It is the hw57 pro. Firstly, lets check the box in the back. There are some specifications and we can see the main functions and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and inside there is the wireless charger and the menu and now lets check the watch. This watch is actually 43.5 millimeter, not 45 millimeter, as indicated in the box, and the screen size is 1.77 inch and this side it has two buttons. Both buttons are functional here is the microphone and at the back there are no lock buttons at both end and beside. It is also the watch 7 design and the first three lets check the watch faces. It has totally 18 watch faces inside the watch, but they can also customize watch face and add actual face through the app then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. You can see the bluetooth core repay and partition sharing when you download the app in the wayfit pro app and the collection code, business card and also the setting and below. We can see the battery level the time and the weekday and we can move the screen from right to the left to go to the second page. Here is the screen lock. After lock, we can press three seconds to unlock and then the silent mode, the always on display and the nfc function after we enable the always on display function. The screen will not turn off and then from the bottom.

To the top is the message, notification and then from the left to the right is the split screen and from the right to the left is the heart rate and we can see the back is for red light and then the data and the weather, and we Can also add extra two components: there is no function to double click, the screen and we can click. This run button to go to the main menu. This watch is also using the hs6621 chipset and also the wavefit pro app. So the functions are same as many other smartwatches using the same chipset and we can double click restart button to change the menu style. Also, this watch has totally three menu styles and we can double click. This run button hold this power button to go to the alipay function. This function is mainly for the users who has the alipay and inside the app we can find the nfc icon and we can click to add the card, and then we can click and then the card will synchronize to the watch. Okay, above is all our details.