As a tech, reviewer Ive always gotten asked to review this and that smartwatch. Some claim they have a good number of innovative features, but turns out to be just like other mediocre ones that look cheap and boring and end up. In some corner accumulating dust – and I will never touch a second time. – They all have pros and cons and almost exclusively theyve been designed for adults.. So when imoo, the number 1 kids smartwatch brand from China reached out to me to see if Im willing to take a look at their imoo Z6.. I said why not If you walk on the street or in the metro, especially in mega cities like Shenzhen. If you see kids, happily talking to the smartwatches on their wrist, chances are that they are wearing an imoo watch. In nearly all shopping malls. There is always an imoo shop to let you have a good look of their smartwatches or other kids related products.. The newest survey by counterpoint suggests that imoo is the fourth largest smartwatch brand in the world and rank number 1 in many eastern Asian countries. Thats something remarkable.. So what makes imoo brand so outstanding, Im really eager to find out. Lets start with unboxing. In the box. Is the watch itself a USB A to proprietary magnetic charging clip a few simple instructions and thats it. BTW? The one Im reviewing is the Chinese version, so dont be surprised if you see Chinese characters here and there, because I just switched the watch and phone language to English for reviewing purpose.

The international version shouldnt have any of that issue.. There are two color options on sale at the moment: a green shaded arrangement and a purple one with pink accents. Weve got the latter and it looks rather good its definitely not a girls watch, though it matches my daughter, Cristina perfectly. She is so happy with it. Inside is a 1.41 inch. Amoled display running at 320 x, 360 pixels. Its quite bright enough and works as well indoors as out. Out of the box theres a screen protector applied on top of Corning Gorilla Glass. So this watch will take the beating. Your kids will undoubtedly mete out. Its a bit chunky compared to some other smartwatches, but not overly so., Its not the first smartwatch to feature a camera, but it does do it differently. If you want to allow your kids to make video calls to you, they can flip the watch up. So it stands perpendicular to the wrist, making a much more natural position for those calls or taking a photo. Being that theres, an 8MP rear facing camera too. Kids. Can show you what theyre looking at instead of just looking up their noses. Ive tested the call quality in various scenarios like in the metro or in remote mountain areas all seem smooth and clear.. So far as the interface goes, theres just one button, a power key and the rest is done using the touch interface., The UI is fairly intuitive. You just swipe and tap much like using a smart phone.

. In fact, that kids can pick it up without any real instructions. Needed., You can swipe down to see notifications swipe up to access some shortcuts, like Wi Fi screen, brightness or volume. Swiping right to access contacts left to reveal a number of apps. Speaking of apps. Ive got to say they are undeniably rich and useful.. There is a Chat, app here.. You can chat with your classmates family members.. We see Steps Camera AI, scanner. Translation.. It recognizes the word and reads automatically perfect way to learn. English. Dialing, you kids can dial numbers. If needed., Even a Tello app with it, you can control Tello drone from your watch, its so fun.. The question you might have is how a smartwatch can control a drone. Thats. What we are talking about, now. imoo teamed up with some high tech companies like DJI Tello, to offer this kind of exclusive apps for its kids, which you can find more from the phone app. Speaking of the phone app imoo has a dedicated companion, app that you Can install on your Android or iPhone.? The main features include Chat.. You can make videos calls to your kids or check other messages. Your kids might have sent to you. Location tracking. So you can make sure your kid is where theyre meant to be, and if theyre in trouble, they can call you and youll see where they are to go help. Its pretty accurate, too. Phone, call. And More.

. The best part of it is through the companion app. You can change virtually all the settings. Want to let your kid run riot. You can and turn on every feature. Want something a bit more privacy conscious. You can lock down just about every feature and leave it a little more than a fancy. Looking watch., There is a class mode for use during school hours, which disables virtually everything except telling. The time no calls no SMS, no apps nothing.. I like that. However, there are a number of apps are only really useful if your kid has friends with an imoo Z6 as well, Im, pretty ok with it, since most of my daughters, classmates have this watch and they can always chat. For others. That may not have is not a bad thing bc. Maybe most of the time you want from this watch is to stay in touch with your kids and make sure they are where theyre meant to be.. The battery life is excellent for a mostly full featured Android smartwatch. A few days is easily achieved with a 680 mAh battery. Youve got power to spare., You see for imoo z6, its not just a smartwatch., Its an Android powered wearable thats, almost a full featured smartphone in a wrist sized form, factor. Its an Android phone in a watch and its designed to be super easy yet powerful. For kids of all ages to use., It has numerous useful apps to help you stay in touch with your kid, without giving them a smartphone, easily lost or not appropriate for younger kids.

, And most of all, it has dedicated features to provide an excellent safety net. For the nervous parent, like geo fencing feature, you can set pre defined areas from the imoo app.. This will alert them when the child enters or leaves an area like the school, the playground, hawker center or a friends house. Its super durable as well yeah I tested that. For me a smartwatch doesnt change, good parenting, but it can assist and for that imoo Z6 Did an excellent job., If you have to ask me: does the imoo Z6 worth the money? My answer is: if I had to make the decision today, Id still definitely spend the extra cash to get the imoo Z6 all over again. Thanks for watching. I hope this video has helped you in some way.. If you are interested in this smartwatch definitely go and check out. Link is in the description.