This is the cospit magic three and guess what guys it’s priced only 34. with features like all day heart rate sensor. You have spo2 tracking downloadable watch faces up to 10 day battery life and an emphasis on accurate health tracking. So it’s already looking like a bargain at this price point, but in this video we shall certainly see how good it really is. So, first of all, let’s see what we get inside the box, so user manual and warranty card a magnetic usb charger and, of course the smart watch itself. So, on the front, we are looking at a 1.71 inch tft display with a screen res of 280 by 320. Now the watch case itself is made from a plastic body, and you have a very simple minimalistic design. Now quick dimensions: 43 millimeters by 37.6 millimeters thickness is 11.5 millimeters and it weighs only 52.3 grams with the straps on now the straps are made from silicon. They are easy to remove and replace with your own 22 millimeter strap. Now, on the side, we have a single button for power and back and on the other side we have nothing and on the back, we have our health senses, so heart rate and blood oxygen and just above it, you have your charger, pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger in action so magnetic usb clips on with ease and quite secure in place, and it takes around two hours to fully charge that 220 milliamp hour battery.

And then the watch can give you up to 10 days of battery life from typical use, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist fairly compact in size, um, quite slim, and light as well and in case you’re wondering i have a wrist circumference of Seven inches and this watch does not feel too big for my wrist. This smartwatch is running a basic custom. Os, which is easy to use and navigate. Touchscreen is also quite responsive and the watch can track your daily fitness activities, which includes step counter calories, distance 24 hour heart rate, you’ve, got blood, oxygen, blood pressure and sleep monitoring with around 20 sports modes built in now. All your health activities can be viewed from the smartphone app and the smartphone app is called devfit and it is compatible with both ios and android. So you’ve got your step counter sleep full day, heart rate sensor, you’ve got your current heart rate sensor, blood pressure, monitoring, blood oxygen outdoor running and the next tab will give you your settings. So you can see the battery information 57. Now you can also download watch faces now these five watch faces you see, are the built in watch faces, so you can immediately switch between them. So if i just select them to show you how quickly you can change between them, these are the built in watch. Faces, if you wanted to download more you just tap, discover more dials. Then you have over 50 different watch faces that you can download and sync to the watch.

So, as usual, let’s do this in real time i’m going to download a watch face something nice let’s download this one, because it reminds me of the galaxy active 2 watch face. Actually so let’s download and i’ll put a timer up on the screen, so you can see how long it takes to transfer the watch face so it’s doing it fairly, quick, so we’re nearly done 75. There you go 100 done so we’ve downloaded a dial and you can see it’s at the bottom now i will download another watch face to see if this supports multiple watch face downloads. So if we just choose one – and i am kind of picky let’s grab this one here download immediately and we’re done so you can see what happened there. I downloaded another watch face and that is a rather nice looking watch face, but the one we downloaded previously disappears. So you can only have one downloaded watch face stored on the watch at any one time now, we’ve got a watch face here which says edit next to it. So if you tap that you can actually edit it, so you can select your own picture. You can select your text color and then you can change the position around for the time so time position above or below so one customizable watch face hit, save and you’re good to go. Let’S go back now, you’ve got notifications. All of these will be pushed from your smartphone directly to the watch and they are of course read only you won’t be able to respond to them.

You can just read the notifications. You have alarms shutter button, so remote shutter others. So when you go into others, you have more settings that you can fine tune. You can turn on in our full day. Heart rate sensor do not disturb languages, and i will show you what languages are available just going to skim through them, and that is pretty much it and last but not least on the list. You have ota update, so we are currently on the latest firmware. But this watch does support ota, which is certainly a good thing. You’Ve got your profile here that you can adjust. You can set your goals and you can connect to your apple health, but this doesn’t support any other third party apps such as strava, so that is in a nutshell, the smartphone app now coming back to the watch. It has an ip68 rating, so it’s good for swimming, and it will track your swimming strokes with distance calories and time and if you’re wondering what a notification looks like here is a whatsapp message. So we have an ip68 water resistant rating, so it’s good for swimming and tracking your strokes, distance with calories and time now closer. Look at the watch itself. So here is your default watch face. If you want to change, keep the center press for two seconds and then we have around six watch faces that you can immediately change to and that’s, including the one we just downloaded um.

You can also change your watch face from the smartphone app like i showed you earlier, but now i’ll give you a few examples on the screen of the default watch faces Music, all right, checking out the watch features. So if you swipe down from the top you’ve got your quick toggles you’ve got a very convenient brightness slider right there, you’ve got a torch, theater mode, you’ve got your main settings and it even shows you your local weather. Now, if we swipe to the right, you’ve got all of your apps and we’ll come back to that now. If we swipe up from the bottom, you’ve got all of your notifications, so your emails whatsapps, your sms’s. All your notifications will appear here and they are all read only so you can’t reply. You can only read now if we swipe to the left, you’ve got your health tiles or shortcuts. So we’ve got a step counter. First of all, and you can swipe up for more information and then you’ve got your automatic sleep tracking, and you can again swipe up for more information, and it will give you a seven day at a glance of how you’ve slept next up. You’Ve got your heart rate sensor again swipe up for more information. If we keep going, you’ve got your exercise modes and you can open new workouts. You can measure your blood pressure as well and it gives you all the extra information sbo2 local weather, a remote camera.

Shutter button, so you can just tap that and whichever phone you’re paired to the camera will immediately open you’ve even got a music player, so press play and music will start playing on your phone. It will not play on the actual watch. There’S no speaker on this watch so it’s a music remote control for your phone. Now, if we swipe to the right, you’ve got all of your apps and you can see. We’Ve got an apple watch style, icon layout, here i’m, going to try and go through them for you, but it’s going to be a bit tricky let’s open each one. I guess the first app gives you your system and connection information. Next one is for your brightness. Then you’ve got a stopwatch. Breathing exercises. You’Ve got theater mode. You’Ve got your weather heart rate. Sensor sp02 you’ve got music. You’Ve got your torch. Your sleep records, clock, alarms, exercises timer you’ve got a qr code, so you can download the smartphone app. The foot is your step counter: you’ve got blood pressure, monitor your remote shutter messages, alarm, clock vibration, power button and the last icon is actually factory reset data, so i’ve got the apple watch on my right. Wrist and i’ve got the close bit magic. Three so we’re doing a screen on handrails test to see which one is faster, all right, so one two three i’ve watched one and cos bit didn’t even try all right. Here we go one two three trying that again all right, you got ta, give it a bit more power in your wrist flick, but when i did, it was exactly the same for it to actually work.

You need to give it a full uh lift of the arm um, whereas the apple watch works with just a slight twist, so it’s less sensitive and you can’t adjust the sensitivity either all right. So now we are going to test out the main sensors. This is the o2 ring it’s a medical grade, heart rate and blood oxygen sensor in one so we’re going to do a comparison and we’re going to see how far off this watch is from medical grade. So let’s, first of all, test out the heart rate. Here we go measuring heart rate. The o2 ring is still measuring, let’s see what happens. Okay, the watch has got 105 beats per minute and 93 beats per minute on the o2 ring 94 95. i’ll give them a few minutes together. 100. 98. 100. 101. 97. That’S. Not bad, that is actually not bad 97.99, so it looks like we have a fairly accurate heart rate sensor. Let’S try the sbo2, so we’ve got 93 spo2 with the medical grade sensor, it’s gone to 91 and let’s see what the watch says. It looks like we’ve got 99 with the watch and the o2 ring is giving us 94 now let’s test out that blood pressure. We need to test blood pressure monitoring and i got one people. I got a fully automatic blood pressure, monitor the effort i make to find out the accuracy of these things. So first i’m going to do a regular blood pressure test.

All right so i’ve got the band on my arm. Here we go we’re going to do a regular test. You have blink, smart home, enabled alexa shut up. Do you want right here? We go! No, no, no! Okay! Switching the power on! I think we press oh it’s, doing itself all right, let’s see what my blood pressure is Music waiting for something to happen. Ah there you go one five, four one: zero! Nine take a picture: okay, so that’s my blood pressure. Reading. Now the watches turn. Where are you here? We go measuring my blood pressure on the watch and that’s the reading. We have 138 over 82., so there’s the difference right there, medical grade smart watch grade so that doesn’t look like an accurate reading. That is what you guys can expect. Let me know in the comments what you think of those results, so i’m, not a doctor. So so i don’t understand these blood pressure readings. Let me know if that’s good, so there you have it guys. That was the cospit magic 3. This is a 34 smart. Fitness watch and the fact that the heart rate sensor is close to accurate and it’s ip68 certified with good battery life and lots of watch face options makes this smartwatch quite pleasantly surprising, for the price. Now i would not buy it for the blood pressure monitor. As that technology is not quite there yet blood oxygen reading was a little high when compared to the medical grade o2 ring.

I will be spending more time with this watch and will share anything new in the pinned comments, but as it stands, it’s definitely not a regretful purchase it’s actually quite decent for the price. Now, as usual, your questions and comments are always most welcome and i’ll. Do my best to respond to each and every one of you? Thank you.