Talk about the imo watch and we’re talking about their watch phone, the z6 to be precise, to put it simply, it’s the true definition of a smart watch that kids can wear. They can take the school with them. It’S, inconspicuous because it looks like something that should actually be on a kid’s wrist but allows you to do so much, including being able to text whoever’s wearing the watch being able to call them being able to send videos. And the great thing is. It also has location services, so parents can be aware of where their children are at all times, and i guess it just gives parents that extra sense of security, because it allows them to know that their children are safe. The reason why i think this device is so practical is because it’s a good way of being able to communicate with your child without actually having to give them the latest iphone to take to school, but let’s actually talk about the watch. Smart devices always seem quite complex to set up, especially because you’ll feel like you’re, going into a new ecosystem. Yes, it does take a sim card and to set it up, you will need to have your wi fi once you’ve logged in maybe downloaded. The latest updates. You’Re pretty much good to go now. You can have two way calls on this watch and there’s, so many presets that you can add to it, including stopping unknown numbers and a really cool feature that i just remembered is that you can actually have voice notes in this.

So it’s, like those whatsapp voice notes, you can do it on this watch so straight from your phone to the watch or straight from the watch to whichever mobile number they’re communicating with at the time. Obviously, on the phone. This is all done through the imo app. It has a front facing camera and a back facing camera. So, yes, again, you can do text messages, voice, notes, pictures, even videos. It literally is a smart watch, but i love that it looks like a toy. It looks like it’s made for kids. It doesn’t seem like it’s something too expensive that someone would even see and think that they want to steal. It shows me that they’ve put a lot of thought into this design and talking about the design it’s, so rugged you’re going to have to try your hardest to break this. I hate when you have products that are made for kids and they just seem so flimsy, but with the imo watch this really isn’t the case. A cool feature is how you can lift up the camera, so you won’t have your kids walking around like this being distracted. Obviously, they need to be in a sedentary position when they’re actually placing the call, but they can lift up the watch and just have that kind of conversation, while they’re speaking little things like that, make a difference in the design of the watch. The great thing about having the account set up is that your phone acts as the control panel for the watch.

So you can save all your contacts to the watch from your phone and there’s so much to explore in terms of customizing it to really make it. Your own, i think the helicopter parents out there are going to really love the location services, but i really don’t blame parents for wanting to have that peace of mind. You can set class mode so that they don’t get disturbed during certain hours as well. They’Ll be able to make emergency calls with the administrator, so the person who i said would be using the phone as a control panel they’ll be able to call that person as obviously their emergency contact or you’ll be able to call them at any time as well And just when you think that’s all of the features, it also has a step counter. I know that’s something that’s, all the craze right now and people love to count their steps and it’s something that children pick up from their parents as well. Children are really active anyway, so they don’t need to be focusing on their steps that much, if you want your child to be a little bit more healthy, it’s, a smart way of making it into some kind of game for them. So they have a goal that they achieve every day, so that’s a basic introduction to the imo watch. Please let me know if there are any features that you’ve seen advertised that you would really like me to go into and explain how it works.

I hope you found this video helpful.