8 inch screen and the resolution is very high too. Firstly, let’s see the package and then let’s open the box. It has two box, one is for the watch and another is for the strap and now let’s open this box. We see a watch and the menu and the wireless charger now let’s take out the watch and measure the size. It is 44. Millimeter torch is 44 millimeter, so it can also fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apollo straps, and in this side there are two buttons and both buttons are functional, and this is the microphone and in the back there is also no lock button at both End and also no charging interface due to it is also the wireless charging, and in this side there is the speaker let’s power on the watch. This one is the power button. Firstly, we see a language list and we can rotate this round button to select the language you want and we click english. The screen is 1.8 inch screen and both ends are equal. Firstly, let’s see the watch faces, it has totally 40 watch faces inside the watch and it can also add extra watch faces and customize watch faces through the app and now let’s test the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see that the bluetooth is bt, 3.0 and 4.0. This is the brightness. We can adjust the brightness and also sleep mode and the motion, and this is the menu style.

This watch has six menu styles and the press list button go to the dialog page and then from the bottom. To the top is the message notification and from the left to right. We can go to the split screen. Firstly, we see the facebook and this one go to the menu style and also the dialer and the message and also lock the screen. You can set the password here and then from the right to the left. We can go to the main menu. We found that this screen is very good and no matter in any angle that the screen is very clear: let’s check the menu styles now let’s test the functions. Firstly, whether and the exercise it has many exercises. We can see that it can measure the calorie and the distance and the steps and the speed and also the heart rate. And this is the heart rate and the blood pressure and also blood oxygen, music, Music and the calendar and alarm clock and also stopwatch and find the phone, the temperature and in the setting. It has many settings such as pt13 and linked to the app and also clock. If you want to change the time you need to turn the time sync to off, then you can go inside and to change the date and time and also the format and also new notification bright. The unit password you can set the password. So, each time you go inside the watch, you need to enter the password and also the sound volume display.

You can adjust the brightness and the screen time out and also change the menu style here and then the international, which is the language. If we want to change the language, we also need change the auto sync to off and then go inside to change the language you want and reset and about and then the message for iphone the ios does not support the message function and all those incoming message. Notification will be shown in the notification icon and then the dialer and in the phone book we can click sync with the iphone. Then we can see that the phone book is stylized to the watch and the call logs and the bluetooth connection. You can go to here to search the phone device and connect another steps, the message, notification and the ecg, and also the sleep, monitor and the remote capture and then century reminder you can set the time to remind you and also the calculator and also international. Then the qr code, you can scan qr code to download the app and motion and then the immunity, then the power saving mode and the manual style and also the drinking water reminder you can turn on and then the facebook, twitter and the whatsapp and qq, and Also, the wechat all these five icons are for synchronizing the incoming messaging notification from list apps. They cannot reply the message through the icons and then let’s check the app. The app is rd fit and it has three pages.

The first page is the home page, which is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, such as the steps, sleep monitor, heart rate and exercises, and the second page is the device page. In this page. We can connect the watch with the phone wide app and also we can unbind the device, and we can also enable the take picture so that we can use the remote capture function in the search device, Music and also the heart remonitor. We can set the time range and the frequency and click save, and also the ecg detection and the weather information. If you do not want to cyclonize, you can turn off and then the body tank temperature and the tyre selection. We can add this existing work faces inside the app to the watch and also we can customize the watch faces by selecting a picture in the form and two segments to the watch, and the third page is the my page, which is the personal informations.