It is an upgraded version of the dt, 100 smartwatch and now let’s go. Firstly, the box is same as the dt 100, and here is the app now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and inside there is a silicon, strap and the menu and the wireless charger and the silicon gel and now let’s see the watch. This watch also has one red circle: button there’s no long button here and here is the microphone and in the back there are no lock button at both end and also no charging interface. Due to this watch is wireless charging and then in this side here is the speaker. So this watch can support bluetooth, scores now let’s power on the watch Music. Firstly, let’s see some quick actions from top to the bottom. We can check the split screen and there is the about and the vibration and also the brightness and the music and from the left to the right. We can check the frequent used apps and also the message and also the bluetooth course and then from the right to the left. We can check this spot and heart rate and weather and we can also add extra to component and then from the bottom to the top. We can go to the main menu and we can rotate this round button to zoom in and zoom out, and we can see that the firmware is very smooth and also this watch has four menu styles, the style one is the distance style and the style 2 And the stylus 3 and the style 4.

We can also check the functions one by one, the telephone we can click open and after pairing, we can make an answer calls directly through the watch and the message. Contact person and the call records, and also this dialer and the data and the spots this watch has 7 spot mode and also heart rate and ecg and blood oxygen and the bluetooth, music and the sleep monitor and also stopwatch, and the weather calculator Music find the Phone and the meteorological, and also the bracing practice and the massager, this watch will vibrate in this function and also the female assistant you unit synchronize in app and the menu style and the setting. We can also check the language it has many languages and dial switch. It has 12 wood face inside the watch, but this watch can also add extra watch faces and also can customize watch faces through the app and the screen time. The maximum screen time is 30 seconds and vibration intensity and the bluetooth phone and password. This will just support password and then factory reset from this video. We can see that the main difference between the dt100 pro and the dt100 is the charge method. The dd100 pro is wireless charging and the dt100 is magnetic charging. All those functions are almost the same.