Hello, katakis welcome back again sahang lees tech channel sunday tournament and lets at least for another video and in this video guys is excited first time it was our channel gt3 pro so whats exciting about this. According to them, it will makes you feel premium and looks premium, and it brings feature to your wrist casting out with its high tech materials, revolutionary health management and ultimate performance tracking kaya excited now Music. My 46 mm at 43 mm 43 mm is for girl, design autonomous is for boys or for men, so i also buy nothing books and guys and, as you can see there so boxes watch of course, Music, wireless charging, cradle user guide and safety, information paired and White guys is melon chunk, free in a ceramic strap with a screwdriver, and i am guessing Music 46mm now gt3 pro is leather. Young strap actually available in the straps titanium. Then it has futurist design with diversity. Styles, perfectly perfect to summon guys because of its statically good design and it care about your health, then, with advanced technology the size, the method gt3 pro titanium edition is 1.43 inches. Amoled color display number. It is very stable and lightweight chad guys it has high strength. High temperature resistant and its not easily corroded very strong and reliable over time, because the obviously onion material and very stylish guys in fairness, my manga – is business. Punk sports gt3, pro 46 mm is made of european high quality calf.

Skin can get it england so anyway, autonomous gt3, pro 43mm amaganda dindito is very elegant and very stylish now fashionable then sha for women ceramic strap it all at meron, dinsilang leather strap. So it depends on you on your people in your ceramic, strap young body. Guys is nano crystalline, ceramic and sapphire glass, then that extremely tough high on scratch and shatter resistance and merushan goldna bezels. I like the gold vessels, then elano. It was taken from the corrugated piping of seashell, again very special saktok, saktolan, female or mamba by kasima little. It has 1.32 inches amoled color display display, so the new viewing experience modito. So what is special then about this 43mm gt3 pro guys is mention menstrual cycle management. Then it is to keep track of your female menstruation cycles and estimate ovulation date. So my menstrual cycle management so anyway and performance revolutionary health management such as ecg and hearth health. So it monitors your heart health, 24, 7. and when it comes to battery guys, is long lasting, mancilla, atus, gt3, pro 43mm mega last shot up to seven days. Autonomous gt3 pro 46 mm is the last shot to 14 days much longer than battery life. Me gt3. Pro 46 mm compare kai 43 mm, but my ultimate performance tracking in fairness, 100 plus workout modes, my gps positioning, then outdoor model supports free, diving and gold range mode. Ips 68 580m passing 200 rounds water pressure and it supports 30 meters deep so running, Music is 16 minutes and 9 seconds.

Your current heart rate is 78. kilometers and, of course, from your phone to your smart watch. Music, hello, hello, hey! Yes speaking! First, you cannot miss any calls guys because it has bluetooth, calls and, of course, mahita nila. Nama records through the huawei health app we connect new years and new huawei smartphones or even senior iphone as a compatible. Manchaka hits ios huawei smartphones, of course, and, of course, a gms, and it supports all the sp02 monitoring and maganda guys is my huawei truescene 5.0 plus narendra, which is improved the accuracy of heart rate monitoring and is my healthy living shamrock than shy guys, which has Fully upgraded through personalized settings, users can receive regular reminders and human health challenges daily. Water intake medication reminders daily mindfulness early, sleep reminder, exercise, volume and staying positive are all small things related to your health. Even your skin temperature, in you guys mama sappone, smart watches, nato and even young stress levels. So yes, smart watch long tillage, but it is gt3 pro and i can tell these. Smartwatches are aesthetically good and advanced when it comes to its features and performance. To be honest, this is a good investment, especially useful guys, because it care about our health and it serve more than its purpose. So this is something that everyone should look for in a smart watch performance wise check, incredibly good design and versatile check. It actually suits whatever clothes you wear guys and comfy lung pusa and easy to use london, so user friendly london cha, im gon na on display and last, but not the least guys.

It is very durable, obviously, materials, titanium, ceramic, so high quality material, talagayon surprises the guys and gt3 pro titanium price is 16999 and atonement. Gt3 pro ceramic price is 24 999 pesos, and for me not a worth it. Material plus points features performance guys. So for me, i really really like these smartwatches, especially this one purchase a smartwatch description box.