The fact of the matter is a mass fit uk have just sent me the gtr 2e. So, finally, i can compare the flagship, the gtr2, which i’ve got right here against the shortcut version, the gtr 2e. But what i’m going to show you in this quick and an initial impressions review is that the gtr2e is no shortcut version of this one. In some cases it offers a bit more than this one anyway, gtr2 gtr2e let’s do a quick review because well i just got it and i just want to show you guys how exciting this watch is. If you are new to wes, knows tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. So when i just pulled out the gtr2 from its box, i thought hold on it’s supposed to be just a more simple version of the gtr2, but that’s not the case. It looks just as awesome. In fact, it feels bigger and lighter it. Just doesn’t make sense, but it looks awesome. It feels so smooth so big everything you just i swirl it around and it’s just great. The fact is, you’ve got this awesome watch on your hand and it looks like a very expensive 200 buck watch, but you can get this for like 120 130 pounds or 120 130 bucks either way. Looks amazing but let’s talk about the differences right because we know there have to be differences if you’re paying 180 pounds or 180 bucks for this one.

Then why are you paying 60 bucks less for this one anyway, the differences are in the details. So let’s talk about the gtr 2. What it has that the gtr 2e doesn’t have okay, so the gtr2 has 3d gloss while the mass fit gtr 2e has 2.5 d gloss now what’s the difference. 3. 2.5. No! Well, there is a difference actually. So if you think about just a very plain phone, a mobile phone, so a plain piece of glass on top – is going to be flat all round in the middle and on the edges. But if we’re going to be talking about 2.5 d glass is when it’s flat in the middle, but it’s curved around the corners and 3d glass is when you get the curvature around the middle as well as around the corners. So the gtr 2 does feel a bit more special when you actually play around with the screen and as you move from the options and the screens just all around the watch. Another awesome thing on the gtr 2 is that there is a speaker. Not only do you have a microphone where you can say your offline commands, but you actually have a speaker, so you could actually do bluetooth calls right off your wrist. On top of that, you can actually play music from the speaker. The quality may not be amazing, but it’s, a very nice and cool feature. Well with the gtr 2e. There is no speaker there’s only a microphone, so you can speak into your watch and you can give it voice commands.

So you do still have the voice control, which is excellent, but again no speaker so that’s another shortcut, another big one is music. So, on the gtr 2 on the global version there was 4gb of inbuilt storage on the chinese version, there’s 3gb on the gtr2e there’s. None so you can’t, download music to your watch it’s a bit of a shame agreed. Well, you still got your bluetooth music. The amazing thing is: is that this? Is it there’s? Nothing else that the gtr 2 can do that. The gtr 2e can’t on the other side now let’s take a look at what the gtr 2e can do, that the gto2 can’t so let’s start with the best thing ever battery life. So the manufacturer is actually claiming that the gtr 2 can last with typical usage around 14 days or two weeks now, i’ve done numerous reviews on the gtr 2 and, as usual i don’t agree with the typical usage by the manufacturer. I think that the gt02 can last you a solid 9 to 10 days now on the gto2e, the claimed manufacturer battery life is 24 days for typical usage, that’s three and a half weeks. So let’s say we just shave off a third and you are still left with at least two and a half weeks of battery juice. How amazing, is that another thing that we have on the gtr2e that we don’t have on the gtr2 is the temperature gorge.

Now this is a funny one, because we’ve had the gts2 in, and i was baffled by the temperature gorge, so it’s supposed to be measuring the temperature of your skin, but that just doesn’t make sense, because as soon as i walk outside, so i do expect my Skin to be somewhere around 36 degrees as of a healthy human being, but because the actual thermometer is on the watch, obviously it’s outside. So if the outside temperature is cooler than your skin temperature, you’re going to have an averaging effect and you’ll be down, let’s, say it’s 10 degrees outside plus 10 and your skin is 36, so you’ll be stuck in the middle, with somewhere around 20 to 23 degrees Shown by the temperature gorge i’m, not quite sure what that thing is for, but it’s a cool gimmick, toy fine let’s leave it in there, but nonetheless it is on the gtr 2e, but it’s, not on the gtr 2.. The displays on the two watches are amazing: 1.’ inch. Each both of these watches have amoled displays with a huge resolution of 454 by 454 pixels, so high contrast, very bright, colors and it’s just yeah, they look almost identical, but the difference is a third of the price now so we mentioned what the gto 2e is. Actually lacking so it’s lacking uh impulse, storage for music and it’s lacking a speaker, well yeah, okay, but how important are those things? Do they actually cost, or do you value those two items for a third of the price? I’M? Not sure anyway? I do have to say that the gtr 2e does look a bit more smart because there’s something about it.

I can’t quite put my finger on it. I will put my finger on it, though, in the full and the comprehensive review of the gtr tui, but we’ll get to that later. For now, i think that the gtr 2e is a great deal, but again this was an initial impressions review it’s, just a five minute chat about the watch. Hopefully you like it. If you like this initial impressions to read, then please drop us a like, and if you want to see more of the same, and if you do want to see the comprehensive comparison between the gtr 2e as well as the gtr2, then please subscribe to make sure You don’t miss it and, of course i will be doing a comprehensive and full review of the gtr2e on its own in the next couple of days.