As there has been a few companies that have taken this exact design and decided to rebrand it as their own and saying that they had so many functions and so many features, reality is it’s, always the same watch packaged differently and most of the features actually work. But, to be honest, it’s it’s, a 15 pound watch what’s inside well. Well before i open it, what does it say? Good sports, companion, smart watch well, that’s already sounds all quite right. It could be it’s got a step counter: heart rate, blood pressure, shake snapshot, phone block, music control, sleep mode and stopwatch well. Most watches have stopped watch, which is a good thing that it goes for stopwatch. It says device type, smart, bracelet, battery type, lithium, polymer vibration, motor support, synchronization method is bluetooth, 4.0 and it says it’s got a working temperature of minus 10 degrees to 50 degrees celsius, so sensors of low power acceleration sensor system requirements is 9 or above or android 5 or above now this is a bluetooth watch for bluetooth, 4.0 and yes, let’s see what comes in the box. Now inside we get the usual chinese one side and english the other side manual so depending on which way you fold it it’ll show either chinese or english and it’s got. I mean it’s it’s got some setup guides and information. It says where it correctly charge. Your watch, it says installation after of the strut of the app yeah installation of the app.

So is that basically the app that you go for um and it shows a few features of what the watch actually does and how to use it. We’Re not going to read that it’s boring inside you get the charging pad, which i’ll show you how this works, which is not interesting, but i’ll, show you. Anyway, we get the device which has the it’s actually not bad, the that bad meat badly made. Actually, it feels quite nice it’s aluminium it’s got the fake button on the side that doesn’t actually work and the crown spins, but it doesn’t do anything. So the only button is going to be that one and we also get the strap, which is white. Nothing else. In the box and looking at this uh, yes, it does feel like a extremely cheap strap. It does feel very cheap. I would say that this kind of material isn’t, even um silicon, it feels more like a rubber. So my assumption is that this, you would wear it and it would actually cause friction on your wrist and it would hurt. Now i have an apple watch, a series one and i do use this stadium. It does work absolutely beautifully. In fact, i still have a series one because for what i use it during the day, i don’t see the reason of having to upgrade when this one works. Absolutely fine – and this is a silicon strap which works, which feels very nice, and you can see it’s silicon, whereas this one i don’t, know if you can tell but it’s it’s rubbery it’s it’s rubber.

You do this and it actually gives a lot of friction. Whereas silicon doesn’t do that it’s smooth and feels nice well let’s put that to the side, so we can actually compare some of the features, not some of the features but we’ll compare something now putting the strap on. These has never been easy. I have the t600 watch and the strap didn’t actually have the clips on the sound underneath to clip this in, and this is no difference. It just it’s just held in by friction and well. This one does go in quite nicely, but, as you can see, you’re going from one side to the other and it literally comes out so it’s held in by friction, which means that if i was to try and put in a different strap on this, one doesn’t Seem to hide yeah if i try and put in a different, strap let’s say like the strap out of the series, one which is still a 42 millimeter strap. It would go kind of hit inside and then it would try and cut off the ridges and that’s. Not good because you’ll be damaging straps, so don’t try! This do not try and put your 42 millimeter apple watch trap inside one of these because it will damage it and vice versa. Don’T, try and put this into the apple watch, because they’ve had to cut this ridge here, which is the one that’s supposed to push down and lock uh, which means that you can’t push it down and it’s been cut and you could potentially have it stuck inside.

Your apple watch so yeah the installation is of fitting the strap in like so stopping at the right, um what’s. It called position and then getting the other side and trying to fit this as well and again. It’S friction fit it’s, absolutely horrible, because then you can feel it it’s, not it’s, not improperly, but then why am i even trying to complain when this is a 15 pound watch? This is a 400 pound watch. This is a 15 pound watch i’m saying pounds. I could say euros: it’s, a 15 euro watch it’s a 15 it’s, a 400 euro watch. That is differences, so let’s remove the film and already you can tell screen well it kind of looks in low light. I would say that it looks like it’s. Quite nice. It’S black, just like this one it’s black, so you can’t tell the screen size. However, if you tilt this slightly, you can see the viewable size, which is that now on the t on the t600 it’s much much nicer, it’s much better, so let’s power, this on let’s, see if it’s got a job let’s go to charge. It does not – and i did actually charge this prior this video, so it shows that it’s not holding the charge there’s, obviously something not quite right, so let’s put it on charge and for this demonstration of charging. I will give you a preview of what something that i will be doing, a review on, which is this beauty.

This is a power bank which clearly is a power bank. It has the usbs on the side, but it’s also the balls up as a video game. Wow anyway, i’m not gon na do that for now i’m, just gon na plug in the charger uh yeah. That was that correct, okay, so plugging the charger in and on the bottom. That is these two contact, pins and trust me apple watches do not have contact pins, they have wireless charging, so the contact pins literally just line up, and this should start charging now. At least it should – and i don’t see it charging let’s do a jump cut. So it was indeed that it wasn’t plugged in properly well, i mean not plugged in but it wasn’t resting on the uh on the housing the charging pad properly. So it is charging now let’s power it on and just like an apple watch. It gives you the music, not so it it greets you with uh the the screen: okay, yeah. Okay, so it greets you with the uh with the screen that is also available on apple watches, which is the uh the one with the analog clock. So what do you do? Well, you can click the button on the side, but that powers it on and off it doesn’t actually go into the menu spinning the wheel, doesn’t do anything. So what do you do you tap on the screen and it gives you that nice menu wow? This is absolutely amazing.

Now the thing is that this does kind of work. I mean you can’t, expect for and i’m just gon na repeat it 15 euros or 15 pounds or 15 dollars, it’s still around the same price. You can’t expect it to do much, and this does actually more than enough. It has apple store logo. But when you go on it it says you have to connect to bluetooth, so it’s, probably not even um an app store. Uh, it says: it’s got twitter, it’s got whatsapp, it doesn’t, it really does not. It actually has just it works on push notifications and that’s. It so um it has uh, it does work as a um, a camera button. So what actually that does is when you pair it up with an ios device uh, it emulates the volume up a button. So all you do you basically just press that, and it just clicks the volume up, which is what you start recording with or take a picture. It has a calculator which you can access without pairing the phone uh. It has messages which you can’t, without paying the phone it has a. No. I just did that it has an outrage monitor which probably works, but on the t600 we noticed that it was all fake results and i can’t imagine this being accurate, but if it was doing this now, considering that as a charger plugged in it should give you Zero and it gives you 76 beats per minute and i think that’s wrong, because i don’t think the charger has any beat whatsoever.

But then again you know it was 15 pounds go back into the menu and we have the not the facebook news. That was not what i was going for. I was going for this, which gives you your motion record so um. It gives you the information about how many steps you’ve done, uh, whether you need training and how long you’ve been standing for uh. And then you ask them basically, that you know the goal and how your weight and height and it kind of measures, how much uh? How many calories you would have burned and so on and then it’s got um what else facebook it doesn’t have facebook. We know that uh it has a dial pad, which we can dial a number and call, and, unlike the t600, this one actually does have a built in speaker and a microphone which you can access the phone function and answer the phone and make phone calls from It well that’s that there’s not much to to show. Apart from what i wanted to show, you is how nicely smooth the um, oh there’s, a code hole hold on so uh yeah. I wanted to show you how nicely smooth the uh menu was yeah. This is not going to work i’m gon na i’m. Gon na have to show you the code right so it’s only for the watch anyway, so yeah that’s it. So if we go into the uh menu on my apple watch, it’s got and it’s a serious one, but bear in mind this is a series one but it’s pretty nice and smooth.

This is supposed to be similar to the series four or six five and yeah. Can you tell it’s really smooth isn’t it uh it really isn’t as well as this acts as the um, the zoom, this one doesn’t do anything yeah. I accidentally clicked above the screen. Now this is good as a gift you can give it to kids i’ll assume that you would give it to kids. It doesn’t. Have that rest, your palm to switch off it doesn’t. Do anything like that. You have to click that button on the side. It does have a motion sensor, but you need to enable it in the in the settings where you can lift your wrist and it switches on and that’s it that’s. All this does it’s a watch. It tells the time it gives you, the notifications and you can make and receive phone calls. It doesn’t have a built in sim card like some of these cheaper watches you buy from china and it’s 15 pounds did. I mention that it’s extremely cheap and you can’t expect much from it and it looks like an apple watch and to be honest with you, if i see someone wearing this, unless and you see someone wearing this, unless you really know your apple devices, you would assume That this was an apple watch. It really does not work like one, but it looks like one. It could be a toy. Let me give it to you, kids, yeah that’s, that i hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please don’t forget to subscribe.

If you haven’t, subscribed already, of course, um but then again, if you did subscribe, and you know someone who hasn’t then yeah just share this video share. It uh don’t forget to comment like and perhaps give me ideas on any new videos. Um yeah don’t forget to watch the next one, which i will review this thing. Uh i’ve played with it it’s, not bad it’s, cheap and as well and it’s a powerbank so yeah. This was the iwo t500 smartwatch um i’m, going to call it a notification watch. I hope you enjoyed this video. This has been the tekken reviewer and i’ll.