It caught our attention, as it has a really modern look to it. When we first saw it, the packaging looks good and i can’t wait to try it out to see what features it has to offer. Now. Let’S pop open the box inside the box, you will find one hw16 smartwatch packed snugly in a phone protective casing. A usb wireless magnetic charging cable is provided too, along with a user guide that helps you set up your smartwatch, a watch strap is included to strap the smartwatch onto your wrist on first impressions. The hw16 smartwatch feels solid and it has aluminium metallic frame body which further accentuates its elegance and high quality feel to it. At the back of the hw16 smartwatch, you will notice multiple sensors located within it, which is for some advanced high tech features which we will explore further in our video good start. With the quality let’s proceed to check out, the watch strap easily slide it into the watch. With its easy slip on design stays securely in place, the strap features a convenient clip on design, so you will be able to wear it and remove it with ease ergonomically designed it really matches the watch too great, look and feel to it. It easily powers up with a press of the knob key on the watch scroll down on the smartwatch for you to access the quick access menu for easy control of your smartwatch. There is a heart rate sensor amongst other high end features equipped on this watch.

When i scroll left, i can easily start measuring my heart rate with ease. As you see, the sensors located at the back of the watch are activated when you start measuring your heart rate with it. You can keep a constant measurement of your heart rate when you need to anytime anywhere to sync the smartwatch to your phone. You can download the wherefit pro app from your device, app store. It should download in a matter of seconds once you have downloaded the app launch it up and you can register for an account if you are new thereafter fill in your particulars for health measurement and follow the on screen instructions once setup is complete. You will be loaded into the home screen where it looks really intuitive, with a whole outlook on your health measurements, which we will disuse further later. Add your new smartwatch onto the app over bluetooth scan for it and add it to your device when detected. It worked great for me. I got it set up in a few minutes: Music. There is a whole multitude of customizable options where you can customize the look and layout of your smartwatch. A whole range of different themes are available, along with selecting your own interface format. The smartwatches app homepage looks really modern and unique, where i can use the knob scroll to customize zooming in and out navigating around the app page, where there are so many app to choose from each with its own unique function.

There is a wireless shuttle key where you will be able to activate your camera wirelessly. There is an spo2 monitor to monitor your oxygen levels when you are exercising, for example, along with a blood pressure monitor for you to check your blood pressure when you need to check for new messages on your smartphone when you download the software on your devices, any New messages will be alerted to your smartwatch, so you can check it instantaneously. Another feature i love is the sports and fitness tracker where you can monitor your sports activities with ease. There are so many varieties of sports you can choose from like running cycling, swimming and many more. It records your steps in real time, along with calories, burnt and duration of your sport activities and keeps your heart rate in check with real time monitoring Music. There is an auto wake up sensor, so the screen automatically wakes up when you raise your hand at an angle, to read content on your smart watch. How cool is that in app? You will be able to monitor your sleep levels too. If you fall asleep, the watch will record the duration of your sleep, so you can keep track of your sleep habits. There are many convenient utilities, features like a built in calculator that you can use as and when you need to calculate something. It also has a whole host of other apps, like a timer music player controller that you can use when you need to great variety of choices, the app will be in sync with your smartphone data.

So after each round of exercise, you can track the updated data. Summary on your app home page with key details like steps where you can access the graph for up to date, steps patterns, blood pressure, levels, spo2 levels. All of these data will be updated on the app. When you have completed your exercise, it even measures your fatigue, level, Music, swipe left on your screen to access the sos key where you can hit it to contact your emergency contact in times of emergencies. You also can access your most used apps from the sliding menu. Once you have finished your day and heading back, you can simply charge up your smartwatch with the magnetic cable, provided it connects really simply and connects when the cable is near. The charging pins overall, the hw16 bluetooth smartwatch, is a really ergonomic and comprehensive, affordable smartwatch that retails for under 40.. When we got it, it has many high end features at this price point, which is hard to find. It is also waterproof. Therefore, you can use it when you are swimming or doing wet sports without worrying of water damage have fun and stay fit with the hw16 smartwatch for more information of where you can find it online check out the link in description.