com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and interviews. Okay. Finally, we receive this new smartwatch popular smartwatch from cosmet. Okay. What we have here is the 4 smartwatch one of the most affordable smart watch from cospet, and it is also one of the most premium looking wearable okay, so we have here the magic 4 smartwatch. The brand is cospet, as you can see here, the website is okay, so we have the color here, the black color. It is also available in a pink color and you, as you can see here. This is the design of the wearable circular smartwatch, with its two physical physical boot on here, and we have a strap okay, so we are not sure whether its a silicon, strap or a leather strap. Okay, so lets check. Lets have the unboxing of this beautiful smartwatch from cospet. Okay, so lets remove the box here and, as you can see here, we have the smartwatch seems like we have a silicon strap magnetic charging cable. Here we have the smart watch, okay and lets check it out. Okay, so we have the okay. Thank you car. Dear okay, cospect watch you want and we have the magic for user manual here, okay, so information regarding safe usage, we have the specifications here, magix magic for smartwatch. Okay, lets check, we do uh. Do we have a qr code, so the boot on here, as you can see, is the power and we have the home button and we have a full touchscreen support.

We also have here the qr code. It is using the daffit app support app okay, so we have here the smart watch. Okay lets have a closer look. You have a strap here: okay, metal body, two physical buttons available in black. You have this strap here. Okay, we have the beautiful screen display here. Slim bezel metallic button here sensor at the back. You have the power connector smartwatch, waterproof design, heart rate monitor this assembly in china assembled in china. Okay, so far it looks good. It looks premium by the way. Okay, we have a glossy semi glossy brush finish zinc, alloy body. I think the back is a piecing material. Yes, it is pc material here, as you can see here, we have a quick release. Pin for the strap okay, so lets check the specifications here. Okay, so it runs the real tech: 8762d. Okay, 64 mb memory. We have a metal plus ml iml material 1.32 inch, tft ips lcd screen 360 by 360 pixel resolution wow very good, okay. I thought that its 240 by 240 pixel resolution, but as you can see here its much better than that its a high resolution screen having a 360 by 360 pixel resolution, so capacitive touchscreen for the battery 230 mah lithium polymer battery advance. As you can see here, the latest bluetooth 5.0 and this waterproof up to 50 meters wow very good. It also has a heart rate pedometer they built in 20 sports mode.

Okay, we have sedentary message reminder and we also have a blood pressure here. So it is a compatible with android 6.0 ios 9.0 and it has the adapt support. App. Okay, so beautiful smartwatch. Here, okay lets take a look again at the design. Okay, so we dont have any you dont, see any speaker hole here or mic, so it supports only call notifications and message. Notifications here seems like we dont have a bluetooth call, but anyway stills very beautiful smartwatch. It is a smart tracking, smart watch. Okay, so lets check hey before we move. The plastic lets check. First, the if the smartwatch is turning on or still having power left to it. Okay, power, okay, cospec, okay, we have the logo seems like we have still some juice left, wow nice display here. Okay, very sharp screen display. Okay lets me focus. Let me focus on the screen: okay, so thats, it slim bezel. Here, okay, we have a metal bezel layer and we still have another slightly black bezel here: okay, full touchscreen support, okay, so battery settings there wow. I think im going to love this smartwatch very beautiful layout, very beautiful menu here. Okay, so lets check, lets remove here. Okay, as you can see here, very sharp. Do we have other watch faces here? Analog nice color, very good display screen okay, im impressed with the screen display of these cospet smartwatch. Again it has a 1.32 inch, tft ips lcd here.

Okay, let me focus on the specs here. 1.32 inch tft ips 360 by 360 pixel resolution. Okay, see there two for 2.5 d, tempered glass, okay, slightly elevated, giving the wearable a very good display screen premium. Looking smart watch here from cosplay and its very affordable by the way. Okay, you can check it on the website of cospet if you want to buy this, and you want to make sure that youre buying it from a legitimate source. Okay, okay watch out for our next video, as we will show you the menus and pictures of the wearable, as well as the installation of the support app okay, with a good display, screen, im very curious or interested on the watch faces available for this wearable. I hope that you can download a lot of premium watch faces for this smartwatch, so we have an analog here, nice, as you can see beautiful transition or animations smooth animation of the seconds here: okay, its not ticking okay. Instead, it is slowly moving very smooth. Okay. It looks very premium: okay, beautiful premium, looking wearable from; okay, hey! Let me focus on the display screen here: okay were black; okay, slim bezel layer, nice body, metal, your background with a two physical button: okay! Okay, so if you have any questions regarding these smart, smart watch from, okay, please drop a comment below again. This is the cospet magic 4 smartwatch, one of the latest smartwatch from the magic series by cosmic, hey thats it.