on to things a little bit more important and lets talk a little bit first and foremost about battery life, because after using both devices here, i find that this is actually one of the main differentiating factors now for the huawei watch gt3 Over here, of course, like i mentioned earlier on, there are two different sizes, but the smaller version goes all the way up to seven days of battery life, but this guy here the larger version, has battery life all the way up to 14 days now, in comparison, The apple watch 7 here has never been strong in its battery life.

According to apple, it gets up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge and, honestly speaking, this is where the biggest difference is in terms of battery life for both devices. Here now, with extra battery life, the good thing about that is that for the huawei watch gt3 here, if i go on a holiday – and i forgot to bring my charger, i do not have to worry about battery life again. If i track my sleeves at night, i dont have to wake up the next morning. Looking at you know very little battery life for the watch itself, so it definitely helps a lot to have two weeks of battery life, especially what were getting here on the huawei watch gt3. So definitely a huge win for the huawei gt3 over here now. Moving on to the next point, lets talk a little bit about the health monitoring kind of items that we have on both watches here, because thats also one of the main key factors where you buy a smartwatch like this, so were going to start off. First, with the huawei watch gt3 over here: yes, we do have your all day, heart rate monitoring. You have your all day, sp o2 monitoring, you track your sleeps. It tracks your stress. It tracks your skin temperature. It tracks a fair bit of items here on the huawei watch gt3, and it does so very accurately now moving on to the apple watch over here, it does come with all day hard monitoring as well.

Apart from that, it does support spo2 tracking, but you actually have to do it manually. That means it cant be actually tracking the whole thing during the throughout the entire day. You dont get that kind of thing here, and there is just like sleep tracking as well, but, like i mentioned earlier on, the sleep tracking is not that great, because you worry about battery life, and one more difference between the sleep tracking here is that the huawei Watch gt3 can actually track your naps, but you can only track normal sleeps with the apple watch over there now. The good thing is that this apple watch does come with fall detection and it also tracks your ecg. So those are additional things that you can get from the apple watch right here, but just in terms of everyday use, i find that the details on the huawei watch gt3 was just a little bit more accurate and what i mean by acura is that, in terms Of the heart rate, monitoring and spo2 monitoring the intervals, the time intervals between each take is actually much much lower than that for the apple watch right here now. Another thing that i should point out here as well between both watches here, its not just about the hardware but its also about the software. So this is where the health app actually comes into play for the huawei watch right here we do have the huawei health app and for the apple we have the typical health app now in terms of just visibility for the data and understanding it.

I found that the health, the huawei health app was actually more easy to understand. Everything is all the details, and data are laid out very clearly on the app itself, so you can have a very quick glance and understand the full details about your health, all right. So now lets move on to the next point and talk a little bit about the activities between both devices. Now again, its very different here for the huawei watch gt3 right here we do have more than 100 different kind of workout modes that it supports over. In the watch here i wont go over each one, whereas for the apple watch right here it has about 80 plus in terms of the workout modes in the watch itself. So both have quite a fair bit of activities thats being tracked, but i would say that the main difference here is actually in the the kind of ai personal coach that the huawei watch dt3 has so, for instance, lets say if i do go into the workout Mode, i can just go into these courses and plans here to actually choose a running plan for myself. I noticed that there is about 13 different kind of preset courses over here, and all you need to do is just choose one of these plans. To actually start your run and 145, so, like you just heard this now, you actually have a real coach sort of kind of thing like that to actually guide you to how you should keep your pace and your heart rate for each different kind of courses, running Courses that you have in the watch itself, so thats very cool there, uh something that i really like about the huawei watch, gt3 uh.

One more thing that i should also highlight here is that, in terms of the gps uh, the huawei watch gt3 here actually supports dual band gps, whereas on the apple watch right here is only a single frequency gps. So, just technically in terms of the gps accuracy and the speeds to actually get locked on to gps, it should be a little bit faster on the huawei watch. Gt3 now. Last but not least, lets talk a little bit about compatibility here, because thats actually very important when you buy a smartwatch. So obviously you might already know that if you buy a huawei watch gt3, it will work with almost all kinds of devices. It works with both android and ios, whereas for the apple watch right here it only works with ios devices. So that means, if you own anything like an android smartphone uh. The apple watch here will not work with that all right guys, so bottom line uh. Just for a very quick summary right here, the huawei watch gt3 versus the apple watch. Seven. Yes, i think. If i had to choose one device here, i would have to go with the huawei watch. Gt3 right here for just a couple of reasons. First up, it starts off at a more affordable price point, very, very easy. Access for anyone who wants to get into the smartwatch game. Second thing hit is of course, like i mentioned earlier, on the difference in battery life.

We have 14 days up to 14 days compared to just less than one day on the apple watch. This is a huge difference and i cant stand having to charge my watch every single day. Apart from that, it also comes with more kinds of different activities that it tracks. It also tracks my health data more accurately, and i have very clear details from the huawei health app overall. I just think that this huawei watch gt3 here is just a more user friendly watch for just anyone whos starting to get into the smartwatch game. You can expect this huawei watch gt3 here to be very easy to get used to all right guys. I think thats pretty much what i want to compare between the huawei watch gt3 as well as the apple watch 7.. If you guys have any more questions, dont forget to leave them down in the comment section below. If you want to know more about these watches and any promotions, thats going on dont forget to check out the links down in the description below thats it for todays video. I hope you did enjoy todays video and i definitely look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe.