So today i have got the hw22 smartwatch. So, as you can see, this is the hd hd22 smartwatch box amazon. So this is the magnetic charging, as you can see here so let’s straight away, get into the watch. So one minute so here’s the watch so as you can see, this is the silver color one and white slab. So, as you can see here, so this is the hw22 watch, so you can see, the chrome is working as you can see. So these are different themes given here there are lots of them, so let’s check. So there are like one two three four five, so this is the lights we’ll be getting up here, so let’s try this one. So here are the there is the oxygen uh measurement. So, as you can see, the led lights are working so for fitness, this is not the wash you should take so it’s only for show so don’t take this one for fitness, it’s, not the accurate measurement given so we’ll be getting also passcode. We can create a passport in this watch, so here we are getting games also. So, as you can see, you can play games this hw22 smartwatch it’s, very tiny, display it’s a 1.75 inch display. So playing is not that much possible with this watch it’s a small display given in this okay let’s get back and we have a car one more game to carve like this. Yes, we can change like this, but it’s very easy to play these games.

Okay, so we’ll be getting a bluetooth, so sport modes, outdoor running sport, walking, hiking indoor running and sport record, but it doesn’t show the accurate measurement or given below. Given us you’re getting notifications contacts, we can make a call through here’s the voice assistant, which is which is paired with your phone, as it is an android or an ios. So these are the themes, so you can also change themes too, like this list changes so like this. We go down so there’s a sound line, it’s too nice. So here we can see it is siri. So actually my phone is apple that’s. Why it’s, otherwise instant dc? If you are using an android phone, it will be coming google. So, as you can find my device too, we also have a wake up, guest gesture, so it’s already on so let’s try the wake up, wake up gesture. So you see it’s working accurately. The sensors are very good, so many things out there there’s the apple watch seat. Six replica let’s change this back, so actually you can take a hold or two. So this is used it m2, where app. It has been connected through m2 is a sedimentary reminder and a temperature check. So these are not working, but they are given here. Here are the settings. So so, as you can see here, it is the hw22 device name. So i have ordered in amazon. So you can go down and check the link given where you can buy the smartwatch and here’s the heart rate here, we’re getting lights and we will be getting bb bp check.

So, as you know, that uh apple watching is same like that it’s. A replica of this named as hw22, so let’s we’ll talking to the charger. So, as you know, it is a magnetic charger. As you can see here, the two pins and here are the two pins it’s attached it’s got attached, it’s a magnetic charging type. So if anybody are interested can go to the link and buy this hw2 watch, so i purchased it recently. So, as you can get, we can see the sidebar too, so you will be getting your weather update date day and shortcut menu, and this is the scan qr code so where you can download the app of this watch. So, apart from so many uh, i like this one – this is very cool white and white, it’s magic, it’s, super cool and it’s. Going to talk about this. As you can see, we can get a torch too. So here this is the torch it’s a bluetooth here. Do not disturb here is the screen brightness, so i’ll keep it in full, here’s the music controlled by her phone. So getting back. So this is about the hw 22 smartwatch, so i’m gon na make more videos with other smart watches too so make sure to like subscribe and share my channel so here’s one more. It is the water reminder drinking water reminder, so we can keep up to 120 minutes, starting from five five to 120 minutes.

We can keep anything anytime, so it’s our wish. Whenever the time will complete it will remind you, here’s the alarm you can keep. Alarms too. I think i can check the messages twitter, facebook, so we can now. We can only see from here. We can’t through text message here is the sleep obviously time here here: here’s the calculator so it’s. This is very correctly 55 plus 54 or not night. It’S got something number divided by so this is very correct. You can use it for calculator too. This is very um beautiful smartwatch, if you are interested to buy, you can buy this. So here are the four lights you can see. Here is the watt six generation it’s a 44 mm, and here are the two pins where the magnetic charger gets attached to it. So thank you for watching my video make sure to like share and subscribe my channel.