It is the evo 15 lite. The w506 smartwatch outlet see the box. The box is a simple white box and the model name is w506. Now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and inside there is a wireless charger and a menu and the app is the m active and now let’s see the watch. This watch has two buttons and both buttons are functional. This one is the power on button, and here is the microphone and in the back they is no lock button at both end and also no charging interface. Due to this watch is wireless charging, and here is the speaker. This watch is 44 millimeter and it is the same size as the evo w26 and the double 446, and this watch supports exchange straps. This watch can also fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch straps. The standby time of this watch is around two to three days now: let’s power on the watch. Also, this watch is ip68 waterproof, it can be put in water and it has a 1.75 inch, infinite screen and, firstly, let’s check the watch faces. We can rotate this round button to change the watch faces. This watch has four built in watch faces, but it can customize watch faces through the app and then let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the control center and we can see the connection the about and the battery level alarm clock and also the qr code.

You can scan this qr code to download the app and also the main menu style. This watch has two menu styles and from the bottom to the top. You can go to the message and then from the left to right. You can go to the spot exercise and this watch has 8 spot mode and then from the right to the left. We can go to the main menu and this is the smart style and we can rotate this round button to zoom in and zoom out and then let’s check the night apps wheel. Okay, now i have put on the watch and also connected the watch with the phone and let’s check the functions one by one. Firstly, the phone book will already synchronize the phone book from the phone and the dialer. This watch support make an answer calls directly. After connecting the watch and the phone with the bluetooth and the call logs and the message for iphone, this function is not available and all those incoming messages will be stack, connect to the nodifier, app and the bluetooth connection and the pedometer. We can move the screen from bottom to the top and turn on the status or turn off. You can also check the history and the menu style and find the phone and the sleep, monitor and heart rate spot exercise and the sports history and the temperature and the bladder pressure and the alarm clock. We can click, add new alarm clock and the music for the music.

Firstly, we need go to the music app in the phone first and then we can click the play in the watch and the music will be played. We can also adjust the volume in the watch and also we can click next song or previous song. The default sound is coming from the watch, but in iphone we can go to this function, to shift the sound coming from the iphone too, and also we can shift back to the watch and then the remote capture. We need to go inside the m active app and then we can click the remote capture in the watch and we can find that the phone will go to the camera mode. You can just click the camera symbol in the watch and the phone is taking picture and stopwatch and the motion. We can test the wake up, gesture and the language. If we want to change the language, we need click. The order synced off then go to the language list and to change the language as you want and the setting it has brutal setting and clock setting. If we want to change the time, we also need click the time sync to off. Then we can change the date and time and the new notification bright and the sound volume and display we can adjust the brightness and also change the screen. Timeout. We can see that the maximum screen timeout is 60 seconds and then the reset end about and then the spo2 and then the ecg after we click the ecg in the watch.

Then we can go to the ecg in the app and we can click start measuring, and now we can see that the watch is measuring the ecg and after down we can see that the water should check from the app’s site. Then we can go to here and to check the history and then the sentry reminder you can adjust the time and to remind you to stand up, and now we can also check the function of the app. This app has four pages home page spot page device. Page and the my page for the home page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone edit, the spot spot page. We can click go and the app will use the phone gps to monitor your movement and the device. The device page is to connect the watch with the phone and also find the watch. Then the most important function is the dial push. We can firstly check the existing watch faces in the app and we can click to install and now it is transferring and then after down, we can see that the new watch face is shown in the watch. Also, we can click the dial selection and go to select a picture in the phone and after we choose the picture, we can click down and click start push. And after done, we can see that photo is synchronized to the watch and also we can change the time position such as upper or below, and also the date, the content above time or below time, and also the text color.

My page, this page, is for the personal information and the sports targets, and also the help and about so above is all our details today.