Together guys, we got ta and also, at the same time, keep yourself absolutely trendy with this latest product from huawei. This is huawei watch fit elegant edition. Now we did the review of why we watch fit amazing product packs, a lot of features, and this is the latest version which, in which they’ve added a touch of luxury, a touch of lifestyle and gave given it a more premium, feel and upgraded. The hardware and the software, both so getting straight on to business, but before i do that, please request you to press the subscribe button on the notification icon if you’re watching us on youtube. If you’re watching us on insta tech talk or facebook as well, the handle still remains the same. That is at great lobbyists and if you can check all this information out on our platforms and also on our website, which is your one stop shop for all the news on all tech products that you seek to buy guys so straight on to huawei watch Fit elegant edition, so let’s find out what’s inside the box. First, as we get this open, we straight away see the beautiful watford, elegant let’s, get this out and, as you can see, it looks gorgeous i’ve not set it up. So we’ll do it later. On one side: we have the charging cable. Of course nothing fancy about it, that’s a proprietary clamp on magnetic charger with usb so that’s. Definitely there so we’re going to put this back and then on the other other side.

We have some paperwork to go with it, so cool stuff, we’re, going to put this all on the side and focus only on the watch fit elegance. So let’s get rid of this as well guys beautiful, looking piece. So this is a gorgeous 1.64 inches of display. This is a 2.5 d curved display. You can see a little bit of curvature coming, so that gives you that snug feel when you wear it, and this is 70 screen to body ratio – gives you 280 by 456 uh pixels of hd resolution with 326 ppi density 16.7 mega colors. Absolutely amazing watch faces to choose from and you can customize it with your pictures as well, so great feature there as well and you you know when you customize this, you can also or every icon of your fitness, whether you want to monitor your heart rate or You want to, you know, see how many steps you have taken. Everything can be customized using these watch faces, so you can just drag and drop those icons and it will show you on that particular watch face lightweight and amazing stuff and a five minute charge can give you a whole day of usage. Otherwise, it’s got a 10 days of battery life, so great product. What they’ve done different in this is along with giving that beautiful. It is a stainless steel bezel instead of the standard one which they were using in the before, which gives that luxury premium feel and the strap.

This is again metallic, beautiful stuff, which they have put in here, giving you that luxury feeling, when you put it on as you would see, i would love to so here we go um. What i’m going to do is i’m going to set it up with my phone with huawei, fit app fitness app and tell you how to work with it, and as i press this, i wanted the wrong way. Oh bear with me. Let me just quickly correct that here we go so we can absolutely enjoy, as you can see the brightness you know. So, as i press this button to change the watch faces, you can go into settings and set it up into do not disturb mode or you can set it into connect and disconnect with your devices and everything that you need to do. So as we move on to watch faces, as you can see, many options available to choose from choose your person design what you like, you know, whatever you want, whatever you want to see, whatever your style is, and you can download hundreds of those free from the Huawei apple store, uh app gallery as well uh so that you can actually have something to your liking. So i like this one personally, i like the silver elegant feeling and this beautiful bezel metal vessel, gives you that additional edge 10 days of you know stainless steel. Absolutely beautiful, you know that watch frame gives that extra touch uh, of course, 10 days of battery life, as we said, you know so charge it once and let go of it just in case you forget charge it on a particular day.

You don’t have to leave it there forever just charge it for five minutes and you can get that full day of charge. For yourself um, you got spo2 monitoring. You got true screen uh for heart rate monitoring as well, so it it is already heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring put together uh, which is, it has got 96 workout modes and 12 kind of animations for quick workouts as well. So you get that assistance. If you need one it’s got absolutely 10 running courses, smart running companion, so in you can always customize it. You know to personalize this according to liking, messages, reminders, music control, camera control. Everything that you need is all around your wrist and you can absolutely enjoy it. As you would, and you can keep it at the same time, you can keep a track of your health and fitness and adding a bit of grace to your wrist as well, so guys this is huawei watch fit elegant edition with a beautiful. You know stainless steel, metal frame and some amazing features to keep track of all aspects of your health. So this is your friend the great lobbyist and i’m signing off with. While we watch with elegant and you keep yourself safe, you can buy this off the stove at the huawei shop at a very nominal price, which is listed down in the description, and you do. Let us know in the comments.