You can buy right now. So this is my full review on this absolute beast of a watch. Welcome guys my name is caleb. This is kante. Hd let’s talk about it, Music. To kick things off, the watch looks absolutely stunning it’s a gorgeous timepiece to look at okay as a smartwatch. I think this is one of the nicest match. Watches i’ve genuinely ever seen. It’S got a titanium outer case there. It’S got sapphire glass on the front as well as a ceramic back there. So if you’re a person with really sensitive skin like i do it’s got you covered. Basically, okay, now look at the screen. It does have a sapphire glass on the front, so it’s going to have a scratch. Resistance of nine, so that’s very, very high diamond basically has ten which is uh, unscratchable, so yeah, but no. I was actually able to scratch this, as you can see right there at the bottom now i do think that’s simply because i went to bed with it once and my wife did have a diamond earrings on that night and i may have accidentally scratched him that Way, i did speak to huawei about this and they basically said that’s my own negligence, so i mean it is what it is. But apart from that, it is a stunning watch to look at one of my favorite features about the screen. Actually is these outer dials right there and that just basically makes it look like it’s, actually got a full on watch experience or full on screen experience, and i really do appreciate that and i do like a classic looking watch.

So, for me, that is something that really just ticked ticked, ticked, all the boxes. Okay, looking at the straps as well, it does have leather, straps, really really nice, leather straps as well, and they’re really easy to remove. You literally just have to clip that out and it basically comes out. Okay now, if you’re a person that actually bought the classic version. Okay, you should get a silicon strap in there as well, and that basically just helps if you want to go swimming and everything, because this is actually waterproof of up to 50 meters. So you can go, go into the shower or do whatever you want with it. As well and what’s actually quite interesting as well as once you’re actually done with that, if you just scroll on the top, there there’s a little battery drain there and the speaker right there basically just shoots out all the water, so it vibrates and shoots out all The water there as well so that’s something that’s, pretty nifty, pretty handy as well, and then you can just shake it around as well that it basically tells you to do so, that’s what it does and that little speaker there’s. What does act as a speaker whenever you’re trying to play music or, if you’re, trying to take a call as well i’ve personally taken a call with this and it acted perfectly fine? I was actually on the golf course as well, so it was quite windy.

I was outside people hitting balls, but i was perfectly able to hear the person i was speaking to, and i even got funny looks because people like. Why is this person taking a call basically on the golf course like rude like yeah, so rude? The battery life of this watch is basically two weeks. Okay, two weeks, depending on how much you actually use it. Okay, now one thing i do have constantly going on on the side, as you can see, is a constant heart rate monitor and that does drain the battery life on this watch. If you just go to the side as well, it does have stress levels it you can check the weather and also has a music playback function on that as well. Now, one thing that it also does have uh. If you just find that there is blood oxygen – and it does a very, very, very, very good job at that, okay, so basically just tell you to do that, and basically just keep still as you’re, basically measuring that. Okay – and this is really good. If you’re a person that may have maybe lung problems or just a few other places that you just want to make sure that your blood oxygen is okay or if you’re in a really really high places well high altitude uh the oxygen. There is a big thing. So that is something that is really good to look at okay. It is very impressive how accurate it is as well.

I do have a medical grade, uh blood, oxygen, saturation level machine there. My wife is a nurse, so she does have a few of those and it came up basically spot on with this, so that was really really impressive. Okay, now some of the other apps that you can have there, of course, heart rate monitor workouts. You can, of course, check your stress sleep tracking is there. I use that every single day it is very, very good. Okay, you breathing exercises call logs contacts, music, air pressure compass, i mean a plethora of any other apps okay. Now, one of the reasons why you buy smart watch is also because of the workout facilities. Now when it comes to the workouts available or tracks. This basically does everything it goes from running to walking to cycling to spool swimming open swimming mountain hiking, trail, running drive, run so that’s, basically for golf, a person actually likes into golf as well. That basically shows you how fast your swing is going, and i found that really really good for me personally, i’m, a person that does chunk it a bit, so my tempo does tend to be very quick, and that is something that has definitely helped me. Okay, oh, as you can see, i just got a notification there. That is what it is, so you’ve got skiing, snowboarding, cross country, triathlon, cross trainer, raw and other, so when it’s, basically other it’s, just open training. Okay, now that’s pretty interesting as well, that i go on notification notifications.

Basically, you can see them, but you cannot respond to them. I don’t know if that’s just because it’s an iphone and it’s, not a huawei but yeah. It is what it is. You cannot respond to anything when it comes to notifications. Okay, now it does have an always on display there, as you can see screen on. But if you go into the settings specifically, you are able to actually show what all is on display that you want. I do that at times as well, but if you do that, it will give you that little message to say that look. You are going to cut your battery life okay, so it does have a wake option. But if you want that to be always on that’s, basically what you’re going to get – and it looks absolutely stunning now looking at some of the features that this thing has okay is has a plethora of many different apps that you can look at okay, but just To mention a few, it depends on what phone you’re using or this okay, but when it comes to music, it does have music playback capabilities, but if you have an iphone, unfortunately, this does not apply to you. I have an iphone and i cannot control my music on this, and this has eight gigabytes of storage as well, so you can actually add music onto it as well, so unfortunately iphone users, you cannot use that probability or capability now, if you do have an android Or a huawei phone, the world is open to you.

Okay, you can control the playback on this as well as adding music to it. So that’s perfectly fine. Now this is specifically for huawei phone users. If you get this watch and you have a huawei, basically it open up the possibility of using a remote shutter. So you can basically use this watch to actually take a photo or start a recording on your phone, and i find that so so, cool and so so amazing, again that’s only for huawei users, specifically okay, just fyi running off. All those features is basically the auto track pack for a gps. Okay, so with the gps auto track pack, you can basically go out, get lost if you’re forging if you’re hunting whatever it is that anyone’s into these days, if you’re aware and you get lost, this can basically take you back to your point of origin and it Even notifies you when you’re actually starting off that path, so i find that really really cool, and this is very, very nifty if you’re, that kind of person – okay, personally i’ve, never needed to use it, because i just never really needed to use it. But that option is there: i have tested it out and it works pretty fine, okay, so real quick. What exactly is the price of this watch if it’s got so many different features? Okay, now the price for this right now, surprisingly, is 179 pounds. Okay, if you go to the official huawei’s uh website, it actually gives you the price of 179 pounds.

If you go to amazon all these other places where it is about 179 pounds, okay, so right now it is on a discount and the reason it’s on a discount mainly, is simply because the huawei watch 3, as well as the 3 pro have actually come out. Now, personally, i don’t think you need to go for the huawei 3 pro, because that one’s, like 540 200 550 pound and you’re, literally saving more than 300 pounds and you’re getting this watch, and this is plenty of what trust me so for what you’re actually trading In for that watch and this watch it’s really really not worth it upgrading and getting that one or if you’ve got the option i mean if you’ve got the money, go for it, but literally just save your 300 pounds and just stick with this one, because trust Me you will absolutely love this watch. This watch is generally not perfect. Okay, it does have its issues, but this is my daily driver. This is the watch that i use every single day. Okay, i have had an apple watch. I’Ve had many different watches and so far i’ve really enjoyed this one. This has generally been the best screen. I’Ve ever had in a smart watch. Okay, it is stunning and honestly the best to look at. So i really like this watch and it is my daily driver and that’s what i use every day and there’s no other watch that i’m really thinking about getting right now.

The only other watch i am kind of thinking about is the amaze fix t rex pro 2.. I may get that and maybe do a comparison on that, but that’s maybe for a later video. But let me know what smartwatch you guys are using in the comments below. Are you thinking about getting a smartwatch let’s actually talk about it? I always enjoy it. When you guys comment – and i always try to reply to every single person’s comments as soon as i can – i mean there’s some people that i reply to literally two minutes after they’ve sent me a comment when i’ve actually got time, but in most cases i will Respond to every single person’s comments, so please do drop a comment as usual guys, i hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Please like share subscribe we’re on the road to 200 right now, 150. Subscribers i’m, so grateful to everyone. Thank you so much for that. But anyway guys this is caleb.