Now, in todays, video were going to check out huaweis latest smartwatch to enter the malaysian market, and that is the huawei watch gt3 pro that is powered by harmony os now this watch is going for rm1’9 and ive been using it for the past one week, but Think of this, as sort of a first look, first impressions hands on kind of video, rather than a full review, because i do have a couple of points i want to share with you first, but im still testing out the watch itself. So without further ado lets. Just jump into the video right away now inside the box, it actually came with the pretty standard stuff. Of course you do have the watch itself and you also get that usb charger. Now the charger is a magnetic one, so its very easy to attach – and the magnet is actually quite strong here, so you do not have to worry about it falling off when you place it to charge at night all right so thats this in terms of the Charger lets take a look at the watch right now and my version here is actually the one that came in the leather straps and at the front here. If you just take a look at the design, you wont find a very groundbreaking new design, but what you see here is very iterative from the previous watch gt2 pro at the front. You still get that sapphire glass and its actually very very scratch proof i do have a knife here and lets see if you just keep scratching on it.

I dont think anything will happen at all. Obviously, its a very hard material, so youll need something stronger than just a typical pen knife here to get scratches on the device itself on the sides. Youll notice that we have a very nice case here – and this is actually made of titanium. Its a 46.6 mm case to be very precise at the top here. You do have one button that actually rotates, and you can see that we can rotate it very very nicely here, its very responsive and i do notice that it came with haptic feedback whenever im. Just rotating the crown, so i love that, apart from that at the bottom here, youll find that you have another shortcut key which takes you directly into the activities menu so right here away. You can see all the kinds of activities that you can jump into with. Just one click of the button now on the left side is everything is very clean and clear, nothing to see around there and at the back, you do have a couple of sensors that tracks. You know your spo tools, your heart rate and all that pretty standard stuff, all right, so just in terms of the weight, i did check it out over here and im just going to show it to you very quickly, so you know how heavy it weighs now. This watch is approximately 65 grams over there uh, so its slightly hefty, i would say uh for someone like myself, who is quite skinny, but anyways, uh thats, just that moving down lets talk a little bit about the straps.

Now we do have these leather straps and i said, ive been using it for almost a week now im just going to show you up close uh the amount of wand that it has gotten over the past few days. So this is how it looks. I like the fact that it has these very nice tracks going on on the sides that makes it feel very classy and if you flip the straps to the back youll notice that this is a 22 mm width kind of straps. And you do have that latches. At the back, that makes it very easy to swap out you know for other straps that you just want to prefer other than that. I must say that the strap c are very soft and comfortable and never had any issues uh wearing the watch at all. All right so lets move on to the software and see how it works and all that now, if you drag down from the top, this is where you get into a couple of quick shortcuts. You have your settings, you do not disturb your alarm drain. You know a very, very basic stuff im going to hit the screen on for now, because you want that screen to stay on. Apart from that, if you drag down, if you drag up from the bottom, this is where you get into the notifications, and what i like about the notifications here is that you notice that we have these very tiny icons, which is great, because you know what kind Of app it is coming from, and if you look closely, we do have the number count there as well.

So, for instance, i have five messages over here, so im just going to tap into that and check out the messages. So this is the first one right here if i just scroll down youll notice, that this is the second message that i have very cool to see that we have all these messages directly in the watch and, of course, its great to see. Like the notification account number because then you will know how many messages you have so thats just in terms of the notifications. Now, if you swipe towards the right from the left, this is where you get your quick access into your you know, voice assistant. You also have your weather and, of course, you have the music control widget, very, very cool. Now, if you drag towards the left here, this is where you get into your widget cards. So, for instance, the first card that i have here is actually my heart rate. The second one here that i have in my spo2, if you keep going all this, is my activity rings. You have your weather, you have the im, not sure what this is the next one. Here is my sleep, so i did not track my sleep last night and i should point out something here. The watch itself is quite hefty for myself, so i prefer not to wear a watch at night when i go to sleep, but when i did check the the sleep tracker, i noticed that it was very accurate and i was able to calculate my amount of time Being sleeping in a bit very accurately, so i love that about the sleep tracking its just that this watch is a little bit too hefty, uh too big for me to wear throughout the night so yeah.

This is something i should point out and thats pretty much. What you get in terms of the widget cards, all right, so just going back to the main menu again here. This is where you see we have a very nice watch face. We do have a couple of pre installed phases already in the watch itself. Im just going to scroll through so you can see a couple of those designs, but of course you can find more in the app itself now one thing about these watch faces is you know the the apps the watch phases itself has to be purchased. For instance, i bought this, for i think about like 7 ringgit, which is approximately one us dollar plus sorry about two us dollars, maybe but yeah. Some of these has to be purchased, so uh be prepared to spend a little bit. If you want to change a lot of your watch faces anyway, i went with this one here, the main one here, and the reason for that is because, if you take a look closely here, you notice that we have this very tiny. You know icons at the front and i like it because its very interactive, for instance, i can just tap into it to enter different menus. This is the heart rate, so its a very interactive watch face, and i found it very useful that i can access all these quick apps directly on the front itself now. The good news here also is that this you know watch face is actually customizable, for instance, if i just click that setting key right there.

I can go into this and i can choose what button i want to be actually showing at the front. For instance, im going to choose skin temperature and there you see it – has already changed into the skin temperature. So very nice, quick, shortcuts all accessible directly on a watch face all right, so lets go and check out what else we have in the watch itself. All right, so you just click the main menu the main menu button. Here, for instance, you get into this list of icons now the first one is all about those workouts which i will talk a bit more later. If you go down, you have this lactate dress hole now. This is really for those hardcore athletes ill put a link down below, so you can find out more information about that, its quite scientific, so i dont think im the right person to actually explain about that. Now, moving down, you have your heart rate, monitoring, which i already showed you very quickly just now. If you just drag down here, you see that you have more information throughout the entire watch, so thats great. If you go back, this is my spo2. Yes, you can have your all the sp02 as well, nothing much to see here. Moving down. We have the skin temperatures as well. Now i noticed that the skin temperature kind of varies from hour to hour, so im not sure how accurate that is or how useful it is to me.

I personally have the temperature gun, so i know whether im having a fever or anything like that now healthy living is a very interesting one here, because you have to set your goal of how you want to be. You know living healthier through the app itself, so for me personally, my goal here was to reduce my blood pressure, so ive already set this up. It requires me to get up at a certain time. You know measure my blood pressure, do some breathing exercises and all that, but everyones healthy living goals is different. So what you see on the watch here is different as well, but again you have to set this up in the app itself to get all the instructions on what to do right so moving down. We have my activity records, uh yep. I think its very plain here, because i just woke up not too long ago and of course nothing is really running yet, but if i scroll down this is some more information that i can see. I can also see how many steps ive taken over the past week bear in mind that these are actually very low, its not because im not walking at all its because sometimes i just dont wear the watch now moving down. This is where you see how active you are throughout the entire uh, multiple hours throughout the day uh. This is just a lot of information here, so i like it, because you can actually see all this information on the watch itself without having to use the app.

So thats great all right moving down, we have your sleep um like i said i did not track my last nights sleep, but i did track one of those sleeves ill. Show you a quick screenshot on the side now moving down. You also have your stress tracking, again uh, very, very basic stuff. Here you have seen that in many smart watches today you also have your breathing exercises. Your call long yep this watch here. The good news here is that it is a sort of like a bluetooth. Earpiece, so you can answer your phone calls directly on the watch itself and you know lets say your phone isnt beside you just click answer, and there is a mic on board here, so you can answer your phone calls. Apart from that, you have your contacts as well. You can sync that, with your phone again, very, very straightforward, music, wise – you can put – you can put a couple of songs in here as well, uh to display music directly using the speakers here. I dont really use that because i always have my earphones in my ears, but you can also connect your ear buds. You know your bluetooth earbuds to the watch itself, so you can play music directly there very nice. Apart from that, you have your barrel meter. Your compass, your notifications, your weather, your wallet stopwatch all these are very self explanatory, so i wont go into all that all right.

So now the final thing were going to check out here is actually in terms of the activities again im just going to go through here. You start off with having a couple of courses and plans and theres a lot of running courses here. So if you are really into running, you can actually go into that and check out like which course you actually want. So you see we have like 13 over here and you have different kinds of you know just all kinds of running plans here. I think this is great for you. If you just want to start, you know getting better at your run, so awesome stuff there. Now, if you just go back, you also have your training plans. Now, training plans has to be set in the app itself again. This is based on your own customized kind of plan, so wont talk too much about that in terms of the activities being tracked, you know, huawei says it tracks, you know 100 plus different activities, but right off the bat you have your standard outdoor runs. Your indoor runs outdoor walking, cycling swimming. In fact, you have diving here as well. According to huawei, this watch allows you to track your dives and all that it has a ip68 rating, so it should be able to go about. I think 30 meters, deep for your diving. Apart from that, you have a jump, rope, mountain hiking, a trail run skiing and you can also find more activities.

You know through the app itself. So this is what i can say in terms of the activities in the watch, mostly everything that you want to have you have it covered in the gt3 pro now. One thing i noticed here is that, in terms of the gps, it took me about 15 seconds to get connected to gps. This speed is actually not to say very fast or all that i think its quite standard these days for about 15 minutes to get connected to gps. I did a quick run actually im going to show you the results very soon on your screen as well, and i noticed that it was tracking my distance and everything very accurately so again, uh pretty happy with the gps with the watch itself. Apart from that, when youre running you are able to see a lot of information directly on the watch itself, you can also choose to keep the watch face on at all times throughout your runs or your sports activities, and i think that is great as well. For the watch gt3 pro now, the final thing i want to talk about here actually is in terms of the battery life now huawei claims that you can get to 14 days on normal use and eight days on intensive use. Well, to be frank, ive been using it pretty normally, but i wasnt able to hit anything close to 14 days now. I would say that the more logical amount of days that you can have on one single charge is probably about like what four to five days.

If you receive like your standard notifications, you run about once or twice a day so four to five days its more realistic here on the huawei watch, gt3 pro all right guys, i think thats it for this very quick uh. First impressions with the huawei watch gt pro again, like i said ill, be testing this out further and ill probably drop a full review further down a couple more weeks later, but yeah first impressions are feeling positive with this guy here and let me know what you Guys think about this watch. Of course, let me know what you want me to test out in the comment section down below as well, and thank you guys for staying to the end. Dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.