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Tethering app:
Fundo Pro –
Watch videos about this app here:
Fundo Pro: G05 –
Fundo Pro: F4 –
Fundo Pro: SN60 –
Fundo Pro: F6 –

This is a smartwatch with lots of potential and a couple of glaring flaws. First the flaws (in case you don’t want to read further). It has a small 240×240 pixel screen. This means that many of the Android apps won’t run on it (as you’ll see in the video). It also uses only stock watch faces and, as far as I can tell, doesn’t support custom faces (unless, perhaps, installed through the tethering app). Finally, it does not have a setting for 12 hour time so all watch faces display 24 hour time.

As for pluses, this Android 6 watch has a Bluetooth Calling app in it that really works, and works like you would expect with a regular tethering watch. Another drawback though, to use Bluetooth Calling, you have to shut off the Bluetooth tethering to your phone. You can have one or the other, but not both. It has a compass, and blood pressure monitoring, too. That’s something new. Also, the fitness section interfaces with GPS for outdoor running, walking and cycling. Its that darn small screen that kills it for me. I thought we were done with 240×240 screens a few years ago. It’s not an AMOLED screen either, so I’m not sure if there’s much power savings overall with the smaller number of pixels. Still, if you’re willing to fuss with apps to get them to work, and forgo those that won’t, it’s a nice watch as Android watches go.

NOTE: On the product spec sheet shown in the video WiiWatch is listed as the tethering app. That is a mistake. The watch tethers to FunDo Pro.

UPDATE: Get the data cable for the Kospet Hope here:

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