It is the hw12. Now let’s go. Firstly, we can see the box, it is the plain white, solid box and in the back there are some specifications now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and then inside this charger, its magnetic charger and the menu now let’s see the watch. Firstly, this watch is 40 millimeter and in the right side there is the round button and this button is fake, it’s unable to press, and here is the microphone and in the back there is a charging interface, and here is the speaker, and we can see this Watch the strap is also not fixed now let’s power on the watch. The screen is 1.57 infinity screen now let’s check the watch faces, it has five built in watch faces, but it can also add extra watch faces and also you can long press the screen. Then you can rotate this round button to change the watch faces and this watch face is automation, watch face and then let’s check some quick actions from the top to the bottom and the bottom, to the top then left to the right and right to the left. Heart rate the spot data, and we can also move from bottom to the top, then the weather and the at component. You can customize the interface and you can also add several components. Then we can press this button to the main menu. Firstly, we can adjust the screen of time.

The maximum is 15 seconds and also we can use list button to rotate to make the selection and also we can zoom in and zoom out now, let’s check the functions one by one. First, the countdown and the blood pressure brace and the brightness calculator and the shake to take photo and the bright screen, duration and the sports data. Then the do not disturb and heart rate and then the qr code and the message notification. This is the weekly report and then the music and then shut down cause and the this is the watch face then reboot and restart factory, and this is the setting and the outer spot. It has several spot models and then the sound and the vibration setting and the intel activities. Then the sleep monitor, and it also has a sos and the brother oxygen. Then the stopwatch and the blood pressure report and the phone setting dimute and the diversion calibration you can turn on and then the weather and the screen of time, and that is about the name, is hw12 and the bright screen. Duration, and also it is same as the first line, is the blood pressure and breeze so that’s all those functions in the smart watch and later we will connect the smartwatch with the app and test other functions.