We’Ll start with the g squad series g shock watch, basically just three new color variants, where it features transparent, bezel now, which is good. It is fast, but it is not fast enough because i’ve seen a third party parts already available for this gbd 100. So if you already own one, probably just look for the parts and just customize your watch to look somewhat like one of these, especially this black and red version, which is, i believe, the easiest one to customize. In my case, i own the blue and white version. So i’m gon na try to look for the parts. If i can and just swap the bezel to transparent black seems like it and the adapter have some green accents on it. Then i think that will be good to go. The rest on the glass things that i cannot change so i’m just going to leave it as it is, though this other version over here gbd100sm 1jf. This is the basics, one black with green accent. This one reminds me of the first gbd 800, because it has the same color accent for the ring in there. So if you haven’t on one yet this one is probably be a nice option to choose from because the band is black, the colors great. It also represents something of the original g squad series model as well, so this thing will have a bit more meaning than the rest, but you could pick any one.

The price will be 22, 000, japanese and only though i’m sure you could pick one up at much cheaper price about 160 us dollars. Judging from previous releases, next model on the list is gma s140. Basically, the boombox uh inspired g shock watch two over here. That is in smaller in size, same function, smaller size, black and rose gold looks to me, like it metallic actually metallic gold and there’s another one over here, white and um. It should be rose gold as well, but the rose gold has bit more red accents in him, so it looks more purplish, similar to the gmw b5000rd 4jf, a full metal square g shock, solar power, bluetooth, the thing that we all knows and love at 77 – 000. Japanese yen and this guy came in stainless steel, not titanium. This watch actually was released way back in, i can’t recall the date, but it was released in china. So if you just go to google image, you could actually find a real live photo of. This watch already, which i’m gon na add over here to save you guys some time and you guys could compare this watch to other colors already available, and i think this one looks pretty nice it’s look more of a burgundy red than the actual. You know glossy red like on the gm 6900, so i guess this one looks much better and i’m very sure this will be very limited next up, gst b300: a watch that i already reviewed before three new colorway this one over here: gst b300b.

Basically, google black. There are two version that is better in terms of material and constructions where it is now has carbon bezel and sapphire grass crystal that’s. The reason why the price will be a bit higher than usual. I mean this is the usual thing that we already seen on the gst b200 and 100, though this one is special gst b30xb, 183jf at 91, 300 close to 1 000 bucks price point. This one has camouflage pattern band ion plated metal bezel two different color that they’ve never made before the carbon bezel also have pattern, texture on it and rose gold accents in the watch face overall, the color and the reason why it’s charging us that amount of price So yeah, if you’re into that, go ahead. Okay, if you don’t that’s, okay, there’s other version over here protract watch, they came in similar color sand and army green or all the green prg 240 at 29, 700 yen only much cheaper, but it uses cheaper material and it’s, not as strong so that’s. Why the price is cheap, but you do have a lot of functions: tough, solar, triple sensor, duplex display really nice contrast. I mean this is something one of the most practical digital ones. You could buy out there for hiking jungle trekking if you can go out. The green version has orange jackson’s. The sand version has yellow accents that’s it that will be all right, forecast, g shock and protract.

Then we have the casio shin watch, basically baby g metal in square shape, at about twenty four thousand two hundred and twenty eight thousand and last but not least, is alarm clock at uh. This one twenty bucks, this one eighteen bucks, white and black and uh some green accents. I don’t i’ll, be getting any one of these. But if you want me to buy one for review, i don’t know just comment down below i’ll pick one up, but right now my favorite pick would be the gstb 300. Despite the high price, the color, the technology, the material, the manufacturing process that goes into making is just brilliant and then the gmwb 5000 second pick and the first or the third.