Okay. But here, if you move your arm here, it will pop right on the screen. Okay or if it shuts off. You dont, have time for all that. Just tap the screen and itll pop right on okay, guys and look at how clear the time and everything is like this watch has a nice picture and, like i said, tap the screen there. Okay and its q has kendall and kylie on it and you dont have to keep this watch face. Okay, guys, if you go to the itouch app um wearable, you can change. Your watch faces. Okay. So if youre worried about that, this is just the basic watch face just to show you guys how your watch will come if you decide to purchase it, and if you have one already, you already know: okay guys. So if i sit up here and stroll up on my watch face, then you can see here all of my notifications and calls and texts and everything and they show clear and good. You get all of your calls when you got a call coming in, looks good. Okay and then, if i stroll, let me tap my watch again if i stroll down now guys this is the kicker on this watch. Okay, so um, you know how smart watches have like a little side button and looks like my battery is going there, but were not going to worry about that um right here. You have to power it off from the screen unless it just goes dead and then you just you, know, charge it and redo it.

Okay, guys. But here, if i want to go back to my main screen im just going to stroll back up okay and over here to the side, you can go up and down and it has different options. There, like your brightness and stuff like that over here on the side. Okay, all right – and it is a little sensitive to touch it – can be a little stubborn at times, but nothing difficult. Okay, guys – and here i have a notification coming in as im doing the video, so guys im just going through that, and i want you to see it good, okay, guys and and its its really a cool watch, okay guys, especially for the money. So if you want a reasonable smart watch that has nice cute bands, this is the watch for you, okay and when you stroll over here to your right, youll get all of the little timers and steps and your heart rate and things like that. The sports mode to time yourself, heres, the weather, will pop up for you and your camera remote um from your phone. You can control that, and here is your music, so you can control your music and i know a lot of us love our music, so guys to answer your questions in the comments and everything i really do like this watch. I think this watch is worth the buy okay and just for how the screen and everything looks so long.

Its definitely worth the buy its a nice nice watch. So love that i hope i answered your questions and if you have any other questions or or anything you can think about about this watch, let me know drop it in the comments and ill get right back with you guys. Okay and sorry, this video took so long im. So sorry love this, but guys i love you and yall have a great day.