Two of them are shown here. The takeaway from the videos you're about to see is that when it comes to heart rate, there's something more important than accuracy to some people and that's timeliness, a digital watch, a smart watch should be able to produce accurate heart rate and heart rate that matches where You are in the moment, especially for interval training you're, going to hear that horse beat quite a bit in the next three reviews. I made these separate with the intent of publishing them individually, but they're so identical that I'm just gon na cram them all together here. So if this is your interest area, you got a feast pop some popcorn, if it's not don't waste your time, because these are not smart, watches the kind that tether to a phone and transfer your data, they are digital watches, with smart capability in particular the way They handle heart rate, so with that said, let's begin greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks were a YouTube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks calm today, we're gon na talk about heart rate, monitoring and we're gon na use this little product. Here as an example to explain a very difficult to understand, but should be simple concept of accuracy in heart rate reading this is the Sportline dual use. Heart rate monitor. I pick this one up from ebay. No, I didn't. I got it from Amazon that's right, but they have it at eBay as well.

Anyway, the price is insane twenty dollars. This is the men's version, comes with a watch and a chest: strap and it's, basing its heart rate, readings on ECG, as opposed to PPG, which is the pulse that you get with the diode on most smartwatches there's, a ladies version similar a little bit more, but Still under 25 darn can't get free shipping yet got a something else to it. It'S called the duo, 1010 womens, dual use and dual use means you can use just the watch and touch the the surface to get a heart rate reading or you can wear the strap and the watch and get a continuous heart rate reading now, let's dive into Unboxing this thing it's in that destructive packaging stuff. So when I open it, I own it. I guess: well, I got it anyway, as I get ready to cut it. I want you to know that this thing can do heart rate zone management. You can set high low and average heart rate values when you've finished your workout it's got a fat burn zone, locater calorie burn tracking digital time, of course, date and six different alarms and it's 50 meter water resistant, which means it's, 5 atm protected it's, so hot. That they've got an anti theft Store sensor, so you can't walk out with it and without beeping the thing and they're letting you know about it. By the way, the band itself is coded to the watch, so you could be in a fitness class with a bunch of other folks.

Having the same thing – and yours is tied to your watch, you won't start beeping, because the guy next to you is just getting too excited. Ok, let's, open the container. I found a lot of times. The best thing to do is to just kind of cut the edge on this, and that will open up the case. Alright I'll skip ahead there. That should do it. Lift it open, let's, take a look at this here. It is press any side button for five seconds to turn it on. When I see set tags like that, I figure somebody didn't even know how to turn the darn thing on and sent it back and enough. People did that that they're, giving refunds when all they needed to do was figure out how to turn it on, and so they put a big warning on their how to actually start the darn thing. Well, we're gon na take the plastic cover off the front, which is a simulated display and we'll pop out the fam Chu. This is a chest band that has a battery already installed in here, and what I've heard and read is sometimes if these things have been sitting a long time, you may need to replace the battery Sportline coded coded to the watch itself, there's a QuickStart guide. It talks about getting it going and that's it. I can't have to turn the darn thing on okay and then we've got a full manual in here, which I'll show you Music introduction how to use it.

Karen maintenance and the overall watch functions again. This is the men's version. The ladies of model is a little bit more sophisticated. It looked like you can freeze frame this anytime you'd like to. If you want to read in more detail, it's good to understand how to put the chest strap on properly. Here are the different modes you go through with the watch, setting the watch, functions and so forth. You want to set it a course for all of your information, male or female in their age, and all of that so that it can calculate your zones properly. So when you're working out you're in the the correct zone, alarm setting feel if you have the input data incorrect, then it's not gon na match up properly with you and you might be beeping, either too low or too high wow there's a lot of stuff. In here, I'm, actually gon na have to go through and read this carefully. Okay and here's. Your range and specifications give you a little bit more information about accuracy and whatnot. Again, this is a health gym kind of a device there's replacing the battery information on both the watch and the battery there's no charging needed on this one. This is not a highly calibrated medical device, so you're going to be getting good, heartrate information, but it's, not the kind of stuff that you would be wired up to hospital equipment. For example, whole thing is in English and we're good to go.

Let me show you the watch. Any button for five seconds has hold it's an LCD screen typical Casio kind of display, and it looks like we are here and it's come up now. It'S just been turned on, so the dates wrong. All of the data are wrong and I'm, not gon na walk you through everything having to do with that. The setup would be just pretty much obvious. What I do want to do is talk about heart rate now and heart rate accuracy. I have thought a long way in a long time about how to explain this, to you guys, and I think, thunder and lightning is probably the best way to talk about this lightning. When you see it is instantaneous its electrical it's moving at the speed of light. So when I touch this thing and it goes into its automatic heart rate, detection mode, it's like lightning, my heart is beating – and it only took about five seconds to give us a heart rate and what's happening is the electrical signal, the pulse between the peaks of My electrical heartbeat are being picked up by this watch and figured out to give you the heart rate and that's what we're looking at right there now here here is galaxy gear s3 and its heart rate measurement. This is like thunder. Okay what's happening here, there's optical diodes, on the back that are looking at the blood moving through the capillaries in my arm and depending on that pulsing.

The reflected light gives you a little brighter dim and the electronics can figure out from that. What the heart rate is based on the pulse that's like thunder that's the sound arriving later, so how accurate are these gosh? Can I get them both on the screen? Well, this thing keeps taking me off the screen. Here we go heart rate heart rate that one's coming in at about 71 on the right and I'm at 73, exactly on both of them. In this static condition, the heart rate is pretty darn close within a couple of beats, taken both ways electrically and pneumatically. Now, here's, where accuracy really becomes an issue, and this is why I haven't been able to show it easily to you on these devices I'm sitting here quietly talking to you – and this is the reading that I'm getting in a sedentary situation. But uncle tics and mrs. tics are working with a trainer and we're doing interval training. That means you work out really hard for a few seconds and then you stop and rest and then you do it again and then you stop and rest and it's important that your heart rate doesn't go above your maximum healthy heart rate, when you're doing interval, training And guess what folks? This type of a watch is spot on accurate right there meet four beep and as soon as I hit a peak I'm there, this type of a watch now is totally different.

This this one has two a ver egde, the heart rate over time, and so what you find on all of these very fancy, expensive ones, to the tiniest little ones that use the optical ppg see the green diodes. There is that the heart rate may be accurate, but it's lagging it's gon na be behind what you're gon na get with the instantaneous. This is lightning, oh, my gosh lightning struck. Then you count your seconds 1001. 1002, 1003. Maybe up to five seconds or so, and then this heart rate will climb up or drop down to match the instantaneous one here, so our smart watches producing accurate heart rate. Yes, as long as what you're looking for can be averaged over time, if you're running, if you're cycling and trying to stay more or less in a zone, you can rely on the heart rates from these devices. However, if you're doing some form of interval, testing workouts – and you need really accurate – instantaneous – not averaged heart rate, then you need to go to an ECG, determined heart rate and that's, where these kind of watches come in. Is it smart yeah? Is it tethered to a phone? No, it pretty. Much is standalone on its own. This gives you the heart rate when you make a circuit by touching it like this or if you put the band on your chest, this is constantly transmitting, and this will always be showing you the current heart rate that your app.

So this is the best apparatus. The weight best way to go if you really want to work on, say, staying in your fat burning zone or aerobic or maybe even tapping into the edge of an aerobic you can go in and out of that and of course do interval training when you're using Ecg derived heart rate, ppg derived heart rate, is appropriate for the long term for 24 hour. Continuous heart rate analysis for getting your average heart rate over time or your resting heart rate. That'Ll all work. Fine for that. So you may need two watches I'm. Turning you into a watch collector, I really am something like this: if you're gon na really do spot on need, it now needed accurate heart rate for interval, type training at 25 bucks or less ladies version, the duo 1010 or the men's duo, 560 there's other models Out there too there's some that don't have the band and there's some that do all kind of fancy things, but the key is it doesn't have the diodes on the back? You have to touch the case or use a strap chest strap to get the data transfer. It over to the device other than that stick with a SmartWatch that's, a great way to go to get heart rate data most of the time. Nowadays, these things are really accurate as long as you're, okay, with putting up with taking an average alright well you've, been watching. Smart watch ticks a little bit of technical info for you.

Ah yeah hope you enjoyed it and hope you learned something. We'Ll see you again soon greetings and welcome back to smart watch ticks were a youtube channel on the web. At whoa, smart watch ticks comm I'm gon na throw you guys a curveball the day. You know we review just about every SmartWatch that has heart rate monitoring. In it, it gives you your pulse rate and we ask, is it accurate or not? Well, today, with the benefit of what's in this little container, here I'm gon na? Have you asking a second question? Is it accurate and are you ready is it responsive, I'll tell you why you see mrs. ticks and I are now seeing an amazing fitness specialist, a coach who's helping us get our bodies in shape there. We go yeah its destructive packaging because it says you can't return it, and one of the things that he does with us is a form of interval. Training where you're isolating a muscle and you're like really working and and you're checking your heart rate. When you peak to rise up and then come back down over an interval instead of a long distance, sustained thing in order to do that, your heart rate obviously has to be quite responsive. It can't lag 5, 10, 15 30 seconds when you're doing an interval. That might be a minute. You know stuff like that, so he swears by these things. This is a latest evolution of this sport line, so low Smart Watch, there's no tethering to a heart to a phone or anything like that, and it does basic stuff.

It'S gon na have time and date and is gon na, have heart rate and it's got a special ability to calculate to literally calculate calories, burn based on heart rate differential and such a stopwatch and countdown timer and it's water resistant. All of that, but look there's. No diode in the back the magic about this one is that the heart rate monitor built into it uses a form of ECG for highly accurate, highly responsive, heartrate let's dig into it well right off the bat we're told to hold any button there's four of them For five seconds, and it actually says, hold it's flashing I'm holding we're counting three two one. There we go look at that: okay, we have a digital display to regular old, Casio kind of SmartWatch digital watch and it's already looking for a heart rate. Just because I was touching the back in the front, I guess at the same time, so we got to go through and set the time and do all that. But first let's run through the sport line. 915 solo heart rate, monitor manual for you to get a feel for how this thing operates. Now, if you're like, expecting a full on SmartWatch today that does Android apps and you know: blood pressure and blood oxygen, sleep, apnea measurement, cooks, your breakfasts and wipes the bathroom counter, you're, not going to get that. This is a very simplistic digital watch, with some heartrate measuring capabilities that I just wanted to highlight for you, so that you have the the concept to think about when you're buying a really sophisticated SmartWatch that talks about doing heart rate measurement and blood pressure and all The others that, in addition to accuracy, you may want to be questioning responsiveness here's.

Why I'm saying that when we've been working out, oh yeah, I get watches in all the time and we're going three days a week, and so every time we go, I go with one of the brand new watches, be it a fitness watcher, an Android or watch Or whatever I take one along, I wear it on one arm and I wear the equivalent of this watch here for men that he has that he loans out when you're doing your workout. I wear that on the other one, and then we do some interval thing for two and a half minutes on an elliptical or were doing squats or doing something, and he asked what's your heart rate. Well, okay, I flip both watches over and this one it's just like right up there 127. I look at the other one and it's at 81, 85. 89, 90 to 100 and 115. 120. 125. 124. 123. Follow me, it kind of gets there, but it gets there about 10 seconds to 20 seconds late, because it's averaging them are doing some strange thing, but it's not giving me an instantaneous result and sadly that's what's happening with all of them that use the the green Diode so I know I'm here today I tell you about all the incredible smartwatches out there, but I also want to inform you that you're not getting what you think you're getting cuz. I thought when I got a blood pressure reading and a heart rate reading and a blood oxygen reading, that it was now and it's, not it's, later actually it's it's earlier what I'm getting is earlier.

So if you're, just jogging and running and stuff that's, okay, it'll just kind of average out and you kind of stay in your zone. But if you're doing interval, training – or you are doing a specialized workout with heart issues that you're not supposed to exceed a certain rate, you may really want to consider ECG heart rate reading apparatus as something similar to this all right. Let me set it up and we'll look at what it does so, obviously it's sized for a lady, but they do have men's versions of this and the early early ones. You had a button on the front. You had to actually press to get the thing to go into the heart rate: monitor mode I'm gon na tilt it a little bit. So you can see the time because it is just a plain old digital watch display, get it all set time and date. You simply touch with the opposite finger: it's gon na go into the mode for monitoring the heart rate. The first big digit is the heart rate and see the little digit beside it. That'S the percentage of the maximum based on the age and gender of the person. Who'S wearing it, so you put that basic information in here as well as setting the time, and then all you got to do is touch it anywhere in this metal plate and the electrical signal going through your heart from the plate on the bottom and the plate.

On the top will give you your heart rate, beyond that you can go into the set up for age and gender for that computation of maximum percentage. You'Ve got an alarm you can set. Of course, you've got a digital stopwatch. You'Ve got a countdown timer, and here you've got a special thing that if I start this it's counting and exercise now, because it's got that information in the heart rate and gender and age and timing, it can compute, while it's running in your workout, your overall calories Burned and apparently quite accurately, not quite sure the algorithm that's being used there. But when it's done – and you finish that session and you stop it, you can read your actual caloric burn numbers and that's. What the big digits will be right there. So, all in all it's a sweet, little fitness band of sorts who's staked a claim is accurate and timely. Heart rate results. So, if you're looking for something, you need for a heart rate, I'm steering you away from relying heavily on the optical sensor, the PPG style of smartwatches, the tethered to your phone and everything and saying take a look at something simple like this. That you can wear. Especially if you're doing in servile type workouts and the kind of things that require immediate knowledge of your actual heart rate to stay in a particular zone or peak at this particular point and didn't come back down. Okay, where do you get it? Well? Hopefully, we'll have a link in the show notes.

I got it directly from our trainer but he's not in the retail business. So here is a link right from the manual to the sport line, dot com website and they probably have a link to sources. You could buy otherwise check in your local store because it came in one of these big point of purchase packages. This is the solo 915 women's and they have a comparable version for men and again now you know that when you're looking to assess health features in a SmartWatch that does heartrate, not only is it accurate, but is it timely? Okay, thanks for watching smart watch 6. Thanks for your subscription, we'll see you again soon here. Greetings and welcome to SmartWatch ticks were YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, yeah. You just finished watching the Sportline solo 915 video I did where we talked about heart rate and how important it is to discriminate between something that proposes to be accurate in reading heart rate and one that also is timely, so that the rate that you're getting matches. What your heart's doing at the moment! Well, we have something new in here, yet that particular watch as awesome as it was, was a standalone device that you wear on your arm I'm, just gon na cut into it. I thought I could just like pull it. Apart of it, I don't think so. What we have here is exactly the same thing so that's. Why I'm going to encourage you to watch that review for all of the different functions of that watch and watch this one for the new features that are that are here like 25 different functions, available, speed and distance in teletrac ECG accurate for the heart rate, with Multiple heart rate zone programming, seven day memory, fat, burning zone, locator and fully waterproof 250 meters cordis things expensive.

I mean with all of those features who could afford 12? What did I say? 12, you heard me right: 12 bucks for this that's. What I paid on eBay, amazing, uh, oh nice, look at this strap rule, Reva ball! Everything! Okay, it's got a little cover on it. I'M gon na peel that cover off okay, that's just got some fake numbers and stuff on it. A couple of buttons on this side that side and a touch plate that's, where you're gon na touch to get your heart rate, but here's, the really great part and the stuff that misses ticks. And I absolutely love because we're working with our trainer doing all kinds of stuff, including some interval testing and when you're working out and you're doing all your stuff. The last thing you want to do is: do whoa I'll talk about that in a minute. The last thing you want to do is have to touch your watch and occupy your hands to see your heart rate, so this puppy comes with a programmed chest, strap that you just simply wear around your body and whoa. Okay I'll take that off. In a second there and put it all together, you put this on your on your chest and it'll transmit to your your watch and it's going to show you your live heart rate, while you're doing whatever you're doing even driving a car even sleeping, I presume, and You got it right there and again.

The beautiful thing about ECG measurement is its instantaneous it's, giving you the heart rate that you're actually at at the moment, not average it over the last several seconds, like the PPG kind, that's, the little green diode in the back of all the other watches, so missus Tix version 12 bucks is this one there's, the manual I'm, not gon na page through it all the day, for you, it's called the duo. 1060. Okay and mr. tics version a little bit larger a little bit bigger screen all in all. Another Sportline watch with the band itself is about 20 to 25 bucks. Maximum awesome, stuff I'll have the links for both in the show notes, and I don't want to waste your time with anything more on this just check it out check out the other video and check this thing out Wow. What is this spaceship? One little blue tight light. You know there's four, normally I'm in the process of charging the brand new Genesis watch, which has a forward facing camera here and a front facing camera there, and this is a booster dock that you can actually wear. I ran the whole thing down messing around with photography and it's got a great screen outside you can see. It'S transflective got a whole review several videos up on this one but I'm in the process of charging it and timing. How long it takes to pump up a charge from the dock to the watch and how much charge will this whole it's coming in around an hour or so that it will pump juice into here before it's, completely down and it's holding about 60? So you can boost it up: another 60 percent from being flat dead, X, flatbed with this Bank that you can actually wear and just show you you pop this off of here wrist and it's just sitting in a compartment.

Oh I'm. All wet, though, sitting in a compartment here that, if I lift it up, you can see it just goes right in there yeah another whole video. I know nothing to do with this one, but you saw it it snuck in on the screen. So there we go that's happening on this one, but back to this again, you're just making body contact and when you touch it across your heart, that's on this side and that side it's going to come in and read the ECG signal, that's being generated by your Heart and calculate your heart rate immediately, based on that and over here, the tiny digit says about 50. That is the percentage of your maximum heart rate. So if you're working in zones and all those kind of things you can monitor either the percentage or the actual heart rate you've been watching Smart Watch Stix. We appreciate your subscription and being with us and all of the different kinds of technologies that we explore here. Really great stuff we'll see you again soon: okay, okay, I agree if there ever was a manual that should be put on the screen is for these complicated Fitness watch bands. So for those of you who aren't interested we're done here, don't need to watch this, but if you're thinking of getting one of these or definitely if you own one of these and have misplaced, this manual, you're gon na – want to come through here and freeze frame On certain pages, especially on the operation of the watch, because it's actually quite a doozy, it does quite a few things and you got to put in a bunch of your own data in order to get it set up to work properly with you.

So here you go on the finger touch and on the chest band thing now the chest band thing I found on the one I'm using it's a little tricky to adjust it's got quite a bit of stretch to it, so you need to mess around with that. To make sure it fits you tight enough, but it doesn't feel like it's constraining your breathing got me. Oh by the way down there see how to measure your stride length if you're still watching and you're doing anything with any kind of a watch. You'Re gon na want to that has the ability to put the stride length in to help you compute distance traveled from pedometer step count. You'Re gon na want to get that accurate stride number and it's different. Obviously, when you're walking, when you're jogging or when you're running so that little bit of information, there is a start for understanding stride length. All right, then, we finally get to the operation of the watch and it cycles through a bunch of stuff. You have four buttons. I guarantee you, the upper left. One is going to be the backlight and that's all it is. So you can kind of say you really only have buttons, but the lower left one. The mode switch does a whole lot of stuff, so you'll be using that to get around to the different functions and then the right top and bottom one usually go forward or backward or start stop and reset things all that stuff it's typical on pretty much.

All of these digital watches you notice now it's talking about you, have some bar graph things on the side that can show you the percentage of your zones that you're in so really is worthwhile on this one to understand all the things you're looking at on the Screen kind of like getting in a fancy Tesla, I imagine and understanding that electronic dashboard and all the functions you can do there all right, we're, almost done how you replace the battery. Also, you know there's a battery in the chest band. So if either the watch isn't working or the chest band, isn't working or both, you may want to check the batteries and replace them which, unfortunately, as we're doing this video is exactly what I'm gon na need to do, because why why haven't, I showed you, the Watch turned on and all the functions it can do well, two reasons I want to get this video up right away and, secondly, the batteries not working on it 12 bucks, folks, eBay, you know what I mean yeah kind of expected this so I'm gon na have To take the back of it off and probably replace the battery and the watch, and maybe also replace the chest, strap being honest with you that's what I got that's, how it came, but it's, really a nice attractive. Looking little thing for a lady, if it's working and as you can see it can do all kinds of stuff.

So if I get this thing going and mrs. sticks lets me play with it again, we'll try to do a little bit more in depth. Look at what happens in the meantime. I'Ve always got mine that we can play with as well.