The huawei watch gt3 pro when they reached out asking for my honest review. I had to say yes, because of how good this thing looks just look at how beautiful this watch is, but yeah heres what i really think of it. First off this comes in two versions: a 46 millimeter titanium model and the one i have here – a 43 millimeter ceramic version. With a 1.3 inch oled display covered with sapphire glass. Everything from the watch body to the strap is made out of ceramic, but i believe you can offer a leather strap if thats more your style personally ive been loving, the ceramic, it just looks and feels really really nice a little bit on the heavy side. But i feel like it adds to the premium feel ceramic is also hypoallergenic. So for someone who has sensitive skin like me, thats a huge bonus, as you can see, theres a gold accent that runs all the way around. Initially, i didnt know how i felt about it, but if it wasnt there, i think the watch would look too plain almost like a kids toy, but yeah design wise. It definitely stands out like this is a very, very pretty looking watch pair it with the right watch face and it wont feel out of place even for the fanciest occasions. Alright, so software wise, this watch is running huaweis harmony, os you swipe down for the quick settings swipe right for your widgets swipe up for notifications and swipe left for the weather and media controls.

Swiping from the left also functions as a back gesture when navigating through menus. There is a rotating crown that you can use to scroll if you dont, feel like using the touch screen pressing it from the home screen will launch the app page pressing it anywhere else. Will take you back to your watch, face theres, also a button below it that can be mapped to any app of your choice like the stopwatch, for example, one of the biggest surprises for me has been the battery life. I didnt change any of the settings out of the box and i was able to get a full seven days on a single charge, thats about 12 to 15 every single day, thats really impressive for a smartwatch, especially when you compare it to a galaxy watch or Apple watch, both of which get you around a day, maybe two if youre lucky, to be fair, though the watch isnt as feature packed and a lot of the health monitoring is turned off by default. So if you do decide to turn everything on, it probably will cut down the battery to like five days or so. Okay, so theres, three main things i need my smartwatch to do. Answer calls check, plus response messages and make payments. Unfortunately, this watch cant do payments at least not here in canada. That was a huge letdown for me, because thats pretty much how i pay for everything nowadays bit of a bummer there in terms of taking calls its been a really good experience.

The thing i noticed right away after answering a few calls is that the speaker on here is louder than the one on my galaxy watch. That makes it a lot easier to hear people on the other end, even if theres a lot of background Music out of noise league Music at max volume, the wally watch does sound kind of harsh. The galaxy watch sounds more balanced, especially if youre listening to music, but for taking calls yeah ill. Take the extra volume any day when you get a notification, it works just like any other. Smart watch a buzz your wrist and pop up on the screen, swapping from the bottom launches your notification, history, thats, organized from newest to old. You can tap on individual notifications to view it fully from in here. Swiping left will clear it. You can also scroll all the way to the bottom of the notification list and hit the trash button to clear everything, its honestly, not the most intuitive system. I think it needs a little refinement. For example, when you clear a notification, it just sort of jumps back to the previous screen, with no animation or anything which feels a little jarring. Responding to text messages is another area where this watch sort of stumbles. When you respond to messages its limited to only quick responses, you cant dictate type or handwrite your own responses. Another thing that really threw me off with the quick responses is that theres no confirmation at all like on the galaxy watch, you get the scent animation to.

Let you know its been sent on here. Nothing. It just goes back to the previous screen because of this i kept accidentally sending people the same messages over and over thinking that it didnt go through when it did signal. Messenger is the other messaging app that i use and with those messages you dont have the option to respond at all. So it looks like notifications from third party messaging apps will be limited to read only when it comes to fitness tracking. This watch will definitely get the job done, but my question is how many of you are going for a run or lifting weights at the gym. With this on your wrist, it is rated ip68 and can handle free, diving underwater for up to 30 meters. You can choose from a handful of workouts and the watch will track your progress, but one quirk i found is that you cant do anything else on the watch once you do its locked to the workout screen. Until you end, the workout, which was a little annoying in the huawei health app, is where you can track and turn on the different health and monitoring options. The watch can measure your sleep quality, heart rate, stress, spo2 levels and skin temperature, which is one i havent seen before. I believe the watch is also capable of measuring ecg, but its not available here in canada, yet this, of course also tracks your steps. Calories burned. Minutes that youre, active and hourly stand goals.

The watch has these rings that fill up as you progress throughout the day. If you try to hit these goals every day, then you should be on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. Honestly, i probably wouldnt recommend this. If youre looking for a fitness based watch, this makes way more sense for a night out or dinner parties. Okay, so you have the option to choose between a bunch of pre installed watch faces, plus you can download more through the app while you check out the default options. I got ta give a huge shout out to todays video sponsor surfshark surfshark is a vpn that encrypts all your data before it goes over the internet, so people you dont, want having access to your personal information wont, have access to it, especially relevant on sketchy public Wi fi, my favorite feature is that you can use searchtrack to access content that might be blocked in your country as a canadian. I love that i can watch shows from the us, japan or just anywhere. I want and theres no limit to the number of devices you can connect at once either so keep your entire family secure too click the link below and use my promo code. Towel youll get 83 off and three months completely free all right. So the huawei watch gt3 pro in ceramic, stands out thanks to its premium materials fashion for design and amazing battery life. Here in canada, its priced at 799 thats a lot of money for a smartwatch.

This is clearly for someone whos into fashion into tech and doesnt. Mind paying for a gorgeous statement, piece look. The watch is beautiful, but for me the software needs a lot of polish theres, a no voice assistant and from what i can tell theres, no easy way to install third party apps. If im paying this much, i want the complete package in terms of both hardware and software, not having the ability to make payments depending on where you live, is also going to be a deal breaker for some. I know i miss it its competing with the seamless integration of apple plus, galaxy watches and outside of the week long battery life. I dont know if it offers quite enough to sway those owners as usual.