At, you are looking at cospets latest entry into the watch arena with their brand new magic. Four now kospet is one of those rare well rounded, companies that has flagship android, smart watches that are top of the line, and they also have some entries in the fashion and standard smart watch arena as well, of which the magic line is, and this is the Magic four extra special treat for you guess what its already in closeout, what i i dont get it either it just was released. Wii buying has it listed as a clearance sale. I dont thats a mistake, but id take advantage of it, because this is like 20 bucks less than what it normally is so im putting this up here right now, just in case it a is sold out and you cant get it or b. They made a mistake and they fix it im not going to tell them anyway. Here you go, show notes, got a link right to this buying page, i dont think ill have a discount coupon, because the suckers 30 bucks amazing whats it got in it full touch. Bluetooth, 5.0. Definitely waterproof swimmable 5 atmosphere, thats 30 bucks worth of watch right there. You can get it in black or pink its metal design, its uh. What you got 64k of ram 64 megabytes, rom, thats nominal, because its basically just a simple smart watch – 230 milliamp hour battery with a 30 day standby and seven to 10 days, use.

Okay, so and you can swim with it and its bluetooth. Five amazing, waterproof yep display size is 1.32 inch, 360 by 360.. Good, sharp, beautiful screen heart rate sensor. Blood oxygen is not in this one thats interesting pedometer. You got 20 sports modes, heart rate, all of those things, other functions, heres your languages for the device and the app which is duffitt is available in these languages as well. So lets open in and take a look. Weve got the charger standard. Two pin configuration magnetic couple: the watch pops up with a really nice tpu band, removable bands. Of course, the charger just hunkers in there and its a good strong one can hold. The watch. Youve got the diode array here now only the green diodes, because its not doing the blood oxygen, maybe thats, why its on closeout not sure we take off the cover, wow thats thick enough that it looks like it could almost be a screen protector. But there you go really nice curved glass cover two buttons super thin nice watch underneath here we have a couple of more things: a little cospet a card with their thank you letter all right from cospet, thats kind of nice and then, of course, their magic four Manual which looks like this and uh well page through it, let you freeze frame it not spend too long on it. Theres the overall specs again directly from the manual so shows you where the buttons are, how to charge it really basic stuff, heres the qr code.

You can scan for to fit uh, but of course you can just click on the link in the show notes to get to it. Some more of the pages and screens of what youll see in the fit im going to show you another quick overview of the app here today, because well its pretty cool. What it does and a lot of these watch faces that we have access to yep. You can install uh additional watch faces from their online store, goodness, okay, this is mostly talking about the app it looks like you have: the ability to take remote photographs, heres the actual watch, operation, instructions there and uh more operating instructions. You also have the qr code on the watch in case youre. Nowhere near youtube to watch and see it from here. You can download it using your phone. If you want to just scanning that the overall users manual comments and questions as we usually have and thats it, okay lets take a look at it now top button activates it and one of the things i really do like about it is its brilliant color and Its crispness with its high resolution, it also has a magic four specialized watch face. It comes up with so as we go into it, you can see. We slide down a lot of different controls when were tethered to the phone youll, get your temperature in centigrade or fahrenheit theres overall settings. This gives you the app download about information, some other things, power off and reset theres, this theater mode, which will put it in a quiet mode.

So its not going to interrupt you, vibration on and off ill turn that back on your brightness level will show you that up in another area menu view style. We can check that stopwatch alarm timers in this one and i think thats it from the settings itself. Heres, our overall brightness and it slides up like that good and bright, and when you take it down all the way down its really dim, so its really really good for night use. I like that feature about it. Im gon na bring it up to about right. Here for our review vibration, this is tethering. This is theater mode power date time and overall up. This is power saving by the way, when you do this, it tells you its going to dim the screen its going to turn off a bunch of things, notifications and whatnot, and give you that extended battery life and its in that low power mode. Its still doing its measurements for heart rate and whatnot, but its shutting off all of the radio stuff and you just tap it to come out of it and itll go back to the brightness level. You already set come over this way. Look at this weve got this rotating wheel with all the different apps in it. Well, look at that here in a second come this way you got todays steps last nights, sleep time and exercise activity, hours, minutes and seconds; youve got heart rate and blood pressure theyre starting to combine these on one screen, whether when were tethered should be updated here And that can be in centigrade or fahrenheit and a remote shutter when youre tethered remote music player also, and then this breathing thing that lets you inhale and exhale, and it does vibrate to let you know so.

You can close your eyes and do it as you want its relatively fast for me, but im talking really fast, so maybe its sensing that and thats it for this direction and then of course coming up. Is your notification sent from your phone again when youre tethered? So back over to here here we go. I got a game. I landed right on that one. You have two games built into this, that you can play when youre bored, which is kind of fun, switch over theres. Our settings we already looked at that here. Are your step count and its bringing basically the same page we already saw, which uh would be the same with the sleep time? Well, this is divided up now. Uh! Oh okay. Lets go a little faster, this or slower through this, because each of these are different than the screens. We saw theres your total, your light, your deep and its showing you the actual chart here on the watch, didnt realize it would do that nice and, of course, youll see that in the app as well and youve got summary over previous stays too really sweet. Let me go back over here to the step count see what weve got sure enough. Look at that weve got the chart showing you when you actually took your steps and the summary over time. You dont even need your phone tethering app with this one. Wow awesome going to come around here to heart rate tap in here.

Of course, youd need to have it on. So i guess this is a good time to put it on and show it to you slides in simply tighten it up. Two of these things to slide it through, and here we go showing me the high and the low. I did wear it last night, so there we go just stopped it so that i can come down here and show you the 24 hour chart and the average heart rate so its its tracking. This for you as well. If you have it in the automatic 24 hour, continuous heart rate, monitoring mode, these are your exercises, walking running cycling and so forth. No gps in this one, but you do have access to all of these and theres a bunch of them. Look at that! Wow baseball, skiing, wow: okay: here we go with blood pressure and same kind of thing, its going to give you a reading a systolic over diastolic and im tapping it. So i can get out of it and show you its going to show you the last seven readings but theres no graph or measurement thing on the side. You can just monitor if one of them looks excessively high or low, and your overall average is shown on here as well. Then we get into the breathing thing. We already showed you that weather we got ta tether, that first for that notifications, theres, the remote camera shutter and the music player and the game we already showed.

You were back to that now. If i go into settings and i go into the um menu view and change it to list view, and then we come over here, its back in the standard list view, if you prefer that okay, so you either have the wheel or this uh, this way of Doing it as well now, its time to take a look at the tethering app again fit is the app of choice for this particular watch. You get it all set up set up your account, get it connected to the the watch. Well, skip all that stuff and take you right into the interpretive information. You have these different cards heres the step count, and you saw that on the watch. This is when the steps were accumulated here is last nights, sleep information, kind of broken in two sections. I had a long light sleep period when it didnt pick up rem or rapid eye movement or deep sleep, but it does do all of those, including awake, which is pretty nice and you get a chart showing you how youre doing and then it makes an assessment Of your last nights, sleep says it was excellent and i really like this about it: youre getting your average heart rate, which is considered basically your resting heart rate, your highest and lowest. While you were asleep and your seven day, trends and an assessment of how well youre doing against other people, your age, wow, wow, wow, wow more than you ever wanted to know about how? Well, you sleep right, heres, your basic heart rate for individual measurements, which you can take at any time and heres the chart for continuous heart rate, and it goes down, but its not really its just thats.

When now is and now is it zero, so the whole chart, if you predicted for the whole day, is just going to be flat line but yeah you just take it up to the latest one here and its showing you that i had a little bit 30 Minutes in aerobic today other than that its been pretty much sedentary day week month, you can send this information out, do all kinds of things: blood pressure. This is not a continuous reading thing, but it will take your last seven readings and show them to you. Cycled through tells you about it and shows you on the scale. What your last readings are a little low for me and im not seeing anywhere in here, where i can adjust it with a calibrated cuff. So when you dont have that lets say that im normally 125 over 80 and im coming in at 105 over 75. If it comes in next time at 110, i would add what 15 20 to it, and you know the differential between what my cuff is and this add that to whatever measurement youve got there and that would be predictive of what your blood pressure would be. But again check this out against the calibrated cuff and and find out for yourself how closely and consistently it measures accurately outdoor running. You can turn it on for gps and use your phone to augment uh your activity, tracking and all thats in here then about the watch itself.

Here it is shows you a nice picture of it. You have notifications, alarms your shutter other stuff is where you can do 12 24 hour metric imperial do not disturb continuous heart rate controlling the music, where its going to display whats playing on your phone on your watch. So you go whats that song and itll be there battery savings mode. Is there auto lock? How long will it be on up to 20 seconds when you not just twist and do it, but you actually touch it and go into something? Oh there see were tethered. So now were getting the uh temperature which, when you get into weather and well, see that down here, heres your drinking water, heart rate warning you can turn on if it exceeds a predicted high upper limit that you set for yourself. Weather can be chosen for any city in fahrenheit or centigrade and, ladies, you got the whole physiological calendar thing in here. If you know your cycle days and length and the date of your last period starting, you can get reminders at a specific time um and have a whole calendar available to you as well. So really well done with this app and all of the things that it covers. I did want to also take you before we leave here into the um. Where are we? I guess its back here up here to the watch faces, so we have the watch face that i just showed you, which is this one.

We have these other stock faces that are in here. You can edit this one and change the um background picture. If you want to this is what its looking like right now, you can change the layout of where the digital time and date are all of thats available hitting edit so nice that you can do all of that, and you have that one and then you can Add one of which i added this particular face for last night for sleeping, and i liked it because even if i rolled over and i had it light up, i could see the time, but it was nice and gentle. However, if you want something different, but you can only put one of these in, you have a huge library of available faces and it constantly is growing. If you look at some of the uh other reviews, ive done, this is kind of fun. Look how all the data is kind of projected out of it? 3D. If you look at some of the reviews, ive done of defeat in the past youll find that its getting better and better comparatively because this is the most recent one that weve got in here and just a bunch of them they keep on going and going. You want to see all of them all right. I think thats it so yeah. You just simply pick one. It takes it a while uh to download, but when it does itll replace the one thats in there right now and um.

Give you that new one and so youll have a selection of basically six different faces, including the one that you install or the one that you contour and make unique for yourself and thats pretty much the the overall app now last things about the band. It is removable, so you can certainly change it out with a different band. Ive got some really cool bands from straps co and im going to put their link in the video here. Um well get the measurement for you and you can just order any of them that youd like to fit this one. If you want to go with a custom band, another nice feature, is you see how this bump is protruded out a bit? What that means is when you wear it against your skin at night, its hugging a little bit tighter and you dont get light bleed out, and sometimes, if its too loose and its flat on a watch, youll see light kind of escaping from the sides. As you roll over and you go whats that flash well, this is nice when theres a little bump. It also keeps your skin a bit more away from the charging ports which are recessed, so the design of this five atmosphere waterproof. That means you can dive die. You can swim dont want to dive down about 50 feet. I think it is uh for uh water, uh protection dont play with the buttons underwater, but other than that you should be okay.

That should stay on for 20 seconds. While i tell you that this is and close out or clearance, they say right now from wii bine, for about 30 bucks, its a really decent watch for that price, for everything that it does pink or black its yours check it out all right.