They are pretty good Music wanting Music today we’re, taking a look at sound, pete’s latest offering and to see if the watch pro 1 is worth the premium over the original watch. Or, should you save your money and stick with the original let’s find out welcome to a review of the south pete’s watch pro one hello? My name is sean and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing, and if that is something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video as well share This video to all your friends around with that said, let’s get on with the review of the soundpeats watch pro 1., so today’s review unit was graciously sent over to me by soundpiece for review and i’ve. Also personally bought the watch one right over here. So we can make a comparison between these two watches and to see which one you should buy. The original watch retails for about 28 us, which is around 120 militia ringgit, and the new watch pro 1 retails for 46 usd, which is around 160 militia ringgit. So let’s see if the new watch is worth the premium and if you’re interested in getting any of these smart watches, do check out my links below so the design of the watch pro one and a watch. One is very different in design, and notably the shape of both of these watches is the most striking difference.

The watch one has a more traditional square, smartwatch design and a watch pro one is a rounded shape, and especially nice when it’s in a smart watch so holding both of these watches in your hands. You can very slightly tell the weight difference and where the original watch one actually is a tad bit heavier than the new watch pro 1 coming in at 54 grams for the original and 36 grams for the new watch pro one. But finally, because of the way the watch is designed, or maybe the glass material, the new watch, pro wine somehow feels a lot more premium than the original, which frankly felt a little bit plasticky. The watch pro one has a very nice metal body finish in a nice base, gray color and if you look at the glass itself, it’s a curved glass and it protrudes the frame of the watch quite a bit and it looks and feels super good. But that also means that it’s more prone to scratches and cracks. If you smack your watch on the wall, the original watch comes in also space grey and this time, it’s in plastic and the glass also protrudes from the frame, but not as obvious as the pro and flipping both watches. You can see that the pro has a lot more high end finish compared to the original and now has a more shiny, chrome plastic bits rather than the more plastic looking one on the original, both have the same type of heart rate sensor, but perhaps running different Technology and both of these watches uses a magnetic pin charger to top up the battery.

Fortunately, they are both the same charges and you can use the same charger for both of this watch. So both of these watches uses a quick release, pin where the original is a 20 millimeter watch band and the pro uses a 22 millimeter watch band. So you can swap it with your favorite straps. Overall, both watch bands are pretty soft, but the new one feels a lot nicer to the skin and not as grippy and the new hardware buckle on. The pro also feels fancier and looks nicer with the soundpiece logo. Embossed there and the original one looks quite generic only with the soundpeats branding at the strap so that’s. Basically, the main difference between the design of the two watches. So since these watches are pretty basic in its feature and the only feature that uses the most battery here is the 24 hour heart rate sensor, you should get about 10 days of continuous use with moderate notifications and the original watch. One takes about two hours to fully charge, but the new pro takes about three and a half hours to fully charge. So these watches are very basic and they are your very starter type of smart watches, but some keys did throw in a bluetooth 5.0 chipset on both of these watches for good measures. Both of these watches also supports a very high ip68 dust and water resistance. So you will be getting maximum water protection and you can also bring these watches swimming.

The funny thing is that they market this watch with someone swimming with it. But if you look into the fitness section streaming is not one of the sports listed, so the new watch pro one comes with a 1.28 inch circular display lcd here no amoled and has a resolution of 240×240, which in real life, looks pretty pixelated and frankly, not The highest resolution, smartwatch you’ll, see the original watch. One comes with a 1.4 inch square lcd display with 320 by 320 resolution, and you can tell immediately that is way sharper compared to the new pro pretty odd setup here, because when i see pro, i think it should be better or maybe comes with an amoled Display considering the me band 6, which is just slightly more expensive than the pro comes with an amoled display. Another thing i want to highlight for both of these watches is the display brightness, and you can see that the watch 1 is already maxed out and it’s. Very bright, very easy to read, but the watch pro 1 looks very deemed under bright sunlight, and this is already at the maximum settings and it’s already so deemed so it’s, not the best brightness watch here and you can see that the brightness is already set to The max so not looking good for the pro here so, lastly, there’s no other modern features such as gps, no spo2, tracking, no stress monitoring, no female health tracking, the pro even lose out on the breeding exercises where the original watch actually has that feature, and the Pro doesn’t have so for both watches you’ll, be getting pretty standard exercise, sport tracking.

So if you look through the watch, pro 1 you’re getting running, walking cycling alpinism, which is mountain climbing, i believe yoga, skipping tennis, baseball basketball, badminton football rugby and table tennis. So no swimming found on this one and for the original watch, one you’ll be getting jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing so same thing no swimming on the watch. One. So let’s talk a little bit about the interfaces of both of these watches and the watch. One has a very simple interface. So at the watch face screen, you can long press on the screen and you can choose between five different preset watch faces and these watch faces are not customizable, so you can just choose one of them and that’s all you’re gon na get so swiping from the Right, you get to track your activity, so this is your activity tracker. This is your heart rate monitoring. The next screen is your sleep monitoring. You get some weather information and, lastly, you get breathing exercise, and this is the same if you swipe from the left swiping from the top. You get information about your date and time, and you can also use your watch to find your phone, which is the first button here, so that will make your phone vibrate and ring next to that you can also toggle the brightness of the screen. So this is already set to the max below.

Here you can toggle sleep mode, so it doesn’t have any notifications and if you go into settings, you’ll be able to see a few pretty redundant options here that you can already do elsewhere on the on the watch. But what you get here is to adjust. Your watch face your brightness about your watch power off as well as reset and if you swipe from the bottom you’ll, be able to get the same option, maybe just in a list view. So here you get to see your stats, your bpm, and if you swipe all the way down, you get notification music setting, which is like a remote control. More and in this case you get stopwatch countdown, find your phone brief training again redundant menus and settings, which is the same option as you get before so that’s. Basically, the watch in the face of the original watch, one so on the pro you get six preset watch faces. So if you press and hold into the first page here, you get six presets. So this is the first one. Second one, third one. Fourth, one fifth one and six one, and you also get one more, which is this one. This is the one that you can sing from your phone, so you can actually download different watch dials and you can sync one watch dials into your phone, so you cannot store like many of them. You can only store one and if you swipe from the right, you get a activity circle.

So this is very similar to what you get with the apple watch, so it will slowly fill up the entire circle very similar. And next to that, you get your heart rate information, sorry, that the screen is so hard to see, because this watch is seriously very deem, and this is your heart rate information. You also get sleep tracking training, which is what we saw earlier with the different sport modes and, lastly, you get music controls, which is your remote. This watch doesn’t have any memory to store any music on board, so this is just a remote swiping from the left. You get the same set of features in a list form now but you’ll be getting at the bottom here, a stopwatch, a message which is your message: notification and also settings. So if you click in the settings this time, there’s no redundant menus here. So if you swipe from the bottom you’ll be able to access all your message, notification, if you have any and swiping from the top, you get the same feature to find your phone brightness settings, sleep mode and also settings. So this time, there’s, no repeat information in the settings menu. So this is what you get to do here and also. I need to talk about this brightness, because this brightness is seriously super low and you can see that it’s already maxed out and if i click on it, this is the lower setting. This is the second one, the third one and the fourth one.

So i think one thing that sound pete could do is to seriously make the next watch brighter under direct sunlight. This is almost non readable, so here i’m just going to cover the app of the pro, since they are both very similar with one difference and also another note here is that if you have two watches in your possession – and there is no way for you to Connect to more than one watch in the sound pete sport app, so you can only pair one watch at a time, so you can choose whether you want to keep the watch or the watch pro so at the home page here. What you get to see is the pedometer information, how much steps that you have took and what’s your goal and stuff like that and if you scroll down, you will see heart rate information. If you click into it, it will show you more information. Next, to that you’ll see the sleep information, so this will track all your sleeping information. If you go into sport, this is where you get to start tracking. Your runs your cycles and only with the app you can track your gps location and if you click on start, you can also click into a map. You can also click into the map to show you where you are so that will track your gps location. So once you go into device, this is where you get to set up your watch a little bit, and one big difference here is that you will see the dashboard and actually dashboard just means dial center.

So if you go inside here, you get to choose between all the different dials that you can sync to your watch and do take note that this only syncs one dial at a time to store inside your watch. And once you find one that you like and sync to your watch, you will find it inside my dolls and lastly, you can also go to custom dials, and this is where you get to choose your background: setting change the color of the phone, so very basic Information overall, and if you get back out, you can also check your heart rate setting. So this is whether or not to check 24 hours heart rate, if you click into phone. This is where you toggle whether your watch will vibrate when you get a phone call app settings. This is where you get notifications for your app. You also get sedentary reminders. So, if you click on this, it will remind you to not sit for so long alarm. So light up is a feature for you to lift your wrist, and the device will turn on so do not disturb is where you get to set a specific time to not get notifications uh. If you go into more settings, this is just some additional settings. Like 24 hour time and lastly, you can also upgrade the firmware of your watch so that’s, basically, all of the features you get with the soundpeats sport app so personally for a smartwatch that is less than us50 we’re, not really expecting it to do a lot.

But do take note that the mi band 6, that we’ve checked out recently is us60 and has a beautiful amoled display great modern features and great tracking overall. So if you fancy the look of these watches definitely check them out. But personally, the pro has quite a low resolution screen and that brightness isn’t really doing it for me. So i personally think that the original watch actually has a better offering overall. But let me know in the comment section below which of this watch. You will get so that is it for this review.