The apparent part for you right, yes, okay, tell me after the watch come to you. What are the benefit you get one. I want my mom and dad can’t find me up and i can and they can call me and if sometimes i go, i just myself go outside to play and when time is up, my mom will use my phone to call me and – and i can use My phone to to call me to wake up. You know i’m, not telling you something now. I think i am the one guy allow them to be here during the class isn’t it yeah for me, doesn’t matter, because we are doing the sports activities during sports activities. We should have this kind of work. Mom can allow me to go shopping by my own and go outside to play with my friends, because if i were lost or if i got many many things like she won’t know it and if i got out to play or kidnapped yeah, it won’t happen. But anyhow, right, yes yeah, so we need to pre. Prevention is better than you cola now, right now. She also having the same watch, which we talk about most of kids in china. They they’re having the same smartphone words right. Okay, who present you your dad? Your dad present your gift, okay, break it properly. First, okay, this is a racket. Now let me hold it now: okay, and then the the how many words we have.

Okay, you can keep on me. You do something else and they can take pictures and they can like what you can call. You can call your whole family members. Yes, my whole family parents.